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I. Choose the word closest in meaning to this:
1. main a) chief b) little c) general
2. manufacture a) improve b) change c) produce
3. quiet a) clean b) calm c) high
4. appliance a) area b) service c) apparatus

II.Vyberite word opposite in meaning to this:
5.cool a) hot b) cold c) warm
6. minority a) quantity b) majority c) number
7. urban a) rural b) international c) official
8. native a) personal b) foreign c) different

III. Select a Russian version corresponding to this English:
9. in addition to a) in accordance with
b) except
c) according to
10. rather quiet a) fairly quiet
b) much quieter
c) not so quiet
11. throughout the country as well) abroad
b) within the country
c) nationwide
12. for many years as well) after many years
b) for many years
c) ever

IV. Find the word from a drop-down this thematic groups:
13. a) restaurant b) theatre c) cinema d) university
14. a) monarch b) group c) queen d) governor
15. a) electric heater b) washing ma- c) air condition- d) concert hall
16. a) village b) city c) farm d) cow

V. Find the word that connects this theme group:
17. a) agriculture b) industry c) economy d) trade
18. a) quantity b) dozen c) several d) a number of
19. a) refrigerator b) home c) fireplace d) window
20. a) guide b) travel c) sightseeing d) tourism

VI. Fill in the missing words below:
21. New Zealand is an ... country in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
22. The legislation, prime minister, and Cabinet run the ... government.
23. Maors make up about 12% of the country's ....
24. New Zealand has one of the highest ... of living in the world.
25. New Zealand is a constitutional ....
a) population b) monarchy c) island d) national e) standard

I. As the suffix, determine which of the English word corresponds to charges against Russian word:
2. Electric
3. Developer
5. legislator
II.Obrazuyte cognate nouns from these verbs, using suffixes in parentheses, and set them:
6. speak (er)
7. appoint (ment)
8. prefer (ence)
9. keep (er)
10. represent (ation)

III. Of these proposals, record those in which the predicate is in the Present Perfect. Emphasize that they predicate and set offer:
11. New Zealand is a prosperous country with a high standard of social service.
12. In agriculture tractors have almost completely replaced farm horses.
13. New Zealand has more than 2000 libraries.

Additional information

IV. Complete offer one of the proposed forms:
16. Since 1852 the New Zealand constitution ... almost completely.
17. The country ... to the British Empire before it became independent.
18. Manufacturing and service industries ... now.

V. Which of the Russian proposal is consistent with the presented English:
20. Life is changing in large cities where international tourism is developing rapidly.
21. European settlers have brought with them their own traditions.

VI. Complete some sentences with words or any.
23. Have you got ... brothers or sisters?
24. We do not need ... olive oil.
25. Here are ... letters for you.

VII. Complete offer articles a \\ an, the or use the article.
28. I have two children, ... boy and ... girl. .... boy is twenty-two and ... girl is nineteen.
29. Mike is ... soldier in ... Army, and Ann is at ... university.
30. My wife goes to ... work by ... train. She's ... accountant. I do not have ... job. I stay at ... home and look after ... children.

VIII. Open the brackets and use the word in the form of an infinitive or ing-form.
33.I enjoy (walk) in the rain.
34. Would you like (have) something to eat?
35. I want (see) a film on TV this evening.

IX. Choose the correct verb form: will or going to.
38. "My bag is so heavy".
"Give it to me. I will carry \\ I'm going to carry it for you.

X.Perevedite offers on Russian language:
40. What's the weather like?

Reading comprehension
Before reading the text, look at the explanation of the text. Read the text, ponder its contents, try to understand it, to perform a task after the text.
1. New Zealand belongs to a large island group called Polynesia. The country is situated on two main islands - the North Island and the South Island - and several dozens of smaller islands. Most of the smaller islands are hundreds of kilometers from the main ones. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and Auckland is the largest city. English is the official language and is spoken throughout the country. Many native people speak their own language, Maory, in addition to English.

I Which of these statements expresses the basic idea of \u200b\u200bthe text?
II. Are the allegations content of the text? Write down the numbers of the relevant approvals.
1. New Zealand located on two large islands.
2. All power is concentrated in the hands of the governor-general.

III Does the text of the answers to these questions? If yes, specify the number of the paragraph in which the answer.
1. When did New Zealand become independent?
2. Where is the country situated?
IV. Make a plan in the form of text statements in English.

V. Put in writing the paragraphs 1 and 2 of the text.
Find the values \u200b\u200bgiven in the dictionary of words in the text, try to remember them:
state, matter, molecule, to subdivide, division, further, particle, fundamental, definite, attraction, to combine, to contain, liquid, sol
Read the text carefully, paying attention to the explanations, try to understand it and do the job to the text in writing.
States of Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gases.
To understand the various states of matter and their connection to each other, we must understand the meaning of the word molecule.
We can divide a piece of material into small parts and then subdivide each of these small parts into still smaller parts. We shall continue this process of division until the parts become very, very small. In the end they will become so small that it will be impossible to divide them further. We call these smallest particles atoms. They are the fundamental building
I find in the text the English equivalents Russian phrases:
state of matter, the process of division, it is impossible to further divide them, the basic building blocks very close to each other, it is very difficult to change the shape, so much so, does not have a cer


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