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1. Consume a verb in the brackets in the form Present Simple. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
1) Ann's parents (not to live) in Perm.
2) We (to read) newspapers every day.
3) Winter (to begin) in December and (to end) in February.
4) My son (not to like) oranges.
5) Where ... you (to work)?
6) When ... Kate (to get up)?
7) I (to like to walk) in the forest.
8) His sister (to play) tennis well.

2. Set an English sentence:
1) Where do they go in the summer?
2) Who lives in this room?
3) They love to help their friends.
4) I do not like this book.
5) You are learning English at school?
6) Your daughter wants to be an economist or a math teacher?
7) What do your parents do in the evenings?
8) Tom grows black currants in her garden.

3. Wear suitable indefinite pronouns. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
1) She wanted to buy (a little) rice and (a few) apples.
2) My sister eats (a lot of) sugar.
3) Ann has (a little) friends.
4) She does (a lot) but talks (a little).
5) We have (little) knowledge of the subject.

4. Make a proposal from the following words, put the proposal to the Russian language.
1) This, is, bag, mine, not.
2) Son's, is, name, her, Tom.
3) They, the, are, garden, in?
4) Old, daughter, is, how, your.
5) Never, brother, late, is, my.
6) Are, we, from, not, Perm.

5. Choose the correct possessive pronoun.
1) Is this (your / yours) book?
2) It's (their / theirs) problem, not (our / ours).
3) Are these (your / yours) shoes?
4) That's not (my / mine) umbrella. (My / mine) is yellow.
5) They know (our / ours) address but we do not know (their / theirs).
6) (My / mine) room is bigger than (her / hers), but (her / hers) is nicer.

6. Read the text and write sentences that coincide in their content with your biography. Put these proposals.
My biography
My name is Alia. I am Russian. I was born on May 5, 1977 in Perm. Two years ago our family moved to Moscow where I live now together with my parents. My father is a doctor, he works at a hospital. My mother is a housewife. She has much work to do about the house. We are five in the family. I have sister and brother. Lucy is in the fifth form and Boris is a pupil of the ninth form. Our family is very united. Some years ago I finished school № 11 in Perm. I always did well at school and studied with great interest. I also took an active part in social life, attended sport sections and subject circles. My favourite subject at school was Literature. My teacher of Literature was a well-educated man with broad outlook and deep knowledge of the subject. He taught us to understand Russian classics, to appreciate the language and the style. He acquainted us with modern authors, helped to understand modern history and life better. He also encouraged me in my desire to become a teacher of Literature. My dream became true. I graduated fr om Moscow University and now I work al school.

Additional information

7. Read the text. Write down the sentences in which the predicate is used in the passive voice. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
Traditionally a market is a place where people buy and sell things. An example is a farmers' market where you can buy vegetables directly from farmers. But for economists the word "market" means something slightly different. It refers to the actions of buying and selling, not just to the place where things are bought and sold. A market can exist even if the buyers and sellers never meet - foe example, mail-order business. A market is made up of people and actions. The people in a market are all the buyers and sellers of a product or service. The action of a market is buying and selling, that is, exchanging a product or service for money.
The idea of \u200b\u200ba market economy started about 200 years ago, during the Industrial Revolution in England in the 18th century. This was the time when goods began to be made in factories with large machines powered by steam or water instead of being made by hand. As individual inventors, industrialists and entrepreneurs became wealthy they also became more powerful in government. They were not satisfied with an economic system that was designed to benefit the nobles, kings and landowners. They wanted an economic system to benefit them.
Economic decisions in a pure market economy are made by buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Land and capital goods - factories, tools, etc. - Are privately owned.


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