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Английский, вариант 4 (INVESTMENT)

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Описание товара

Вариант IV
I. Read and translate the text.
If you do not spend all your income - your monthly salary or weekly wages with any other earnings such as fees, interest or dividends - you will have some money left over to save. What can you do with this money? You can simply put it in a box under the bed of course but it is more sensible to make your money earn more money for you. To do this, you can put it into a deposit account at the Post Office. In this way it will earn interest for you. Rates of interest fluctuate (go up and down) but your money is secure - except of course against inflation, which reduces the value and purchasing power of money in the economy as a whole.
Another thing you can do is to invest in a building society where the interest rate may be a little better than in a bank. A building society is a firm which lends money to people who want to buy property. If you want to buy your own house, for instance, you take out a mortgage with the society and repay the loan at, say, 10% per annum over 30 years.
In addition, you can invest directly in a commercial company by buying shares in it. Once or twice a year you will receive a statement from the company and if the company has done well, a cheque. This money is your dividend and it increases if the company´s profits rise and decreases if they fall. The centre of stockbroking (buying and selling stocks´ and shares) is the Stock Exchange in the City of London (often referred to simply as the City). On a weekday the City is crowded with “typical Englishmen” wearing bowler hats and carrying umbrellas; at the weekend it is dead and empty. Very few people live in this famous square mile round St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England.

II.Answer the question.
1.Is your money secure when you put it into a deposit account?
2.What is an advantage of putting money in a building society?
3.When do you receive a cheque?
4.Where is the Stock Exchange situated?

III. Write if the following statements are true or false
1.If you want to earn more money, you must put it into a current deposit at the Post Office.
2.The interest rate in a building society is worse than in a bank.´
3.Usually your dividend increases if the company’s profits rise and decreases if they fall.
4.At the weekend the City is crowded with people.

IV. Give English equivalents from the text.
тратить доход, зарабатывать проценты, покупательская способность денег, собственность (имущество), погашать заём, получать ссуду, покупать и продавать акции, получать отчет.

V. List all the words you can from the table and use in suitable blanks in the sentences.
NATIONalized, ation

1.Great Britain is a homeland of the Britain ...
2.Most countries have ... banks, such as the Bank of England.
3.The Socialist Party has plans to ... various privately owned industries.
4.British Rail is already a ... industry, because it is publicly owned.
5.The name given to the change from private to public ownership is ...
6.In the last twenty years ... has been a strong political force leading to the formation of many new nations.
7.A person who is interested in the progress and history of his own nation may be called ...
8.Many governments have certain policies which are not international but simply ....


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