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Описание товара

Задание 1. Выберите правильный вариант из слов, приведенных выше, и закончите предложения.
1. Home ... is a subject studied at school and college in which students are taught how to run a house well and efficiently.
2. New England’s ... is still largely based on manufacturing.
3. These businesses contribute hundreds of millions of pounds to the ... of the country.
4. I switched off the lights as an ... measure.
5. If you make ..., you take action in order to save money, by not spending it on unnecessary things.
6. You’ll have to travel ... class.
7. Buy our new ... packs of 100.
8. If you are really going to buy a car, we’ll have to ... on other things.
9. In his works he explains the ideas of the great English ... J.M. Keynes.
10. She thought of herself as an ... wife.
11. What has gone wrong with the ... system during the last ten years?
12. ... is the oldest of social sciences.

Задание 2. Переведите следующие слова и укажите, к какой части речи они относятся – существительное, прилагательное, глагол, наречие.
system, systematic, systematically, to systematize, systemic
Употребите эти слова в предложениях, данных ниже.
1. The police made a .... search of the building.
2. You need some ... in your work if you want to succeed.
3. I wish they’d organize themselves more ... .
4. ... insecticides spread all through a plant and kill any insects that feed on it.
5. This method helps ... the information received.

Задание 3. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную форму – инфинитив с частицей to, инфинитив без частицы to или герундий.
1) When I’m tired, I enjoy watching television. It´s relaxing. (watch)
2) It was a nice day, so we decided … for a walk. (go)
3) It´s a nice day. Does anyone fancy … for a walk? (go)
4) Our neighbour threatened … the police if we didn´t stop the noise. (call)
5) We were hungry, so I suggested … dinner early. (have)
6) Why do you keep … me questions? Can´t you leave me alone? (ask)
7) They denied … the money. (steal)
8) Hurry up! I don´t want to risk … the train. (miss)
9) He had made his decision and refused … his mind. (change)
10) I have a friend who claims … able to speak five languages. (be)
11) I got up and looked out of the window … what the weather was like. (see)
12) The water here is not very good. I´d avoid … it if I were you. (drink)
13) Why did you change your decision? What made you … your mind? (change)
14) Dan prefers … at home to eating out. (cook)
15) They have decided … the living room. (decorate)

Задание 4. Употребите правильный вариант much или many.
1) Did you buy … food?
2) There aren´t … hotels in this town.
3) We haven´t got … petrol.
4) Were there … people on the train?
5) Did … students fail the examination?
6) Paula hasn’t got … money.
7) I wasn’t very hungry. I didn’t eat …
8) I haven’t seen George for … years.
Начните вопросы с How much или How many.
9) … people are coming to the party?
10) … milk do you want in your coffee?
11) … bread did you buy?
12) … players are there in a football team?

Задание 5. Заполните пропуски количественными местоимениями
little / a little / few / a few.
1) There was … food in the fridge. It was nearly empty.
2) When did Sarah go out? – … minutes ago.
3) I can’t talk to you now – I’ve got … things to do.
4) I can’t decide now. I need … time to think about it.
5) There was … traffic, so we arrived earlier than we expected.
6) The bus service is not very good at night – there are … buses after 9 o’clock.
7) I’d like to practice my English more but I have … opportunity.
8) We’re going away for … days next week.
9) Everybody needs … luck.
10) I eat very … meat – I don’t like it very much.
11) Excise me, can I ask you … questions?
12) Let´s stay here ... longer: it is such a nice place.

Дополнительная информация

Задание 6. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания после текста.
In 1776, the Scottish professor of philosophy, Adam Smith, published The Wealth of Nations. In this book, the first systematic study of capitalism, Smith described his principle of the “invisible hand”. This principle states that each person, pursuing his or her self-interest without interference by government, will be led, as if by an invisible hand, to achieve the best good for society.
Self-interest drives people to action, but alone it is not enough. People must understand the effects of their decision and their economic well-being. They must think rationally if they are to make the right decisions.
Because of this, economists long ago introduced the concept of economic man. This notion holds that each person is motivated by economic forces. In other words, each person will always attempt to obtain the greatest amount of satisfaction for the least amount of sacrifice or cost. This satisfaction may take the form of greater profits for a businessperson, higher wages or more leisure time for a worker, and greater pleasure from goods purchased for a consumer.
Of course, these assumptions are not entirely realistic. People may be motivated by forces other than self-interest. Nevertheless, the idea of economic man does deserve as a reasonable approximation of the prevailing pattern of economic behaviour in a capitalistic society. And in economics, as in other social sciences, reasonable approximations are often the best that can be made.

Задание 7. Соотнесите слова из текста с их переводом.
a) profit 1) потребитель
b) interference 2) вмешательство
c) to achieve 3) другими словами
d) rationally 4) зарплата
e) economic force 5) все же, тем не менее
f) in other words 6) расходы
g) wage 7) экономическая сила
h) cost 8) рационально
i) consumer 9) доход, прибыль
j) nevertheless 10) достичь, получить

Задание 8. Прочитайте ниже следующие предложения и укажите какие предложения верны (+) и какие нет (-), согласно содержанию прочитанного текста.
1. The Scottish professor of physics, Adam Smith, published The Wealth of Nations.
2. Self-interest does not drive people to action.
3. Each person will always attempt to obtain the greatest amount of satisfaction for the least amount of sacrifice or cost.
4. People may not be motivated by forces other than self-interest.
5. Economists long ago introduced the concept of economic plan.
6. The idea of economic man deserves as a reasonable approximation of the prevailing pattern of economic behaviour in a capitalistic society.


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