Economic Theory Synergy Tests

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Transfers include:
Answer Type: Multiple Choice
business income

Factor incomes include:
Answer Type: Multiple Choice
business income

In microeconomics, the functions represented by ...
Answer Type: Single Choice
taken together

Market demand does not change depending on:
Answer Type: Single Choice
resource prices
prices for interchangeable goods
number of buyers
consumer income

Which statement about the business cycle is true?
Answer Type: Single Choice
all answers are incorrect
consumer spending is the most volatile component of total spending
the highest point of business activity is a period of recovery
recession is a period of depression

If the value of consumer spending is 8000 den. units, and disposable income is 10,000 den.
units, then the marginal propensity to consume is
Answer Type: Single Choice

Are there any differences between the models of models of "aggregate demand-aggregate supply" and "income-expenses"
Answer Type: Single Choice
no differences
differences are

Production function with one variable factor is a dependency
Answer Type: Single Choice
in which all factors change, and factor X remains constant
in which the factor X changes, and all the others remain constant
between factors X and Y
output Q from the price of factor X

Determine the coefficient of depreciation of fixed assets according to the following data (million rubles). Full initial
cost of fixed assets - 500 Original cost less depreciation - 400 Full recovery
cost - 400 Answer write in%:
Answer Type: Single Choice

Mark the material goods included in fixed assets:
Answer Type: Multiple Choice
purchased semi-finished products
supporting materials
transmission devices
main materials
Agreecultural machines. Agreecultural equipment

Relate money to economic resources ...
Answer Type: Single Choice
possible only when they pay for labor services
it is possible when the money is deposited in a bank account
possible when they are used to purchase capital resources
impossible, since money is a financial means

Utility function is
Answer Type: Single Choice
the relationship between the sets of goods that a given consumer is able to acquire within his budget
as a rule, according to which a variety of benefits are given values ​​that are adequate to preferences
the relationship between the composition of the set of benefits and the costs of its acquisition
the relationship between the amount of good consumed and the value of utility, which allows to determine how much
one set is better than another

Fiscal expansion means:
Answer Type: Single Choice
simultaneous increase in taxes and government spending
tax increase
simultaneous tax cuts and increased government spending
reduction in government spending

Give the necessary definition: The indicator calculated by the formula (current month price index - last month price index * 100%) / (current month price index) this is an indicator ...

The first Russian economist to be awarded the Nobel Prize ... Pavlov

For a team planned economy is not typical
Answer Type: Single Choice
central planning
government pricing system
orientation of producers mainly on solvent demand

On which configuration of the aggregate supply curve do Keynesians insist:
Answer Type: Single Choice
negative slope line
line parallel to the axis OX
positive slope line
line parallel to the axis of the op-amp

If the production function has a constant return on scale, then there is ...
Answer Type: Single Choice
intense growth
uncertainty as there is no information on pricing of factors of production
lack of growth
extensive growth

A common feature of perfect and monopolistic co


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