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Control Work №4 по англ, вариант 4

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Control Work №4
Variant 4
READING Text 1 You are going to read about the ambitions of three young people. For questions 1–6, choose fr om the people (A–C).
Who …
• is still at school?
• is going to study Medicine?
• exercises regularly?
• has just completed a course?
• has already arranged a job for next summer?
A Ito Oshima is a schoolboy from Japan. He is 17 years old.
"I´ve always wanted to be a firefighter because I want to save lives. Firefighters have to be brave and strong, as their work is often dangerous. I work out twice a week at the local gym because I want to be ready for the entrance test. I´m sure I´ll pass it. After the test, in September, I´m going to begin a firefighting training course. I know the course isn´t going to be easy, but I´m going to work really hard. I hope I´ll pass it, so wish me luck!"
B Roberto Fellini is a 21-year-old from Italy.
"I want to work as a barman because I like meeting people. A good barman has to be friendly and patient. This won´t be a problem for me, as I love socialising and I never get angry. I recently finished bartending course in Rome and I´m very excited at the moment, as I´m getting a full-time job in my uncle´s bar next summer."
C Natasha Wilkins is a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Scotland.
"I´d like to work as a doctor because I like helping sick people. It´s not an easy job though, as doctors have to be hardworking and careful. They often work very long hours and they can´t make mistakes. When I finish my A levels, I´m going to study Medicine at university. I just hope be a good doctor.

Text 2 Read the article about teleworking and match the topic sentences (A–D) to the paragraphs 1–4.
E On the other hand, teleworking has a few disadvantages. F In conclusion, I believe that teleworking will change the way we work in the future. G Teleworking is a fresh and new type of employment. H Working from home has many advantages.

The Pros and Cons of Teleworking
1 It allows people to work from home using their telephones, modems and computers and communicating with their employer and co-workers through the Internet. Teleworking can make the way we work easier and less stressful, in conclusion at the same time, it can cause several problems. 2 Firstly, it allows employees to work in the relaxed atmosphere of their homes. This means that they can plan their working day in a more productive and convenient way. Also, teleworking is less time-consuming. People do not need to commute to their jobs and, as a result, they have more time to work effectively. Finally, teleworking can have a positive effect on the environment. If people in large cities work from home and stop using cars and buses, there will be less traffic and therefore less pollution.
3 But, some employees find it difficult to concentrate at home. This problem actually makes their work harder and more stressful. What is more, people who work at home may feel lonely at times, because they are not involved in the everyday life of an office. This can lead to unhappiness and boredom. 4 F It may have a few disadvantages, but I believe it not only offers people the opportunity to work in a new and original way, but it benefits our environment too.

Дополнительная информация

Choose the correct item. 11 Do you say his ______ name is Boris? A full B first C last 12 His mother remarried, he has a ______ now. A stepfather B stepmother C stepaunt 13 Some children ______ to read before they start school. A study B learn C teach 14 In history we had to learn a lot of dates by ______. A hard B hand C heart 15 Wh ere is she? She is ______ home. A at B in C on 16 There ______ not fifteen children in the classroom. A is B am C are 17 He hasn’t got ______ brothers or sisters. A some B any C no 18 I don’t remember wh ere ______ relatives were born. A my B mine C me 19 My aunts are ______. A housewifes B housewives C housewife. 20 My uncle ______ very muscular arms. A haven’t B has got C have got

TRANSLATION Translate the sentences from English into Russian. 1 She is studying for the entrance examinations.
2 I think your girlfriend is a bit foolish.
3 A lot of women are very happy to stay at home and be housewives.
4 Students must be trained to think clearly and to express themselves well.
5 Learning grammar is enough to master a foreign language.
6 He is afraid of being late for the lectures so he always comes to the Institute in time.
7 These students have very few friends in this city.
8 The pace of life is slower and more relaxed in the country.
9 My sister and I played a lot in the woods, not far from the village.
10 It is quite a remote area, and we live in an old cottage.


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