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Collateral ( Steam Key / Region Free )

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Collateral ( Steam Key / Region Free )

Step into the driving seat of a highly customisable and heavily armed flying taxi in the amoral cyberpunk future of ´Collateral´. You play as Zack Edgewater, an average Joe hover cab driver, caught between warring factions, bloodthirsty customers, and the corrupt corporations that run the city of New Bedlam. The city is under lockdown, and your goal is to earn enough favour with one of the city´s factions to gain access to passcodes that allow you to leave the city. Win favour with your chosen faction by undertaking a variety of missions that test your speed, driving skills, and accuracy, then spend your hard earned cash on a huge assortment of weapons and upgrades for your cab. Every mission you complete brings you one step closer to escaping this depraved, maniacal metropolis.

★ Visually loaded, futuristic metropolis

Navigate your way through the sprawling, cyberpunk dystopia of ´New Bedlam´, a bustling neon city populated by hoodlums, riffraff and genetically modified mutants. This chaotic, futuristic urban landscape makes Collateral a visually loaded, eye-gasmic experience.

★ Open world environment featuring multiple themed districts

New Bedlam is a large, open world environment consisting of several sectors, each with a distinct aesthetic and unique landmarks. Explore areas such as the Greenzone, the Industrial Zone and the Redlight district.

★ Highly customisable, heavily armed flying taxi

In-depth customisation allows you to tailor your taxi to suit the way you want to play. Performance enhancing vehicle upgrades give you an edge over your foes, and your cab´s multiple weapon sockets allow you to deck yourself out with the ordnance of your choice. Customisable weapon groups give you even more control over your lethal arsenal.

★ Weapons

Unlock and take aim with a huge variety of deadly weapons, including but not limited to, the ion cannon, mine layer, plasma cannon, gatling gun, cryo gun, buzz saw, burrito cannon, cluster bomb, drunken missiles, laser cannon, turtle mine, napalm, scuds and more! Experiment with combinations, turn your cab into a flying death machine and blast away your foes to your heart´s content.

★ 3D Movement

Unlike other car-based driving games, Collateral features a flying cab that can travel through the three perpendicular axes. We have implemented an arcade-style system that gives you control of your direction and altitude, whilst keeping the controls uncomplicated. This allows you to navigate through New Bedlam in a way that feels intuitive.

★ Choose your allegiances

Collateral features a reputation system, allowing you to form allegiances and rivalries with the factions and corporations of New Bedlam. Each faction has inherent advantages, such as access to special weapons unique to that faction, as well as cumulative rewards, like unlocking new city districts when enough favour has been gained. Complete missions to earn the respect of your favourite factions, and blow enemy factions out of the sky.

★ Tangible results for in-game choices

The allegiances you make with New Bedlam´s factions have real effects on the future of New Bedlam. Choosing to undertake missions for particular factions can result in parts of the city being altered, permanently changing the landscape of New Bedlam.

★ Enemies

Face off against enemies such as ´The Juggernaut´, an aggressive semi-trailer equipped with machine guns, missiles, and a cannon, or ´The Fuzz´, New Bedlam´s quick to the trigger police force.

★ Challenging Missions

Undertake a variety of challenging jobs in order to earn cash for upgrades and win favour with the city´s factions and corporations. Test your speed, accuracy and driving skills with assassinations, police chases, package deliveries, bank heists, and more.


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