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Individual task №1
Write down the reaction equation of your options.
1) Determine equivalents and equivalent weights of the starting materials;
2) Calculate the mass and volume of the reaction products when the reaction proceeds at atmospheric pressure and said temperature, while in the processes of the above spent amount of one of the starting reactants.
Option 7. reaction: SO2 + 0.5 O2 = SO3

Individual task №2
Write the equation reactions of your options (see Table 3).
Refer to the table of standard enthalpy and entropy of formation of substances (Table. 5 NL Glinka problem book):
1) Calculate the heat of reaction at 25 ° C;
2) Calculate the change in entropy of the reaction at 25 ° C;
3) determine the change in standard Gibbs energy at the same temperature;
4) indicate the direction (forward or reverse) the reaction will proceed;
5) Calculate the temperature at which both directions are equally response, suggesting that changes in the energy and entropy Gibbs did not depend on the temperature;
6) select, at any temperature above or below the calculated more likely course of this reaction in the forward direction;
7) Write down the expression of the equilibrium constant of your standard reaction (through the relative partial pressures of Regents)
8) Calculate the value of the standard equilibrium constants calculated on the basis of the changes you have the standard Gibbs energy;
9) on the basis of the principle of Le Chatelier-Brown and the calculated values \u200b\u200bof the thermal effect of the reaction you determine how to shift the balance of temperature increase;
10) in which direction to shift the balance if the pressure in the system?
Option 7. Reaction: 2NO2 = N2O4

Individual task №3
Task 3.1
Kinetic measurements showed that the reaction 2NO + O2 = 2NO2 has the third order.
At the initial time the concentration of the starting materials and equal. After a certain lapse of time t concentration precursors and to decrease and become equal and, whereby the reaction rate decreases.
1) Write down the expression for the rate of this reaction (the law of mass action for chemical kinetics);
2) on the basis of known data on the concentrations of the reactants (Table. 4) Calculate how many times the initial reaction rate decreased after time t.
Option 7. [NO] 0 = 3.5; [NO] = 2.5; [O2] = 1.5

Objective 3.2
From the values \u200b\u200bof the rate constants of reactions 2HJ = H2 + J2 at two temperatures (Table 4), determine:
1) temperature coefficient of the reaction rate (by rule van't Hoff);
2) the activation energy E;
3) the rate constant at temperature T3;
4) total number of collisions in 1 liter per 1 (predekspotentsialny factor k0 in the equation of Arrhenius) in T3;
5) share of the TAC at T3;
6) conclude from a comparison of total and active collision.
Option 7. T1 = 700K; T2 = 716K; T3 = 707K

Individual task №4
Objective 4.1
1. Write the electronic formula element to your variant (see Table. №6) in order fill levels and sublevels.
2. Determine which forms an electron and specify the quantum numbers. What is the name of the element formed by electrons? etc.
Option 7. Element number 41 in the PSE

Task 4.2
1. Show the distribution of valence electrons in orbitals for each atom in these molecules.
2. Determine the mechanism of communication and its appearance.
3. Determine the polarity of the bond.
4. Indicate whether there is a hybridization of its type.
5. Determine the geometric structure of molecules.
6. Determine the polarity of the molecules.
Option 7. The compounds SiCl 2; GaBr3

Additional information

Задание из сборника:
для студентов 1 курса специальностей: 110304 «Технология обслуживания и ремонта машин в агропромышленном комплексе»,
150402 «Горные машины и оборудование» очной формы обучения.
Сост. Еремин Л.П. – Юрга: Изд-во Юргинского технологического института (филиала) Томского политехнического университета, 2008. – 44 с.

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