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125 questions
Task 1.

1. In what form must be executed the deed of gift of movable property containing the promise of a legal entity to make donations in the future?
A. Notaries
Oral B.
B. Simple writing
G. In any form, by mutual agreement

2. What can act as a subject of the contract donation?
A Thing
B. Property Law demands on themselves
B. Exemption from property liability to itself
D. All of the above

3. What are the signs exchange agreement?
A. The actual, compensatory
B. consensual, onerous, bilateral
B. Real, can be compensated and gratuitous
G. Real, both sides can be compensated and gratuitous

4. Less number of statutory minimum wages may not be the value of the monthly volume of the contents of the contract of life maintenance of a dependent?
A. Two
B. Three
B. Four
G. Five

5. recognizes the donation?
A. Giving a thing or right for generally useful purposes
B. Giving property to non-profit
B. Giving securities and exclusive rights generally useful purposes
G. Donation of property worth more than 10 times the minimum wage

Task 2.
1. What conditions are not material to the contract for delivery?
2. The condition of the product
3. Condition on delivery times
4. Conditions on the price
5. The condition of the number of goods

2. Can be made ahead of the delivery of goods?
A. Yes, but only with the consent of the buyer
B. Yes, but only with the consent of the supplier
B. Yes, except in cases provided by the contract
D. No, it is not allowed under any circumstances

3. Since when, as a general principle, be deemed concluded a contract of sale of an enterprise subject to state registration?
A. From the moment of its signing by the parties
B. From the moment of its registration
B. With the receipt of the acceptance by the offeror
From the moment of commitment by the parties of essential terms of the contract

4. Moment of transfer of ownership under a contract of sale of real estate is determined by:
A moment of registration of transfer of
B. the actual transfer of the property
B. the time of payment of money
D. The moment of signing of acceptance and transfer of property

5. Since when ownership of the goods exchanged on a barter agreement?
A. At the same time after the execution of the obligation to transfer the respective goods by both parties, unless otherwise provided by law or contract
B. At the same time after the execution of the obligation to transfer the respective goods by both parties
B. From the moment of fulfillment of obligations to transfer the relevant goods of one party
G. Since the signing of the contract, unless otherwise provided by contract

Task 3.
1. What objects can be transferred in a lease?
A. Only the land plots and other solitary natural objects, enterprises and other property complexes
B. Only the buildings, structures, facilities, equipment, vehicles
B. Any items that do not lose their natural properties during their use (non-consumable items)
G. Any things like consumable and non-consumable

2. Who carries out major repairs in a lease?
A. Always landlord
B. Lessor, unless otherwise provided by contract
B. Lessee, unless otherwise provided by contract
G. Always tenant

3. Which of these contracts is the public?
A contract of rental
B. Contract of financial rent (leasing)
B. Contract rental of buildings
The lease agreement the company

4. Over what period of time the party has entered into a contract for an indefinite period bezmozmezdnogo use should notify the other party of its withdrawal from the agreement?
A. 1 month
B. 6 months
B. 3 months
G. 1 week

5. How is the financial lease agreement under which the seller concurrently serves as the lessee with

Additional information

2. How long is the contract of commercial tenancy?
A. For a period not exceeding five years
B. The contract of commercial hiring of unlimited duration
B. The contract of commercial hiring can be concluded for any period
G. If a contract term is not defined, a contract is concluded for an indefinite period, but within fifty years

3. What conditions are essential for the lease of buildings, structures?
A. The condition of the duration of the contract
B. Conditions for rent
B. Conditions of liability of the parties
D. All of the above

4. The tenant is entitled to carry out the reconstruction of the enterprise companies, expansion, modernization?
A. No
B. Yes
Q. Yes, without the consent of the lessor, if this increases the cost of the enterprise
G. Yes, subject to the consent of the lessor

5. Who, in accordance with the financial lease contract is obliged to take the subject of leasing, for a fee, for a certain period and under certain conditions for temporary possession and use?
A. Lessor
B. Lessee
B. Seller
G. Buyer

Task 5.
1. Which of the parties to the contract shall bear the risk of accidental loss of material and equipment?
A. Always contractor.
B. Always customer.
B. The party providing materials and equipment
G. party providing materials and equipment, unless otherwise provided by the Civil Code and other laws or the work contract.

2. How do you determine the price (estimated) in the work contract?
A. As a firm, unless otherwise provided in the contract.
B. How to approximate, unless otherwise provided in the contract.
Q. How hard regardless of the terms of the agreement.
The law does not specify the types of prices (estimate), since its appearance is not usta¬vlen law.

3. Who determines how the contractor performing the task zakaz¬chika?
A. Customer.
B. Customer, unless otherwise provided by the contract.
B. Contractor shall, unless otherwise provided by the contract.
G. Contractor.

4. From the materials whose works are performed under the contract?
A. From the materials the contractor.
B. From the materials of the contractor, unless otherwise provided by the contract.
B. From the customer's materials, unless otherwise provided by the contract.
G. From the customer's materials.

5. What features are characteristic for the contract?
A. Contract is consensual, for compensation, dvustoron¬nym
B. Contract is real, for compensation, two-sided.
B. Contract can be both real and consensual, compensated, two-sided.
G. Contract is consensual, whether for consideration or bez¬vomezdnym, bilateral.

Task 6.
1. Who is responsible in the relations arising from the contract gene¬ralnom?
2. What is the subject of contract?
3. How long the customer could receive claims related to deficiencies in the result of the work if the work is not on the result of the warranty period?

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