control work #2 variant 1

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Вариант 1
Задание 1. Прочитайте слова, переведите их с помощью словаря, обращая внимание не словообразовательные элементы:
to apply – application, appliance, applicable; to cultivate – cultivator, cultivation; to improve – improvable, improvement, improver; to produce – production, producer, productivity; to supply – supplement, supplementary.

Задание 2. Переведите предложения, укажите какую функцию выполняет слово на — ing: а) определение, б) обстоятельство, в) подлежащее, г) часть сказуемого, д) дополнение.
1. Completing their growth by the end of the first season all annual plants die.
2. The farmers are preparing the soil for planting potatoes.
3. Planting field crops should begin when the seedbed is warm.
4. Many varieties of corn producing high yields are cultivated in this region.
5. These two discoveries marked the beginning of the domestication of plants and animals.
6. Composting is the natural cycle of plants living, dying, and breaking down to pass their nutrients to other plants.
7. Some bacteria penetrate deeper into the tissue reaching the water ducts within the plant.

Задание 3. Переведите предложения, укажите, какую функцию выполняет слово на — ed: а) простое сказуемое, б) определение, в) часть составного сказуемого.
1. The plants developed well because they were planted into warm and moist soil.
2. The applied fertilisers greatly increased soil productivity.
3. The soil analysed by the scientist contains much nitrogen.
4. If cultivated properly in spring the soil is high productive.
5. Some tribes discovered that plants could be grown from seeds.
6. The most important tuber crop cultivated throughout the world is potatoes.
7. Of the cereals raised wheat, rice and corn are the world´s three most important grain crops.

Задание 4. Перепишите предложения, подчеркните сказуемое, опреде- лите его видо-временную форму, переведите на русский язык.
1. Agriculture supplies people with food products.
2. New methods of weed control have been used on this farm.
3. This crop variety was developed some years ago.
4. Next week our farm will be visited by a group of specialists in plant diseases.
5. The development of some crops is not influenced by the length of the day.
6. The United States export most of the corn produced.
7. The wheat plant is an annual.

Задание 5. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на способы выражения долженствования.
1. Corn for grain should be grown in the south because it requires warm weather for its best development.
2. The seed has to be of high quality if you want to obtain a higher yield.
3. Loams may be used for growing almost all the crops.

Задание 6. Прочтите и переведите текст устно, абзацы 1, 4, 5 переведите письменно.

Wheat in the USA
Most of wheat in the United States is produced in the Great Plains area1 . A considerable amount of it is grown in other areas of the country. In fact2 , wheat is grown in every state, produces approximately 18 per cent of the total wheat grown in the USA.
Wheat will grow on a wide range of soil types, but well drained, mediumand fine-textured soils3 are generally considered to be best adapted for wheat production. Deep sandy soils usually do not produce satisfactory yields of high-quality wheat. These soils are better adapted to rye and some other crops.
The yield of wheat is greatly affected by the amount of moisture in the soil at the time the crop is seeded. In the wheat area of the USA the amount of rain that falls during the growing season is often not sufficient to produce a good yield of grain. It is essential, therefore, under such conditions4 that the soil be well supplied with moisture at the time the crop is seeded.
Depth of plowing seems to be less important than time of plowing. The depth necessary to obtain best results will vary with soil and climatic conditions but will usually be not more than 6 or 7 inches.
The moisture content of grain should be not more than 14 per cen


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