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64 тестовых заданий по английскому

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всего - 64 тестовых вопроса

1.Укажите правильный ответ.
What does being civilised mean? This is one of the biggest questions of all. There are many points on which people can reasonably differ, but nearly everyone agrees that you cannot measure civilization merely by material progress-industrialisation, technology, standard of living. In the end what really counts in civilization is personal relationships-the way people treat one another
o the way people treat one another is really important in civilization
oeveryone agrees that we can measure civilisation by the way people differ
oeveryone agrees that industrialisation, technology can measure civilization
obeing civilised is measured by material progress

2. Укажите правильный ответ.
Give me the book I gave you yesterday
oдай мне книгу, которую я подарил тебе
oдай мне книгу, которую ты взял у меня вчера
oмне вернули книгу, которую я дал тебе вчера
oдай мне книгу, которую я дал тебе вчера

3. Укажите правильный ответ.
One never knows what he can do
oникогда не знаешь, что он может сделать
oодин никогда не знает, что он может сделать
oодин знает, что он не может сделать никогда

4. Укажите правильный ответ.
To finish the work on time we should start doing it now. What for should we start doing the work now
oto finish the work on time
oto do the work now
oto start the work on time

5. Укажите правильный ответ.
Америка открыта Колумбом в 15 веке
ois discovered
owas discovered
ohas been discovered

6. Укажите правильный ответ.
The characteristics we are interested in are shape and size
oхарактеристики, когда мы поинтересовались, это форма и размеры
oхарактеристики, которые нас интересуют, это форма и размеры
oхарактеристики нас интересуют в форме и размерах
oохарактеризуем интересные нам форму и размеры

7. Укажите правильный ответ.
Robert came in order to talk to me about his new project
oРоберт пришел для того, чтобы поговорить со мной о его новом проекте
oРоберт пришел и рассказал мне о его новом проекте
oРоберт пришел для того, чтобы рассказать мне o его новом проекте

8. Укажите правильный ответ.
Many accidents…..by careless driving
ohave been caused
oare caused
oare causing

9. Укажите правильный ответ.
Письма, которые нужно отослать лежат на столе
oTo send the letters take them on the table
oThe letters are on the table to be sent
oThe letters are to be sent, they are on the table
oThe letters are to be sent are on the table

10. Укажите правильный ответ.
This problem……at the last meeting

11. Укажите правильный ответ.
One of the sharpest differences between males and females is in their attitudes towards danger. Most men and boys seem to be courting a lot of the time. Girls and women are strictly sensible in this respect-they don`t like danger and they keep away from it. It`s men who take risks in boats and cars because it`s the nature of men to worry-at least a little –about their courage, their ability to compete

12. Укажите правильный ответ.
Он собирается принять участие в конференции, которая должна состояться в Москве

13. Укажите правильный ответ.
Projects have also been suggested to place lasers aboard Earth satellites to transform the solar radiation into laser beams. What is the purpose of placing lasers aboard the Earth satellites

Дополнительная информация

14. I like those flowers better
15. The manager is known by the company he keeps
16. Ребенка назвали в честь дедушки
17. The Ancient Egyptians were the first people to use paper to write on...
18.The letter I sent you was very long
19. The room…..at the moment
20. There`s somebody behind us. I think we….
21. Другая причина, которую следует учесть, это отдаленное месторасположение поселка
22. He said that he would do his best to help him
23. Компьютеры недавно установлены в нашем центре
24. The room looks nice. Somebody … it
25. One never knows what can happen
26. Новый канал, который должен быть построен в нашем регионе, будет длиннейшим в стране
27. I do not think your work was so difficult
28. By the way in which a man uses his character can be told-more surely than by the way the does his work. For most men work is necessity in order to gain living. But in their leisure time, they do what they really want to do and their real selves are reflected in their actions
29. They did this to save their friend`s life
30. Лазер используется во многих областях
31.Газеты обычно приносят утром
32.The room … at the moment
33. Many accidents … by careless driving
34. Once he was studying for three hours so as not to get a get a bad mark at school
35. This house is quite old. It … in 1930
36. I thought that you … the news
37. У меня нет никого, кто бы мог приободрить меня
38. To answer this question you should know the rules
39. Когда мы приехали в Москву, новая линия метро строилась
40. This problem … at the last meeting
41. The letter … a week ago
42. Он не такой человек, который делает что-либо наполовину
43. In the United States, elections for President … every four years
44. I think it is cold in the street
45. Сhildhood is considered a very important time by psychologists. They believe that most of the faults of adults-bad character, aggressiveness, criminal tendencies-are created by bad upbringing. And the worst sort of upbringing is the lack of human warmth and love. The feeling in childhood of being deprived of love, especially the love of parents, can be very damaging indeed
46. All nations of the world should unite and cooperate to save the Earth from ecological catastrophe. What is the purpose of peoples uniting and cooperating
47. I know Nick is good at English and asked him to help me
48 He says he did not read yesterday`s paper
49 He says they will go to top of the hill next week
50 The work of the new device is more efficient than that of the old one
51 Преимущества высокоскоростного транспорта, который будет использоваться в будущем, очевидны
52 Проблемы, которые должны обсуждаться на совещании, касаются защиты окружающей среды
53 Students all over the world have to work for their education. The costs are so high that most families begin to save for their children`s educations when their children are babies. Even so many young people cannot afford to pay the expenses for attending university, or fulltime college
54 This is the house we live in
55 The future trains passengers are to use will be ecologically clean and noiseless
56 Penicillin …by Alexander Fleming in 1928
57 Sarah … to the party
58 Two hundred people … by the company
59 Немного есть людей, которые поверят этому
60 One should always keep one`s word
61 The cost of education increases every year. Many young people depend on family support to pay for education. Perhaps
62 I haven`t got a dictionary. I must buy one
63 The man you saw yesterday is my friend`s father
64 Things are more expensive now and it`s hard for young people to find


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