English, option 3 (Market Economy)

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1. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык:
1. Are there (any) children in your family?
2. There are many people in the street.
3. Is there a (any) park in the city?
4. There is nothing in my table.
5. There is a cup and three glasses there.
6. There are books on Economics on this shelf.
7. What is there on the table?
8. There is not your cup on the table.
9. How many mistakes are there in my test?
10. There is no tea in the cup.

2. Переведите данные предложения на английский язык:
1. Ее английский очень плох, она должна много заниматься.
2. Может кто-нибудь объяснить это правило?
3. Я не смог написать тест, он был слишком трудным для меня.
4. Можно открыть окно?
5. Лена не умеет плавать.
6. Ученики не должны разговаривать во время урока.
7. На скольких языках вы говорите?
8. Поезд, возможно, опоздает на несколько минут.

3. Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple и Future Simple. Запишите полученные предложения и переведите их на русский язык:
1. They often make mistakes.
2. We go to the Institute by bus.
3. She saves money to go abroad.
4. He works as an economist.
5. The postman brings us the newspapers in the morning.

4. Поставьте притяжательные местоимения:
1. I like __ job.
2. Do you like __ job?
3. Sally is married. __husband works in a bank.
4. I know Mr. Petrov but I don’t know __ wife.
5. Put on __coat when you go out. It’s very cold.
6. __ favourite sport is tennis. I play a lot in summer.
7. We usually stay at a very nice hotel. __ rooms are very comfortable.

Additional information

5. Прочитайте текст и выпишите предложения:
а) с модальными глаголами
b) со сказуемыми в пассивном залоге.
Market Economy
A market economy depends on a specialized industrialized society in which:
-Most individuals cannot meet their own material needs.
-People must work because they need money.
-People meet most of their material needs by buying goods and services with money.
-Buyers and sellers compete in the market place, each working for his or her own best interests.
A market economy is really made up of two markets: a resource market and a product market. In each of these two markets something is exchanged between producers and individuals. In the resource market, the resources that producers need (labour, land, capital goods) are exchanged for money (wages, rent, interest and profits). Individuals provide resources to producers. Producers in turn provide money to individuals. Producers pay:
-wages in exchange for labour,
-rent in exchange for land,
-interest on borrowed money,
-profits or dividends to individuals who invest money and thus become part-owners of the business.
In the product market, products and services are exchanged for money. Producers provide products and services to individuals. Individuals in turn provide money to producers in payment for the products and services. The resource and product markets are related.
-Businesses use the resources that they buy from individuals to produce goods and services which they sell to individuals.
-Businesses use the money they receive in payments for these goods and services to pay individuals wages, rent, interest and profit.
-Individuals use the money they earn in wages, rent, interest and profits to buy more goods and services.

6. Заполните пропуски местоимениями many, much, little, few.
1. __ - was told but __ done.
2. Say __ and do __ .
3. He is a man of __ words.
4. __ is spoken about it, but __ believe it.
5. He has very __ knowledge of the matter.


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