Economics (version II.10)

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II.10.1 If the price of 0.5 rubles. 1 sheet for photocopying, students copied 500 pages a day, and with an increase in prices to 0.8 rubles. the number of orders fell to 460 pages, it is the demand ...

II.10.2 fill in the blanks. ______ First analyzed the situation of "market failure."
F. Edgeworth
A. Marshall

II.10.3 On the wage increase has an impact ...
folding productions that expand the scope of employment
the absence of statutory working hours
omission of Trade Unions
struggle against the monopolization of production

II.10.4 By the model of privatization does not apply ...
free distribution
the establishment of national holdings

II.10.5 Land brings an annual income of 100,000 rubles. Annual bank interest rate of 10%. The price of this plot as a perpetual (eternal) capital asset is ...
10,000 rubles.
110,000 rubles.
100,000 rubles.
1 million rubles.

II.10.6 fill in the blanks. Investment banks are on the level of _________ credit system.
the second

II.10.7 The change in the demand for this product due to the change in real income due to an increase or decrease of its price, called the effect ...

II.10.8 The law of diminishing marginal productivity does not characterize the curve ...
marginal revenue
average product
total product
marginal product

II.10.9 The shift of the demand curve to the left and down the ice, most likely caused by ...
revenue growth
the onset of winter
increase in the price of ice cream
the reduced availability of ice-cream

II.10.10K basic needs are ...
food, clothing,

II.10.11 demand for investment goods is determined by ...
marginal revenue
tax benefits
direct demand
the desire to meet the needs of the subject of a market economy

II.10.12 difference between gross and net private domestic investment is the cost ...
for the purchase of consumer goods
to improve the skills of workers
gains the means of production
to reimbursement of the cost of consumption of fixed capital (depreciation)

II.10.13 decile coefficient characterizing the degree of inequality of income distribution in a society reduced from 12 to 8. This means that ...
incomes were distributed more unevenly
incomes were distributed more evenly
the degree of income inequality has increased
the degree of income inequality remained the same

II.10.14 Measures of state protectionism refers ...
tax incentives for the branches of foreign companies
imposition of customs duties on imported goods
abolition of all restrictions on the export of goods
the total abolition of customs duties on imported goods

II.10.15 Reasons movement of capital does not apply ...
mismatch of demand and supply of capital in the national market
higher wages in the importing countries
over-accumulation of capital-exporting countries
cheaper raw materials in importing countries

II.10.16 Economic profit is a ...
product sales volume and unit price
the amount of the explicit costs of production
the difference between the gross proceeds and explicit costs
the difference between the gross proceeds and economic costs

If II.10.17 from each household receives additional ruble save up 20 cents, a simple multiplier of autonomous expenditure is ...

II.10.18 Indicators of economic efficiency concerns ...
work performance
net profit
proceeds of sales
life expectancy

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II.10.19 total amount of taxes collected in the state is 720 billion. Den. u GDP - 1.84 trillion. den. u, the level of taxation in the country is ...

II.10.20 fill in the blanks. The natural rate of unemployment includes __________ unemployment.
friction and cyclic
Only cyclic
structural and frictional
cyclical and structural

II.10.21 Money does not act as a ...
means of circulation
stock values
unit of account

II.10.22 Nominal GDP in the current year amounted to 64,000 den. u Real GDP 50,000 den. u Inflation for the year (in%) amounted to ...%.

II.10.23 Economic growth can be illustrated by ...
the movement of production possibilities curve
turning the production possibility curve clockwise
shift production possibilities curve to the right
shift production possibilities curve to the left

II.10.24 If the central (national) banks of the population buys a large amount of government securities, the ...
the volume of money supply in the country is reduced
the obligation of the Central (National) Bank in the form of reserves of commercial banks increased
total amount of money in the hands of the population decreases
current accounts of commercial banks reduced

II.10.25 The long-term economic cycles carry cycles ...

II.10.26 Set correspondence between the names and characteristics of market structures:
1. In a country there are several steel mills.
2. On the agricultural market sell cabbage and carrots.
3. A large number of vendors offer furniture for offices.
4. Urban heat networks provide people with warmth.
perfect competition
monopolistic competition

II.10.27 Signs of the American model of the economy can be attributed ...
Software R & D (research and development activities)
promoting entrepreneurship
lowest unemployment
preservation of national traditions

II.10.28 method of paid forms of privatization is not ...
voucher privatization
sales target

II.10.29 In countries with a federal system budget is constructed on the basis of ...
democratic federalism
fiscal centralism
democratic centralism
fiscal federalism

II.10.30Pri calculating the cost of the consumer basket of the base year are taken into account ...
the volume of production of goods and services the base year
Prices of goods and services produced base year
Prices of goods and services produced this year
the volume of production of goods and services this year,

II.10.31 market goods or services are not ...
Medical service
Travel service
educational service
basic science

II.10.32 long-term balance in the market of monopolistic competition leads ...
the growth of economic profit
price discrimination
to the disappearance of economic profit
to release similar products

II.10.33 If the price falls, while production grows, this corresponds to a shift of the curve aggregate ...
Deals Left
demand right
offers right
Demand left

II.10.34 fill in the blanks. Collection of information and its quantitative analysis form the basis of the method of __________.

II.10.35K subjects of market relations should be attributed ...
company (business)

II.10.36 The figure shows a graphical model of revenues and costs of the company-monopolist:
The price of goods firm-monopolist in which profits will reach a maximum, equal to ____ den. u


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