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Assessment Test 1 (Контрольная работа № 1)

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Assessment Test 1 (Контрольная работа № 1)
Variant 1
1.Give the Plural of the following nouns:
A cake, a chin, a bed, a chest, a dish, a baby, a tie, a note, a page, a film, a table, a box, a village, a mouth, a shelf, a man, a foot a child, a wife.

2.Change into Plural:
1.Bob has a fine dog.
2.I see a man and a woman there.
3.Miss Hopkins teaches my child French.
4.They need a new mini-bus.
5.Is that box empty? - No, it isn´t.
6.This is an apple.

3.Turn into Singular. Make other necessary changes.
1.These fellows are my group-mates.
2.Are those your students?
3.There are many books on the shelf.
4.Those pencils are here.

4.Use the proper article:
1.He stopped and shook hands with me. He was walking with ... stranger. He did not introduce me to him. ... nodded and smiled.
2.He looked at ... book under Donald´s arm.
3.At that moment ... telephone bell rang. Mary took up ... receiver and listened.
4.This is ... door which I normally used.
5."Look at ... moon", said Eden.
6.His eldest son is in ... army.
7."She is ... wonderful woman", said ... girl softly.
8."I have ... daughter", - said Mor, - "about fourteen. Her name is Felicity."
9."Mary, put ... kettle on ... fire".
10.Margot said nothing, but sat back in ... corner of ... room.

5.Translate into English using Possessive Case:
Собрание студентов, квартира моей свекрови, дети моей сестры, лучи солнца, учительский стол, сад Смитов, улыбка ребенка.

6.Use the necessary form of the verb "to be":
1."How old ... your son?" - "He ... eleven".
2."... you a teacher or a student?" - "I ... a student."
3.... those classrooms large?
4."... she a French teacher?" - "Yes, she ..."
5."... you going to play chess with Mike or with Peter?" - "I ... going to play chess with Dan".

7.Use the verbs in brackets in the Passive Voice:
1.The letter (to receive) two days ago.
2.The article just (to write) in the newspaper "The Sun".
3.The books by M. Twain always (to read) with great interest.
4.This present (to give) to her next Sunday.
5.The guests (to meet) by 5 p.m. yesterday.

8.Use the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets:
1.We (to drink) tea when he (to come) home.
2.Mike (to eat) ice-cream every day.
3.I (to listen) to music from 3 till 6 pm tomorrow.
4.You ever (to be) to Italy?
5.When she comes to my place tomorrow, I (to read) her book.
6.I (to come) tomorrow If I (not to be) busy.
7."Take an umbrella, it (to rain) heavily!"
8.My friend (to visit) America last year.
9.How many cars they (to produce) this month?
10.When your sister (to go) to London last time?

9. Read the text and do the tasks after it:
The Stars and Stripes. Old Glory. This is what the Americans call their national flag. There are 50 white five pointed stars on the flag, representing 50 states of the USA. It consists of thirteen horizontal stripes alternately red and white. The number of the stripes symbolizes 13 colonies that signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and established the United States.

Дополнительная информация

Flags or banners in national colours are used on festive occasions and solemn occasions, when discovering the unknown; in wars they provide soldiers with strength and faith, in peace they become a motivation for sports competitions. American people, maybe because they come from different nations and nationalities of the world, worship their flag.
The Stars and Stripes is waving over the Capitol in Washington, D.C. and over its counterparts in all the capitals of the USA, in some places the flag is hoisted with solemnity when the sun rises and lowered with the sunset. People use the flag to decorate their houses on all kinds of holidays including Halloween. The flag is officially presented at football games even if two American teams play. There are American flags outside shopping centers and supermarkets, over gas stations, in all national parks. They are a proud symbol in American banks. Of course even more important is Old Glory abroad, there it should symbolize success of the last Great Power.

1.Ask general question to the 1-st underlined sentence (Задайте общий вопрос к первому подчеркнутому предложению)
2.Ask special question to the 2-nd underlined sentence (Задайте специальный вопрос ко второму подчеркнутому предложению)
3. Find in the text the sentence with the verb in Present Continuous Tense (Найдите в тексте предложение, в котором употреблен глагол в Present Continuous Tense).
4.Write out all the nouns in the Plural (Выпишите все существительные во мн.ч.)
5.Translate the text into Russian in writing.


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