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Описание товара

4. Use the proper article:
1. They found ... tea-shop. ... tea-shop was nearly empty.
2. The mountains were ... long way away and you could see ... snow on their tops. ... snow looked very white.
3. Suddenly in ... mirror on ... back wall he saw ... slim girl. He was sure he had seen ... girl. But where had he seen ... girl?
4. It was ... poorest room Hilary had ever seen.
5. Life without an ideal would be like ... sky without ... sun.
6. She was ... girl of 22, with ... large brown eyes, ... button nose and ... mouth that looked as though she constantly said: “OOO”.
7. He was ... old soldier.
8. In ... evening he went to ... cinema.
9. I was fifteen and had just come back from ... school for ... summer holidays.

5. Translate into English using Possessive Case (Переведите на английский, используя притяжательный падеж существительных):
Письмо моего друга, рассказы этого писателя, дочь моей младшей сестры, дом его родителей, права женщин.

6. Use the necessary form of the verb “to be”:
1. The books and notebooks ... on the table.
2. “... you going to the theatre tonight?” – “Yes, I ...”
3. “Good morning. How ... you?” – “I ... well, thank you”.
4. “How ... he?” – He ... fine, thanks”.
5. “... it Sunday today?” – “Yes, it ...”

7. Use the verbs in brackets in the Passive Voice:
1. The dictation just (to hand in) to the teacher.
2. The book (to put) into the bookcase a week ago.
3. She (to send) to hospital next week.
4. Nice bags (to make) at this factory every day.
5. This novel already (to translate) into 5 languages.

8. Use the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets:
1. By 9 pm yesterday he (to do) his lessons.
2. Why she (to sleep) now?
3. When he (to come) to see you next time?
4. How many pages the students (to read) by next Monday?
5. I (not yet to receive) an answer to my letter.
6. She just (to finish) her work.
7. When I (to enter) the room, I saw that my friend (to play) computer games.
8. When Ann (to come) home, her brother (to read) the book which she (to bring) him.
9. You (to go) to Great Britain next year?
10. I (to want) to go for a walk very much because I (not to go) for a walk yesterday.

9. Read the text and do the tasks after it:
One hundred years ago, twenty per cent of Americans couldn´t read and write. Today, in the current year, it is less than one per cent. Most parents desire the best education possible for their children.
There are a lot of extremes in American education. The differences between the standards of individual schools are enormous. On the one hand, the latest equipment, access to the latest scientific achievement, well trained teachers. On the other hand, lack of interest of the children in the lessons, high absenteeism, criminality. Some schools have been equipped with metal detector at the entrance, as a precaution against knives, pistols and other weapons, with which the gangs sometimes add variety to the school day. Also drugs are a constant problem ...
Nearly one half of the young people who finish their secondary education go on studying at universities. The biggest American one is the University of California at Los Angeles with 121,000 students.
Every university has its sports teams, most popular of which are the baseball, football and basketball ones. Successful teams earn quite a lot of money for their universities and the best sportsmen go on to professional careers. It is sad truth that some of the sports stars stay at the university thanks only to their sports record, and their education, compared with fellow students, is minimal. In spite of that, they graduate from the university together and get the same degrees. After all, education is only a pre-requisite for success in life.

1.Ask general question to the 1-st underlined sentence (Задайте общий вопрос к первому подчеркнутому предложению)

Дополнительная информация

1.Ask general question to the 1-st underlined sentence (Задайте общий вопрос к первому подчеркнутому предложению)
2.Ask special question to the 2-nd underlined sentence (Задайте специальный вопрос ко второму подчеркнутому предложению)
3.Find in the text the sentences with Modal verbs.
4.Find synonyms to the underlined word (line 7).
5.Translate the text into Russian in writing.

Контрольно-тренировочные упражнения
1. Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму по образцу:
Образец: There are some famous museums in this city.
Are there any famous museums in this city?
There are not any (no) famous museums in this city.
1.He wants some eggs.
2.There are some stars in the sky.
3.She has some flowers for the table.
4.There was something interesting in the paper yesterday.
5.He is doing something today.


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