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I. Download all proposals underline the predicate vidovremennyh and determine its shape. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
1) He has been working at this problem for two years.
2) Our country has developed into a powerful state and has made great progress in all fields of industry, technology and science.
3) They will have made their reports by tomorrow.
4) We had been conducting the experiment for several hours before you came.
5) When I return to the laboratory, my friends will have been working there for an hour.

II. Download all the sentences and translate them into Russian. Put proposals to the past and the future, using the appropriate form of the modal verb or its equivalent.
1) They must pass the examination in physics.
2) He can continue his studies at the evening department.
3) You may go home after classes.

III. Download all the sentences and translate them into Russian. Emphasize modal verb or its equivalent.
1) When are we to visit the laboratories of the institute?
2) You should follow all the important researches in your field.
3) The teacher will have to explain this difficulty again.
4) They ought to help their friend to solve this problem.
5) He had to work hard before he was able to complete his research.

IV. Write off, and set the proposal by paying attention to independent participial. Emphasize the sacrament.
1) We studied many subjects, one of them being English.
2) Many delegates being absent, we can not open our conference.
3) It being Monday, the students went to the institute.
4) The work having been finished, we went home.
5) The professor delivering the lecture, the students listened to him with great interest.

V. Rewrite the text and translate it into Russian.
1) The new academic year has begun. 2) The students studying at the institutes and universities passed entrance exams in summer and were enrolled into higher schools.
3) About 60 per cent of them entered technological institutes. 4) In the last several years the number of students in technological institutes has risen by more than one million bringing the total enrolment to almost three million. 5) This means that young people are interested in the specialities connected with new branches of science and technology.
6) Today a student must assimilate large amounts of new information and it is growing all the time. 7) A large part of study time is devoted to basic subjects. 8) The first- and second- year students study general engineering subjects, a foreign language and a number of others. 9) This enables future specialists to attain greater professional knowledge and assimilate more modern methods of scientific research, advanced production technology, its organization and management. 10) The students making good progress get state grants.
11) Education plays an important part in the life of any country as it provides the country with the highly-qualified specialists for its further development and progress.12) Top priority is given to improving the standards of higher education - especially in science and technology . 13) Specialists in all fields should have general education to supplement their specialized knowledge and thereby enable them to use it most effectively.

VI. Place the proposal in order according to the content of the text.
1) The qualification of the future specialists will determine the scientific and technological progress of the country.
2) It is known that the knowledge of general engineering subjects is the basis for the study of special subjects.
3) Students interested in science and technology enter technological institutes and universities.
4) The number of specialists connected with new branches of science and engineering is increased every year.

VII. Find the text of the following words and phrases, write them and learn.
School year
Be enroll

Additional information

Acquire knowledge
Scientific research

VIII. Answer the questions in writing to the text.
1) What are young people interested in?
2) What do basic subjects enable future specialists to do?
3) Why should specialists have general education?

IX. Download all suggestions and fill in the missing words or phrases from the text.
1) The students passed _____ in summer.
2) Today a student must _____ large amounts of new information.
3) Education provides the country with ____.

X. Write down the proposals, in which:
a) Participle I and Participle II are in the function definition; emphasize Communion
b) Participle I is a function of the circumstances; emphasize Communion
c) Participle I and Participle II is part of the predicate; determine the time and the guarantee of a predicate; emphasize communion.


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