Commercial law test answers 90 questions

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Collection of tasks for the discipline "Commercial Law", 90 issues.
Task 1.
1. In a translation from Latin. "Commerce" - means:
A. Business
B. Trade
B. Management
G. funding
D. Other

2 The distinctive features of trade relations include:
A subject composition.
B. always onerous character
B. specific grounds for the emergence - or trade related transactions
G. fact that they relate to the implementation of barter (trade)
D. All of the above

3. Commercial law is often identified with:
A. business law
B. Land rights
B. Financial rules
G. Family Law
D. Other

4. Predprinimatel¬skoe law is different from the commercial:
A. on the subject and method of legal regulation
B. Only on the subject of methods of legal regulation
B. Only the methods of legal regulation
G. virtually identical

5. Commercial Law:
A. is not an independent right otras¬lyu
B. an independent right otras¬lyu
B. is a sub-branch of civil law
G. is a complex institution of civil rights
D. Other

Task 2.
1. Trade Law does not cover:
A. Presidential Decrees.
B. Normative acts of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
B. Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
G. Civil Code
D. no right answer

2 Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation:
A. is the source of commercial law.
B. is the source of commercial law, if they contain rules on the legal status predprinimate¬lya and / or commercial activity.
Q. Are the sources of commercial law, if tied to a specific normative act
G. is not a source of commercial law.

3. The Russian law, which contains provisions on commercial activities:
A. Commercial Code.
B. Civil Code.
B. Tax Code
The law "On Certification"
D. Other

4. In commercial law, the following meto¬dy legal regulation:
A. The method of mandatory requirements and the method rekomen¬datsy.
B. Method of autonomous decisions (matching method).
B. Method of mandatory requirements and the method of coordination
D. All of the above
D. no right answer

5. Corporate rules are:
A. The legal acts of gosudarstven¬noy power.
B. The laws and regulations adopted by the hozyaystvu¬yuschimi subjects.
B. All of the above
G. no right answer

Task 3.
1. The source of commercial law is not:
A business custom
B. an international treaty of the Russian Federation
B. judicial precedent
G. subordinate legal acts
D. Civil Code

2. What normative act establishes the basic principles of doing business?
A. Constitution of the Russian Federation
B. Civil Code of the Russian Federation
B. Administrative Code
G. of the Tax Code
D. Other
3. The division of the commercial organization receives the greatest autonomy in economic circulation if it is formed:
A. as a representation
B. Branch
V. branch
G. subsidiary
D. Other

4. Commodity exchange is subject to:
A special competence
B. Limited competence
V. exclusive competence
G. overall competence
D. Other

5. When regulating commercial relations ispolzu¬yutsya:
A. General Principles of Civil Law,
B. osu¬schestvleniya principle of freedom of business activity
V. principle of free movement of goods, services and financial resources throughout the Russian Federation
The principle of free trade
D. All of the above

Task 4.
1. fiduciary transactions include:
A distribution agreement
B. agency contract
B. Treaty Commission
G. loan agreement
D. Other
2. The public offer is:
A. Advertising
B. offer aimed at the same time the two counterparties
B. a public offer for the sale of state or municipal property
Participation in the public auction

Additional information

4. Entrepreneurial contracts by the legal pri¬rode:
A. are a variety of civil law dogo¬vora
B. have an analogy with the civil contract
B. have a fundamental difference from a civil contract
He is a completely different form of the contract, has nothing to do with civil law
D. no right answer
5. The contract is concluded when the parties reached an agreement:
A. in any way, which the parties agreed, on the basis of the principle of freedom of contract
B. at least one essential terms of the contract
B. on all essential terms of the contract
G. notarized
D. Other
Task 5.
1. What is the purpose of the goods purchased under the contract po¬stavki:
A. for the goods in entrepreneurial activity
B. for goods deya¬telnosti business or other purposes not related to personal, semey¬nym, home and other similar use
V. for use of the goods for purposes related to personal, semey¬nym, home and other similar use
The purpose of the acquisition of goods is irrelevant to the delivery dogo¬vora
D. no right answer
2. The rights to the trademark, service mark predprinima¬tel may transfer contracts:
A. supply, distribution
B. agency
V. franchise
G. contract
D. Other
3. Consignment is a variation:
A distribution agreement
B. the agency contract
V. the commission contract
G. contract
D. Other
4. Agency Agreement may be built on the model:
A contract of agency
B. delivery agreement
V. the commission contract
G. distribution agreement
D. Other
5. Principal - is one of the parties to the contract:
A. Commission
B. the distributive
B. the agency
G. orders
D. Other
Task 6.
1. The obligation of one party to the contract not to conclude similar agreements with other entities on the territory defined in the agreement may provide for:
2. Prohibits any antitrust laws include economic entity in the contract diskrimi¬niruyuschih conditions that put the company in nerav¬noe position compared with other economic entities?
3. Laws regulating the activities of organizations kommerches¬kih:
4. The date of the contract:
5. transactions, offering the possibility of a temporary control over the enterprise

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