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Control Work №4, вариант 3

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Control Work №4
Variant 3
Text 1
Read the text and fill the gaps 1-3 with the most suitable missing sentences A-E. There is one extra option which you don’t need to use.
Example: 0 – A
A Legend of Tomsk
There are very many wonderful, amazing legends about the origin of such names as Tom, Bassandaika, Ushaika and others. This is one of them ...
Far long before the Russian people came here, the Tomsk lands were populated by small Tatar tribes and they were not good neighbours. On the left bank of the beautiful river covered with thick forests there was a settlement of Tatar princeling Toyan, and on the wooden right bank – the rich lands of princeling Bassanday were lying.
Bassanday and Toyan were great enemies. They did hate each other. But their children – Toyan’s daughter, the beautiful Toma and Bassanday’s son Ushai were in love with each other. And their love was so great that they could not live in separation.
The courageous Ushai with his friends crossed the stormy river and stole up to Toyan´s small town. Toma was waiting for them.
But they could not go away. Toyan´s servants attacked them. Ushai was killed in the unequal fight. And the beautiful Toma with a cry of horror and despair rushed into the river ...
When Toyan learned this terrible news he couldn´t survive his great grief. He came to the brink of the river´s bank, stood here for a while and then plunged into the water ...
Everywhere his servicemen were looking for Ushai. And at last they came back with his corpse. For many long hours old Bassandai was sitting near his dead son. The short day was over. It was getting dark. People went to their nomad tents. But the broken-hearted father was sitting and talking silently to his son ...
Since that time such names as Tom, Bassandaika, Ushaika, Toyanovo Lake have been known to everybody.
A.It happened on one of the darkest autumn nights.
B.It happened many years ago ... many, many years ago ...
C.Prince Bassandai was waiting for his son for a long time.
D.And in the morning the peole saw a boat, Ushai´s dead body and nobody else on the bank of the river ...
E.Life without them was impossible.

Text 2
Read the article about an actor. Are sentences 1–7 “Right” (A) or “Wrong” (B)? If there is not enough information to answer “Right” (A) or “Wrong” (B), choose “Doesn´t say” (C). For questions 1–7, mark A, B or C. The example is given (0).
As a child in Spain, Juan Fernandez wanted to be a footballer. That was before he broke his foot at the age of fifteen. After this, he decided to become an actor. He went to acting school, which he enjoyed more than his old school. But after only a year there, he was offered work at the National Theatre and he left the school without getting his diploma.
At the theatre he met film-maker Antonio Garcia who invited him to act in a film called Camarero. Antonio´s film was watched in many other countries, and soon film-makers in Hollywood wanted to meet the good-looking young actor.
Juan’s first acting job in Hollywood was very interesting for him because he spoke no English at the time. He learned to pronounce his words perfectly for the film The King, but when they made the film, he had no idea at all what any of them meant. The film was a big hit, and so was Juan.
He then decided to learn some English. Because he was never good at languages as a child, he went back to school. Since then Juan has made nine films in English which have all been big hits.
Although Juan is very busy, he enjoys his career in Hollywood and has a big house there, which he loves. But he would like to return to the musical theatre in Europe now and again to practise what he learnt at acting school. He would like to show people that he´s still a good singer!

Дополнительная информация

Example: 0 – B
0.When Juan was a young child, he wanted to be an actor.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
1.Juan left acting school before the end of the course.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
2.Juan met Antonio Garcia when they worked on a play together.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
3.The film Camarero helped Juan to get to Hollywood.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
4.In The King, Juan only understood some of the words he was saying.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
5.Juan taught himself to speak English.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
6.Juan likes working in Hollywood.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say
7.Juan prefers working in the theatre to making films.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn´t say

Choose the correct item.
8.If the person you marry dies, you are a ______.
A bachelor B widower C partner
9.Your ______ is the one that all the family have.
A name B surname C nickname
10.If you have any questions, ______ your hand.
A rise B raise C rose
11.In the second form many pupils ______ two foreign languages.
A study B teach C learn
12.Bye, see you ______ Tuesday!
A on B at C in
13.She ______ very pale face.
A has got B have got C have get
14.Are there ______ foreign books in your library?
A some B any C no
15.I met ______ teacher at the bus stop.
A ours B our C us
16.Hello, I am Kate. And what ______ your name?
A is B am C are
17.The ______ books are on the table.
A children’s B children’ C childrens’

Translate the sentences from English into Russian.
1.I like playing hockey and working with computers.
2.That’s very kind of you, I appreciate it.
3.My first impression of him was a bit negative.
4.Kate is afraid of taking her exam.
5.Martha is good at reciting poems.
6.Education is necessary if you want to succeed in life.
7.Many people consider a lecture to be the best method of teaching at higher educational institutions.
8.You have a higher cost of living in a city.
9.I usually get a taxi home when I’m late.
10.The worst thing about living in the country is that public transport is hopeless.


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