Insurance in foreign economic activity (ETTA)

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1. The property is insured for 1 year in the amount of $ 300 According to the insurance contract provides for a deductible of $ 50 USD Damage to the insured in connection with the insurance case - $ 200 The size of the insurance compensation is as follows:
a) 200 US dollars .; b) 50 USD .; c) $ 150
2. The property is insured for 1 year in the amount of 150 thousand. USD The present insurance contract clause "in the compensation is always free from the first 2%." Actual damage to the insured when the insured event is estimated at 40 thousand. USD Insurance compensation is as follows:
a) 40 thousand. USD .; b) 37 thousand. USD .; c) 3 thousand. USD
3. The amount of insurance compensation under property insurance contract entered into in the amount of $ 600, for a period of one year (in the contract provides for a conditional franchise USD b) if the damage when the insured event is estimated at USD 70, is as follows:
a) 64 USD .; b) 70 USD .; c) 6 USD
4. Property of economic entity is insured for one year with responsibility for burglary in the amount of 800 thousand. USD According to the insurance contract provides for a conditional franchise ("free from the 1%"). The actual damage is estimated at 12.5 thousand. USD The amount of insurance compensation amounted to:
a) 12,5 thousand. USD .; b) 4.5 thousand. ue .; c) 8 th. USD
5. The property is estimated at $ 1000 by proportional liability insurance, the insurance amount specified in the contract of insurance is 800 USD, the damage - 500 USD, then the indemnity will be:
a) 400 US dollars .; b) 500 USD .; c) 800 USD
6. The car is insured under the "first risk" in the amount of 50 thousand. USD The cost of the car - 70 th. USD Damage to the insured in connection with damage to the vehicle was 62 thousand. USD Subject to compensation in the amount of the damage:
a) 62 thousand. USD .; b) 70 thousand. USD .; c) 50 th. USD
7. rye crop is insured by the "ultimate responsibility", based on the average 5-year yield of 14 t / ha on the terms of payment of 70% of the shortfall caused by the loss of the crop. Acreage of 500 hectares. The actual yield of rye was 12.8 c / ha. The purchase price of rye -170 USD 1 c. Insurance compensation is:
a) 71.4 thous. cu .; b) 102 thousand. USD .; c) 170 thousand. USD
8. In 2011, the insurance contracts are over 100 similar objects, the full cost of the insured for a period of one year. Tariff rate - 2%. The spread of the values \u200b\u200bof insurance premiums low, ie, it can be assumed that the sum insured for each insured object 800 USD During the year, four insurance case occurred. Damage per claim - $ 200 The loss ratio of the sum insured for this type of insurance in a given year:
a) equal to the tariff rate;
b) less than the wage rate;
c) more than the tariff rate.
9. In 2011, the insurance company has insured 100 similar garden houses, flat rate - 2%. The cost of each house 800 USD The objects are insured for full value for 1 year. During the year, four insurance case occurred. Damage per claim - $ 200 The level of payments for this type of insurance this year was:
a) 50%; b) 100%; c) 40%.
1. The sum insured under the insurance contract structure 10 million. USD, the actual cost of building 20 million. USD, when the insured losses amounted to 5 million. USD The insurance payments for insurance in the system of proportional responsibility will be:
a) 7.5 million. US dollars .; b) 5.0 million. US dollars .; c) 2.5 million. USD
2. Determine the actual value of the property insured under a system of proportional liability if the insured amount - $ 200, insurance coverage - 80% of the premiums - $ 6
a) 200 US dollars .; b) 160 USD .; c) 250 USD
3. Determine the amount of insurance compensation under a contract of property insurance with full

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4. Object of the insurance cost in 1550 USD insured in the amount of USD 1,430 Damage as a result of an insured event was in 1070 USD Unconditional franchise is 750 USD Calculate the amount due to be paid to the insured by proportional ensure:
a) 270 US dollars .; b) 1 070 USD .; c) 234 USD
5. Determine the amount of insurance coverage for car insurance in the total cost for a period of 1 year. The tariff rate of 8%, the amount of the basic premium 600 USD Giving discounts for trouble-free rate of 10% from the payment amount.
a) 7500 USD .; b) 6750 USD .; c) 8250 USD
6. The cost of home insurance by evaluating 50 thousand. USD The house is insured at full value, and completely destroyed by the hurricane. Cost of residues suitable for use 10 th. USD Spending to save property 1 thousand. USD Determine the value of insurance compensation.
a) 41 thousand. USD .; b) 59 thousand. USD .; c) 61 thousand. USD
7. Determine the amount of insurance coverage insurance cottages 6 months. The insurance premium is $ 700, the tariff rate of 5%, short-term factor of 0.6. Cottage fully insured value.
a) 14 thousand. USD .; b) 7 th. USD .; c) 8400 USD
8. Determine the amount of insurance premiums in the total cost of the apartment, for 8 months at a cost of 100 thousand. USD, the tariff rate of 3%, the ratio of short-term 0.8.
a) 3000 USD ,; b) 2400 USD .; c) 10 th. USD
9.Proizvesti calculation of gross rates on property insurance contract, if it is known that the probability of an insured event P = 0.01. The average sum insured is C = 800 thousand. Rub. Average insurance compensation = 575 thousand. Rub. Number of contracts Kd = 12,000 Share the load in the tariff structure, but = 30%. Data on the spread of possible insurance claims in the insurance case no. In accordance with the methodology for calculation of tariffs on risk insurance in the absence of such data, payment guarantee (risk) surcharge (Tr) is conducted according to the formula:
Tr = 1.2 x then x  x  (1-p) / Cd x p,
That is where - the bulk of the net rate (ie, the average value of the guarantee without extra charges);
- Coefficient that depends on security guarantees.
The insurer assumes a probability of 0.95 to provide the excess of possible insurance payments on premiums collected, then  = 1,645 (coefficient found on the table in the procedure approved by the decree of 08/08/93 Rosstrakhnadzor №02-03-36 city).
a) 12 rubles. 36 kopecks. 100 rub .; b) 1 rub.21 cop. 100 rubles.
1. The insurer's portfolio includes 3 groups of risk on the amounts:
Group I - 300 million. USD, P Group - 500 million. USD, III group - 700 mln. USD, the standard value of net retention - 400 mln. USD Quota - 20% transferred to reinsurance. For any of the three groups of risk reinsurance quota reduced sum insured up to standard?
a) I group; b) II group; in) III group.
2. Insurance adopted a risk with an insurance sum of 220,000 USD, and the company's net retention transmission defined in 20,000 USD Excess is divided into 10 shares. Determine the amount of excess reinsurer participating in excess of two parts of the contract amount:
a) 40 000 USD .; b) 20,000 USD
3. Participation in the contract the insurer's excess of loss is 300 million. USD The upper limit of liability reinsurer, ie reinsurance coverage limit - 500 mln. USD Damage to the insured amounted to 600 million. USD Reinsurer reimburse at the rate:
a) 600 million. USD .; b) 500 million. USD .; c) 200 million. USD .; d) 300 million. USD

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