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Описание товара

Задание 1. Прочтите текст и напишите ответы на вопросы.1 балл (0,2×5)
1. What chief types does the system of public education in Russia include?
2. Where can the ninth form pupils continue their education?
3. What basic groups are our higher educational institutions divided into?
4. What do students study?
5. What is the role of science in the development of Russia?
1. Russia has a unified system of public education. The system includes compulsory secondary education and higher education.
2. In Russia children begin to go to school at the age of 7 and the first stage – primary education – lasts for three years. After the ninth form pupils have got a choice to continue their education at school for two more years or go to special secondary educational establishments.
3. The unified system of public education in Russia consists of the following chief types:
1) Compulsory general secondary education.
2) Specialized secondary education.
3) Technical vocational education.
4) Higher education.
4. Our higher educational institutions are divided into three basic groups: the universities, specialized institutions and academies.
5. The universities train highly qualified specialists in philosophy, philology, history, power engineering, economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry biology, geology, geography, and many other branches of science.
6. The specialized institutions, technical universities and academies train specialists for one of the fields of culture or national economy. The chief types are pedagogical, agricultural, medical, metallurgical, mining, civil engineering, and certain others.
7. Science has been playing and will always play the most important role in the development of the whole world and of Russia as well.
8. The application of the latest achievements in industry demands of today´s workers and engineers great knowledge and good polytechnic training. Higher educational institutions of our country must equip their students for the long road of independent work for the benefit of humanity and in actual fact our universities and institutions are doing this.

Задание 2. Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты.
Обязательное среднее образование; специальное среднее образование (техникум, колледж); профессионально-техническое образование; отрасли науки; новейшие достижения.

Задание 3. Перепишите предложения и прокомментируйте их словами True (правильно) или False (неправильно) в соответствии с содержанием текста.
1. In Russia children begin to go to school at the age of 5.
2. Our higher educational institutions are divided into two basic groups: the universities and academies.
3. The specialized institutes train specialists for several fields of culture or national economy.
4. The chief types of the specialized institutions, technical universities and academies are pedagogical, agricultural, medical, metallurgical, mining, civil engineering, and certain others.
5. The application of the latest achievements in industry demands good polytechnic training.

Задание 4. Переведите восьмой абзац письменно.

Задание 5. Расскажите другу о себе в электронном письме (письмо личного характера).

Задание 1Тема 1: Местоимение
а) Замените слово в скобках соответствующим местоимением. (0,1×4)
1. (Peter) likes to eat hamburgers.
2. Stay with (we).
3. They write articles for (their, theirs) institute newspaper.
4. We are going boating with some friends of (our, ours).
б) Выберите соответствующее местоимение. (0,1×6)
1. She can buy (this, these) shoes.
2. Why didn’t they buy (some, any) cheese?
3. (Somebody, Something) could benefit from this program.
4. (Who, what) is he? He is a doctor.
5. He explained them (what, that) he was speaking about.
6. The things (what,

Дополнительная информация

Задание 2Тема 2: Оборот there + be1,5 балла
а) Переведите предложения. Поставьте их в Past и Future Simple, добавляя, где необходимо, слова last/next week, last/next year, tomorrow, yesterday и т.д. (0,1×6)
1. There is too much sugar in the tea.
2. There are a lot of people at the exhibition.
б) Опровергните данные утверждения. Напишите по одному общему и специальному вопросу к каждому предложению. (0,1×9)
1. There is something in my bag.
2. There are a lot of apples on the plate.
3. There was a car in the garage.

Задание 3Тема 3: Степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий1 балл
Поставьте прилагательные и наречия в соответствующую степень сравнения. (0,1×10)
1. Baseball is the (popular) summer sport in America.
2. Yesterday he started to feel (bad).
3. Soon it began to get (dark) and it was time to go home.
4. Don’t talk about them. Let’s talk about something (interesting).
5. Money is important, but isn’t the (important) thing in life.
6. She looks (old) than her brother.
7. If you want to improve your English you should practice (often).
8. Leo was the (nervous) in the exam.
9. You are nearly as (old) as I am.
10. The (small) garden is, the (easy) it is to look after.

Задание 4Тема 4: Структура английского предложения2 балла
а) Составьте предложения из следующих слов и переведите их. (0,1×4)
1. Problems / many / scientists / important / solve / our.
2. Does / when / the / year /academic / begin / this / in / country?
б) Переведите предложения. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам. (0,1×10)
1. The students often have interesting discussions after lectures. (3)
2. He has already returned to Moscow. (2)
3. The film will have started by 8 o’clock. (2)
в) Закончите разделительные вопросы и переведите их. (0,1×6)
1. Your brother is a good driver, …?
2. He told you about a change in our plan, …?
3. You were taking your exams when I came to see you, …?

Задание 5Тема 5: Формы английского глагола. Система времен в действительном и страдательном залоге2 балла
а) Переведите следующие глаголы и дайте остальные три формы. (0,1×10)
Draw, fly, last, form, plan, hate, shout, cause, understand, write.
б) Определите видовременную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого. Переведите предложения. (0,1×10)
1. In the 19th century people started to use the boats for racing.
2. I shall still be studying English in two years´ time.
3. By the beginning of the lecture the laboratory assistant had brought all the necessary diagrams.
4. The exams will be taken in January. 5. Large sums of money are spent by the state to train highly-qualified engineers.

Задание 6Тема 6: Согласование времен. Косвенная речь2 балла
Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь, соблюдая правило согласования времен. (0,2×10)
1. Doctor said, “I didn’t answer this question.”
2. My brother said, “I want to see you today.”
3. The porter said, “I want to see you today.”
4. They asked, “Have you compared the results?”
5. I asked, “Who defended him yesterday?”
6. He said, “What are you holding in your hands?”
7. I said, “How long have you had this cat?”
8. Mr. Smith said, “Don’t work at the expense of your health.”
9. We said, “Close the door!”
10. I said, “It can’t do you any harm.”

Задание 7Тема 7: Дополнение0,5 балла
Перепишите предложения и подчеркните дополнения. (0,1×5)
1. Poly is cooking dinner for her family.
2. When will you buy a present for him?
3. Did you bring this book to Peter?
4. Helga will not send this text to me.
5. I didn’t tell last news to her.


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