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Task 1. Rewrite the sentences. Insert the infinitive in the right form and translate the proposal into Russian.
1. He seems ... all the morning. (To work)
A. to have worked C. to have been worked E. to work
B. to be worked D. to be working F. to have been working
2. Our specialists happened ... the work on the construction site when the delegation arrived. (To start)
A. to start C. to be starting E. to have started
B. to be started D. to have been started F. to have been starting
3. If business transaction does not work, both companies collaborate ... the problem. (To solve)
A. to have solved C. to be solving E. to solve
B. to have been solved D. to have been solving F. to be solved
Task 2. Rewrite the proposals put particle to, where necessary. Explain the reason for the absence of the particle to. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
1. You must ... be responsible for effecting due payments.
2. They will not let the goods ... leave the customs till the shipping documents have been checked.
3. Our company is ready ... provide you with samples of goods.
Task 3. Rewrite the sentences. Change it using the underlined words Infinitive instead. Move the proposals received in Russian.
1. It was the credit that can be granted for 5 years at 12% per annum.
2. The general manager of the company was the first who raised the question of the rights of people who are not lawfully residents in the USA.
3. There was no area where they could allot the construction.
Task 4. Rewrite the sentences. Replace complex sentences or groups of sentences in simple sentences with infinitive turnover of Complex Object. Move the proposals received in Russian.
1. The goods will arrive tomorrow. We expected it.
2. You will make all the necessary arrangements. We'd like it.
3. They are good partners. I believed it.
Task 5. Rewrite the sentences. Finish them using «for-to-Infinitive Construction». Put a proposal on the Russian language.
1. The manager looked at all possible options (to survive; the company; in such situation).
2. If the product is out-of-date it's very common (the customers; to complain).
3. The company director was too strict (the port; to be changed; of delivery).
Task 6. Rewrite the sentences with Complex Subject. Put the verb in the correct form and put the proposal to the Russian language.
1. The company ... to have made fifteen different improvements to the basic product. (To know)
2. This sector ... to show the most solid performance with a considerable improvement on the period. (To be sure)
3. They ... to have reduced production and packaging costs. (To prove)
Task 7. Rewrite the proposals emphasize infinitive speed. Determine which turnover upotreblёn infinitive in the sentence. Put a proposal on the Russian language, paying attention to the infinitive form
1. It is important for the owner of the business to choose a person whose general leadership style fits the task.
2. I would like you to fix an appointment for me for Friday.
3. Downturns in sales are unlikely to occur at the same time in all of the combined markets.
Task 8. Select the correct translation of the selected proposals. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
1. Society chooses how to employ resources for producing various goods and services.
2. Individual consumers affect resource allocation, bargaining on the marketplace and buying goods and services.
3. The firm increases profits, distributing goods for consumption among various groups and individuals.
Task 9. Select the desired shape Participle I. Put offer in Russian.
1. ... financial resources, the business can direct them on the development of production.
2. Managers ... the company, try to increase the ability of work of their business.
3. Companies, ... from world recession, are cutting down their production.
Task 10. Rewrite the sentences. Replace the highlighted part of the

Additional information

Task 11. Rewrite the sentences. Determine which form of the verb is highlighted word: Participle II or Past Simple. Move the proposals received in Russian.
1. Planning committees solved the «How?» Problem by directing labor and other resources into certain areas of production.
2. Businesses received money from individuals who became owners.
3. Traditionally, we used the term 'business' as exchange or trade.
Task 12. Rewrite the sentences. Insert Participle I and Participle II. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
1. Profits ... by businesses belong to the owners. (To make)
2. In modern times the concepts and activities of business ..., have increased. (To use)
3. A flow of money and other resources ... from the the government has the form of public goods and services such as roads, schools, and hospitals. (To return)
Task 13. Rewrite the proposals involved emphasize speed. Put a proposal on the Russian language, paying attention to the form of the sacrament.
1. He considers business developing rapidly.
Task 14. Rewrite the sentences. Determine what the highlighted word: Participle I, Gerund, Verbal Noun. Put a proposal on the Russian language.
1. At the strategic planning stage, the company decides which customers to serve, what products or services to sell, and the geographic areas in which the firm will compete.
Task 15. Rewrite the proposals emphasize gerundive momentum. Turn suggestions on the Russian language, paying attention to the form of the gerund.
1. Thank you for your doing this work for me.
2. It is very important for contacts strengthening with other countries.
3. The manager was surprised at her coming so late.
Task 16. Read the text and do the job
I. There are two basic methods of production: intermittent and continuous. In intermittent production, several of the same type of items are produced. Then production of that item stops and production of another item begins. Labor and equipment work on one particular product for a short period of time. Machinery is set up and adjusted for a specific job. When the job is finished, the machinery is taken apart or reset for a different job.
II. With intermittent production many designs and styles are possible, so a large variety of goods can be produced. The design can easily be changed to suit each individual customer. These goods are called custom-made. Therefore, automatic machines have limited use, and increased labor is necessary, which makes ......

1. Rewrite in a notebook and put the writing of the text III
2. Find the words in the text to the following definitions:
A. A factor that makes custom-made goods expensive.
B. A thing that is advertised over a large area to reach many customers.
C. A method of production when many designs and styles are possible.
3. Answer the questions using information from the text
A. What method of production allows to produce goods made to the customer's specifications?
B. What are the main features of the intermittent production?
C. What happens when volume of production of a certain company increases?
4. What part of the text says
A. that the production equipment can be designed to release a certain type of product?
B. of consumer goods?
C. on the cost of goods made to order?
5. Determine whether the proposal: true, false, or no text on this information
A. Expensive custom-made goods can be a kind of evidence of a person's welfare.
B. With intermittent production companies usually use the assembly line method of manufacturing.
C. Goods are produced in large volumes at the states with high leve
6. Identify the main idea of \u200b\u200bthe text
A. The two basic methods of production.
B. The continuous way of production.
C. The reason to sell the machinery.


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