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Exercise 1. Divide the following nouns into 2 parts: quantifiable (with an article "a", "an") and uncountable (without the article).
wall, pen, meat, air, picture, water, teacher, work, school, hour, tea, bread, river, friend, gold, cheese, glass (glass), glass (glass), coffee, sister, chalk, word, sentence, knowledge, paper (paper), paper (paper), silk, dress, umbrella, coat, shoe, Russian, pocket, time (time), time (Time).

Exercise 2. Write the following plural nouns read them.
pen, window, wall, week, clock, ship, library, watch, dress, country, glass, day, party, play, bus, leaf, life, colony, hero, fox, half, eye, language, place, shelf, key, roof, thief, ray, bush, mouth, journey; man, woman, child, tooth, foot, mouse, goose; postman, son-in-law, fisherman, school-girl, text-book, pocket-knife, passer-by, salesman, editor-in-chief; stimulus, datum, crisis, phenomenon.

Exercise 3. Choose the correct form of the predicate.
There (is, are) money in my pocket. 2. Your knowledge (leave, leaves) much to be desired. 3. Jeans (is, are) easy to buy now. 4. The papers (was, were) dull, the news (was, were) old. 5. The police (was, were) not interested in that case. 6. All his advice (is, are) useful. 7. Look! Your clothes (is, are) dirty. 8. Ann's hair (is, are) red. 9. Their debate (last, lasts) long as a rule. Do not wait. 10. Be careful! The stairs (is, are) old.

Exercise 4. Replace where possible, nouns with the preposition "of 'nouns in the possessive case
the plays of Shakespeare; the clothes of the boy; the wages of the workers; the watch of Peter; the house of my friend; the birthday of his daughter; the pages of the book; the leg of the table; the books of our pupils; the walls of the castle.

Exercise 5. Instead of points, insert the articles "a", "the" and the pronoun "some", "any".
1. Has ... postman come? I am expecting ... letter from my father. 2. My brother can drive ... car. 3.1 got ... interesting book from our library, ... librarian said that I could keep it for ... week. 4. Could you show me ... way to ... theatre, please? 5.1 like ... people I work with. 6.1 know ... students from that Institute. 7. ... letter which is written in ... pencil is difficult to read. 8 .... pine grows in ... northern countries. 9. This is ... only book that I have on this question. 10. ... English is spoken in several countries. 11. I do not like ... rainy weather. 12 .... highest mountains are in Asia. 13. This is ... difficult work. It'll take us ... week to do it. 14. It's time to go ... home now. 15. When I am free, I often listen to ... music.


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