16 tasks for Finance

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Objective 1.
Cost of goods release is 4 th. Rub. per unit, the minimum acceptable to the manufacturer's margin is 20%, the VAT rate - 18%, excise tax - 20%. Oprede¬lite minimum acceptable selling price of the goods.

Objective 2.
Purchase price is 400 rubles. What is the maximum allowable percentage of premiums and discounts in favor of the reseller, if the maximum possible retail price of the product is 575 rubles.?

Task 3.
The fixed costs of the company is 10 thousand. Rub. Variable costs per unit of output is 50 rubles. Unit price - 100 rubles. Calculate the critical volume of production and influence on him:
 increase fixed costs by 10%;
 reduce variable costs by 15%.

Task 4.
The company has annual revenue from the sale of 33 thousand. Rub., Variable costs - 23 thousand. Rub., The fixed costs - 15 thousand. Rub. Ubytok- 5 th. Rub. Determine the conditions for achieving a critical volume of sales.

Task 5.
The company produces and sells goods, the basic information that should be: sales - 90 th. Pcs. year, price - 25.7 thousand. rub. / pcs. Average variable costs - 18.0 thousand. Rub. / Pcs., Fixed costs - 380 000 thousand. Rub. in year.
1. Calculate the profit threshold of profitability, the stock of financial strength, the force of impact of operating leverage.
2. Rate of 10% increase in prices:
a) How will the profits;
b) as far as possible to reduce the volume of sales without loss of earnings.
3. Rate of 10% reduction in fixed costs:
a) How will the profits;
b) as far as possible to reduce the volume of sales without loss of earnings.
4. Calculate the three different combinations of fixed costs and average variable cost at which the company will work with the same income (price and sales volume base).

Task 6.
The Corporation has established interdependence to determine the cost of maintaining inventories:
1 • size of the order is placed must be a multiple of 50 units .;
2 • Annual sales volume is 1 million. U .;
3 • the purchase price of a unit of reserves equal to 4 rubles .;
• 4 storage costs make up 25% of the purchase price of stocks; ....

Target 7.
The company, a major producer of water pipes, using a wide variety of solvents. During the year, consumption of one type of solvent gives 1 million. L. Fixed costs for the placement and execution of the order for the solvent to 2.5 thousand. Rub., Including 2 thousand. Rub. - To government rules the cost of cleaning and monitoring of the water bodies. Annual costs for the storage of the solvent is 0.40 rubles. per unit (liter) of stocks, and the cost per liter is 2 rubles.
The company maintains an insurance reserve of 10 thousand. Liters. On delivery of the order of solvent required 10 days.
1) the amount of EOQ for this type of stocks ;.
2) the average value of the inventory, including the safety stock; ....

Target 8.
The Corporation sells its products at a price of $ 5.5 per share. Variable costs per unit of product is $ 3.25. The total amount of fixed cost is $ 360,000.
a) Calculate the breakeven point;
b) Demonstrate the effect of operating leverage, observing the change came when changing volume on the breakeven point increments, or a fall of 20%.
Effect of a 20% increase
The impact on profits of a 20% volume reduction
products, profit, $ Relative change,% Number
products, profit, $ Relative change,%
1) 160 000 pcs .......

Additional information

Target 9
Using the following financial information:
1) evaluate the need for external financing, if sales increase by 20%. Download the complete equipment. Dividend payout ratio is constant (33%).
2) based on the data of the problem to calculate the coefficients of the internal and sustainable growth.
Profit and loss report
Indicator Report data
Revenue in 2750 ......

Target 10
On the basis of the data:
1. Calculate the price components of sources of capital of the company (bond loan, the loan and raise funds through the placement of ordinary shares).
2. Calculate the weighted average cost of capital.
3. To draw conclusions about the advisability of forming the capital structure as presented, it is known that the estimated return on assets for a given structure will be 18%.
Issued bonds for an amount u.d.e. 350000
The bonds, 5 years
Annual interest payments, 10% .....

Target 11
Determine the liquidity of the enterprise, based on the following data:
№ p / p Indicators Billion. rub.
1 funds to the account of the enterprise 2.5
2 Cash on hand enterprise 0.5 .......

Target 12
The share capital of the company consists of 5,000 shares. The size of the dividend of 100 rubles. per share. The company expects to receive next year's net income of $ 2,300 thousand. Rub. Capital expenditures should be on the plan of 2000 rubles. Define:
1) The amount of dividend per share and the amount of external financing if the dividend policy will be held on a residual.
2) The volume of external financing if the dividend payment will remain the same.
3) The amount of dividend per share and the amount of external funding that would have occurred if the dividend yield ratio of 50%.
4) In what cases the dividend policy the firm maximizes the amount of the dividend or the amount of external financing.

Target 13
Shares of the company "Mary Publishing" currently sold at $ 40. Per share. The company has outstanding shares of 1200000.
How will the number of outstanding shares and price per share of the following actions:
1) payment of 15% of the total dividend in the form of shares;
2) split share a 4: 3;

Target 14
According to the forecast the company «Hill» pay regular annual dividend of $ 2 .; further dividend will increase with a growth rate of 6% per year. The required return on equity is 15%. What is the "internal" cost of the action?

Target 15
Firm "Auton" pays for its ordinary shares a dividend of $ 4. Per share.
1) If the company plans to increase the dividend with the rate of 5% per year for the entire time in the future, what will be the size of the dividend in 10 years?
2) If after 5 years the company expects a dividend of $ 5 to $ 87., What is the annual growth rate of dividends?

Target 16
Current assets at the end of the period is 4,394,500,000. Rub. Current liabilities are equal to 3.1416 billion. Rub.
4. The current ratio;
5. The amount of retained earnings required to achieve a guaranteed now normal value current ratio of 2.


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