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A discursive method of calculating interest is that ...
interest is accrued at the end of each accrual interval
the amount of interest money is determined based on the accumulated amount
their value is determined based on the amount of capital provided
interest is accrued at the beginning of each accrual interval

In the case when the term of a financial transaction is expressed in a fractional number of years, interest may be calculated using ...
mixed method
variable interest rates
general method
effective interest rate

The exact number of days of a financial transaction can be determined ...
according to special tables of serial numbers of days of the year
based on the duration of each whole month of 30 days
using a direct account of actual days between dates

Basic compound interest model
S = P (1 | i) ^ n
S = P (1 ni)
S = P (1 i) ^ n (1 {n} i)

The basic model of simple interest: ...
S = prt
S = P (1 rt)
S = P (1 i)
S = P (1 i) n

The discount factor for the case of compound interest is determined by the formula
w = 1-dt
w = 1 / (1 i) ^ n
w = (1-d) ^ n

The flow of payments is ...
payment at the end of the period
interest growth
time-distributed payments and receipts

Interest in financial calculations ...
this is the absolute value of the income from lending money in any form
show how many monetary units the borrower must pay for using within a certain period of time 100 units of the initial amount of debt
this is a percentage
this is the yield expressed as a decimal fraction

Discounting is ...
interest accrual and retention process
determination of the value of a value at a certain point in time, provided that in the future it will be a given value
finding the difference between accrued and original amounts
A variable annuity is ...
variable flow of payments
variable interest annuity
variable variable flow of payments
irregular flow of payments, taking into account the variable interest rate -
irregular flow of payments of constant value

Annuity is ...
regular flow of payments
identical payment stream
limited payment flow
regular stream of equal payments

The present value of annual annuity postnumerando is determined by the formula: ...
A = R 1- (1 i) ^ - 1 / i
A = R 1- (1 i) ^ - n / i (1 i)
A = 1- (1 i) ^ - n / i

The amount of initial capital is determined by the formula
s = p / (a-dt)
p = s (1-dt)
p = S (1-d) ^ n
S = P (1-d) ^ n

The accumulation factor for simple constant rates is determined by the formula ... (where t is the number of days, K is the time base).
V = 1 i n
V = i n 
V = 1 i T / k
 V = 1/1-d n

The exact percentage is ...
interest calculation with the exact number of days of a financial transaction
interest calculation based on the duration of the year of 365 or 366 days
interest capitalization
commercial interest

Current value ... of interest rate
is directly dependent
does not depend
is inversely related

Simple interest is used in cases ...
interest payments as they accrue
loans with a duration of more than one year
short-term loans, with a single accrual of interest

Banking is accounting ...
a) at the discount rate
b) at the interest rate
c) at a discount rate

The build-up ratio is the ratio ...
accrued amount to the original amount
interest to the interest rate
the amount of interest money to the amount of the initial amount
initial amount to the future amount of money

The accumulated value of the annual constant annuity postnumerando is determined by the formula: ...
S = R (1 i) ^ n-1 / i

The inflation rate shows ...
how many percent of the price increased
how many times did prices go down
how many times did prices rise

The accrued prenumerando rental amount is calculated by the formula:
S = R (1 i) ^ n-1 / i (1 i)

Eternal rent is ...
annuity rent
unequal rent
unconditional rent
rent payable at the beginning of the period

The value of the co


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