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Control Work №4, вариант 1

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Control Work №4
Variant 1

Text 1
Read the information about the houses of famous people. Decide what type of dwelling they have got. For questions 1-6, write a letter A-F next to each person.
2Mick Jagger
3Elvis Presley
4Tina Turner
5George Michael
6Gloria EstefanA.A two-storey building with a tiled roof.
B.A huge old stone house with big towers.
C.A classical four-storey building.
D.The house bears the name of his mother.
E.An unordinary building with a garage up at the top.
F.A white house in the countryside with a flat roof.

1Cher’s house is big and white. It’s in a beautiful valley in California and there are lots of palm trees everywhere. There’s a large verandah on one side of the house. This house has a flat roof.
2Mick Jagger has several homes. This is a very grand house in the country somewhere in Oxfordshire. It´s called Stargrove. It’s a very old stone house and it looks like a castle with all its big towers. It looks big enough for about ten families. It has a large garden and the front of the house looks onto a big lawn.
3Elvis Presley’s house is called Graceland. His mother’s name was Grace. Now it’s a museum and a place of pilgrimage for Elvis’s fans. It has white stone lions near the front steps and a very classical facade with white columns and steps up to the front door.
4Tina Turner’s house is in London. It’s a classical house with four storeys. It has a basement and a small balcony at the front. The windows on the ground floor are in the shape of arches.
5George Michael’s house is in London. It’s a very modern style. It’s an unusual house because the garage is up at the top of the house and the living space is underneath. Many of its windows are in the roof.
6Gloria Estefan’s house is on an island in Miami called Star Island. It has a red tiled roof. Most of the house is on just two storeys. It has a swimming pool, palm trees, lawns, and a small jetty where she keeps her powerboat.

Text 2
Read the text about Stewart Jones and complete the sentences 1-5 with the most suitable ending А, В or C.

Stewart Jones is thirty-nine years old. He is a policeman. He lives in Dover, in the south-east of England.
Stewart lives in a small, comfortable flat with his wife, Jessica and their son, Jason. Jessica is twenty-eight years old. She is a vet. Jason is seven years old. He goes to school every day from 9 am to 3:30 pm.
Stewart is good-looking. He is tall and well-built with short brown hair and brown eyes. Everybody likes him because he is a kind man and a very loving father.
In his free time Stewart likes playing basketball.
He doesn´t like watching TV. He thinks it is boring.

1Stewart Jones is ... .
A a vetВ a sportsmanС a policeman
2Everybody likes Stewart because he is ... .
A good-lookingВ well-builtС a kind man
3Stewart’s favourite free time activity is ... .
A watching TVВ playing basketball С going to Jason’s school
4Stewart doesn’t like watching TV because ....
A he thinks it is boring В he has no free time С his wife hates TV
5From 9 am to 3:30 pm Stewart’s son usually ....
A watches TVВ plays footballС goes to school

Text 2
You are going to read about four young people searching for a pen friend. For questions 1-5, choose from the people (A-D).
Who ...
•is fond of playing the guitar?1.
•lives in Russia?2.
•plays tennis well?3.
•has got an elder brother?4.
•is tall and well-built?5.

Дополнительная информация

Hello! My name´s Pierre and I’m seventeen years old. I live in Paris, France. I have got short straight dark hair and brown eyes. I´m quite tall and slim. I love playing computer games and I can play tennis very well. I like reading too. Please e-mail me today!

My name is Tony Wilson. I am thirteen years old and I live in Liverpool in England. There are five of us in our family. My father, John, is an artist. He´s a very clever person and he´s very kind. My mother, Elaine, is very beautiful. She is tall and slim with long straight fair hair and blue eyes. She´s a very patient woman. My brother, Martin, is sixteen years old. He is tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He´s quite lazy. My sister, Karen, is fifteen years old. She´s short with green eyes. She is a bit bossy.

Hi! My name is Anna and I am eleven years old. I live in Moscow, Russia. I have got long straight fair hair and green eyes. I´m quite short and I like skiing. I can play the piano quite well. Please be my e-mail pen pal.

Hi! My name´s Mario and I´m twenty-six years old. I live in Florence, Italy. I´m tall and well-built with brown, wavy hair and brown eyes. I like playing the guitar and I love dancing. I can speak French too. Hope to hear from you soon.

Choose the correct item.
11My young sister isswimming.
A fond ofВ interested onС like at
12Peter decided not tofor the examination.
A enterВ go inС delete
13Sheila always got goodin algebra.
A pointsВ marksС numbers
14It´s notfrom the centre of the city. Any bus will take you there.
A longВ farС near
15. The trouble is that he didn’t work the term.
A inВ atС during
16. The Johns haven´t gotchildren
A someВ anyС no
17. I havefriends in Tomsk.
A a fewВ a littleС much
18. I like history. It’s favourite subject.
19. What are their names?
A pets’В pet’sС pets
20. My friend and I interested in sport.
A amВ areС is

Translate the sentences from English into Russian.
1He looks like his mother but definitely takes after his father in character.
2There is an increasing number of single-parent families in Russia.
3I´ve known him for years; he´s an old friend.
4Examinations take place at the end of each term.
5The academic year begins on the first of October and ends in July.
6Before and after classes you can see a lot of students in the reading rooms because they prepare their lessons there.
7I spend a lot of time on preparation.
8You´re surrounded by lovely scenery and you can walk in the countryside.
9There isn´t much nightlife there.
10Go along here, turn right into the main roads, then take the first turning on your left.


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