Financial management, Mesi (test of 80 jobs)

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1. Financial Management - is:
a) Financial Management (financial flows).
b) Management of business enterprises.
c) Human Resource Management.

2. Asset management company - is:
a) Inventory management and cash assets.
b) Management of accounts receivable and accounts payable.
c) Management of fixed and circulating capital, inventory, receivables and payables, cash assets.

3. Finance companies - is:
a) Money supply, necessary for normal circulation of money.
b) Economic relations (financial) over the formation, distribution and use of funds (assets) of an enterprise in order to ensure the expanded reproduction.
c) instruments of monetary regulation.

4. The financial resources of the company - is:
a) The collection of funds (funds) serving the financial relations of the enterprise.
b) fixed and current assets of organizations.
c) the funds allocated for the creation of reserve funds organizations.

5. The principles of financial management of organizations - is:
a) Self-financing, self-financing.
b) the planned and systematic, goal orientation, diversification, strategic orientation.
c) Control over the implementation of decisions taken.

6. Mental division of the phenomenon under study into its constituent parts and study each part separately - is:
a) Method of analysis.
b) The method of synthesis.
c) The method of analogies.

7. The method of connection to each other related elements of recreating parts of the whole - is:
a) the method of induction.
b) The method of synthesis.
c) The method of analysis.
8. Which of the following concepts is a productive economic resource:
9. The amount of money that is designated for the shares:
10. With regard to dividends received tax rate on personal income is established:
11. Part of the cost of capital, which is included each year of production - is:
12. What is the financial planning at the enterprise?
13. Budgeting for the enterprise - is:
14. The basic principles of finance economic entities - is:
15. In the Fund Treatment includes:
16.Norma working capital reserve - is:
17.Stoimost minimum required reserve inventory items - is:
18.Kakoy of these indicators is defined as the ratio of revenues from product sales for the year to the average annual amount of working capital?
19.Kakoy of these indicators is calculated as the ratio of the average annual working capital to sales?
20.Effektivnoe use of working capital is characterized by:
21.Po economic essence of current assets - is:
22.Iz what sources formed authorized capital of the production cooperative?
23.Iz what sources formed authorized capital of the company?
24.Uchastnikami business partnerships can be:
25.Kakuyu responsibility of the participants in a limited liability company?
26.Chto of the above is part of the working capital?
27. In the composition of current assets include:
28.Printsipialno productivity is determined - as:
29.Na any of the following methods for measuring labor productivity affects the price of the products?
30.Kapital - is:
31.Pribyl - is:
32.Mezhdu parts of the capital there is the following relationship:
33. In the article calculation "shop expenses" includes:
34.Iz these elements, select the elements of economic estimate of the cost of production and sales of products: 1. Direct costs. 2. Material costs. 3. Labour costs. 4. Indirect costs. 5. Depreciation and amortization of fixed assets. 6. Other costs:
35.V depending on the purpose and the place of the costs in the cost are grouped together:
36.K elements of production estimates include:
37.K item "Staff costs" in the cost include:
38.V the permanent cost includes payment:
39.V composition of variable costs include the cost of:
40.Osnovnye types of business:

Additional information

41.Kommercheskoe entrepreneurship - is:
a) Production of a new product.
b) The acquisition of a new product.
c) Resale of goods and services.

42.Osnovnaya the purpose of a commercial organization - is:
a) The decision of national problems.
b) a profit.
c) Preparation of gratitude local authorities.

43.Osnovnye activities of financial business - is:
a) insurance and commodity exchanges.
b) stock and commodity exchanges.
c) Commercial banks and stock exchanges.

44.K non-profit organizations include:
a) The production cooperative.
b) Consumer cooperative.
c) Unitary Enterprise.

45.Finansy commercial organizations (companies) - is:
46.K basic functions of finance commercial organizations (companies) are:
47.Po a new value fixed assets are initially measured at the plant:
48. In the composition of capital assets includes:
49.Kommandisty in a limited partnership shall be liable for the obligations of the partnership:
50. In the composition of fixed assets included:
51.Protsess transfer of fixed assets, the cost of manufactured products is called:
52.Primeneniya one of the methods of depreciation of fixed assets group is made:
53.Fondootdacha defined as the ratio:
54.Otnoshenie value of fixed assets to salable products - are:
55.Rentabelnost fixed assets is defined as the ratio of:
56.Kakoy indicator of the effectiveness of fixed assets is calculated as the ratio of the average annual value of fixed assets to the number of staff?
57.Kakoy of the following methods of depreciation is the uniform?
58.Kakoy of the following methods of depreciation is accelerated?
59.S how to create a reserve fund of the enterprise?
60.Pokazatel profitability - is:
61.K funds treatment may include:
62.Istochniki formation and working capital of the enterprise - is:
63.Kakie funds of funds may be formed in the distribution of net profit?
64.Sredstva accumulation fund used to:
65.Sredstva consumption fund used to:
66.Polnaya amount of receipts from the sale of marketable products (works, services) - is:
67.Chistaya sales revenue determines the size:
68.Konechny financial result of the company is classified as:
69.Kak called the volume of sales of goods, where the amount of the net proceeds from the sale of goods (works, services) is the sum of the cost of production and sale of goods (works, services)?
70.Balansovaya profits of the enterprise consists of income:
71.Chistaya profit is defined as:
72.Interesy investors reflect the following indicators:
73.Finansovuyu stability of the enterprise reflect the following indicators:
74.Finansovy mechanism of the enterprise - is:
75.Osnovnaya goal of financial risk management company - is:
76.Formy prevention of financial risks in the enterprise:
77.Oborotnye assets of the company consist of:
78.Istochniki financing activities of the enterprise includes:
79.Na dynamics of net income of the enterprise radically affected by the following factors:
80.Veroyatnost unforeseen property or financial losses in a situation of uncertainty of the business environment of the enterprise is called:


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