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Контрольная №1 по английскому, вариант 4

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Описание товара

Контрольная работа № 1
Вариант 4
Задание 1. Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями. Предложения запишите.
1.Mr. Bell is a company manager.
2.Mr. Lavrov is in London now.
3.Is Nancy a nice woman?
4.Mr. Stepanov and Mr. Ivanov are economists.
5.The telephones are on the desks.
6.The file is on the desk.
7.How are your children? – Very well, thank you.

Задание 2. Use the correct tense – forms.
1.Planes for London ( to leave) from Sheremetyevo Airport.
2.- When the plane ( to leave)?
-The plane ( to take off) in ten minutes.
3.Last year we ( to spend) our holiday in Sochi. The weather ( to be) fine.
We ( to swim) and ( to sunbathe) a lot.
4.– How long you ( not to see) Mr. Bell?
-I ( not to see) him since last year.

Задание 3. Supply the correct prepositions where necessary.
A plant …. Omsk has started producing new motors. The goods are …. high quality and meet the requirements …. the customers …..Rossexport. A lot .. foreign companies are interested ….. buying Russian Motors and Rossexport has already received a lot …. orders …. them. The other day Rossexport received an enquiry ….. the motors …..Johnson & Sons. They wanted to buy 60 motors …. the Russian company. Rossexport was interested …. selling their goods …. Johnson & Sons and they were going to invite Mr. Garsell, the manager … the company, to come … Moscow to have talks.

b) Say what you have learned from the text about:
1) the new motors; 2) Johnson & Sons’ enquiry.

Задание 4. Chose and use. ( to say, to tell, to speak)
1.What did you …? I can’t hear you.
2. …. us about your holiday. Did you have a good time?
3.How many languages do you ….?
4.She … good – bye and left.
5.I ….to the company manager on the phone yesterday.
6. ….. the manager that Mr Lauson phoned him 10 minutes ago.
7.What did the president … about at the conference?
8.Does your director … good English?
9.Don’t …. Anybody what I ….. . It’s a secret between us.
10.I didn’t want to delay Sue so I …. Her not to wait for me.

Задание 5. Supply modal verbs or equivalents in the correct tense – forms.
1.We ( to be, to go) to the plant with Mr. Brown this Monday, but he ( not to arrive) in Moscow yet. We ( to have, to go) to the plant next week.
2.There is no stop near this building, you ( to have, to get off) at the next stop.
3.If you don’t leave now, you ( not to be able to come) to the concert on time.
4.If Mike ( to be, to go) on holiday on Monday, he ( to be able, to make) all the purchases on Saturday.

Задание 6. Ask and answer as in the model.
a)- What matters has Voronin discussed lately?
-He has discussed terms of payment and delivery.
Prompts: 1. to see films; 2. to look through journals; 3. to be to cities; 4. to read books; 5. to sell goods.

Задание 7. Translate the following sentences.
1.В прошлом месяце мой друг получил квартиру в новом районе.
2.На днях мы получили запрос на офисное оборудование.
3.Три месяца тому назад м – р Уолтон посетил Москву и встретился с бизнесменами нескольких фирм.
4. Вчера я очень устал, так как у меня было много работы.
5. На прошлой неделе наши инженеры поехали на завод, чтобы посмотреть оборудование.

Дополнительная информация

Задание 8. Translate the words in brackets; write the sentences.
1.I like detective, historical and ( другие) films.
2.There are 10 engineers in our office. Two engineers know French and ( остальные) ones know English.
3.There are two carpets in my flat. One carpet is in the sitting – room and ( другой) carpet is in the bedroom.
4.I don’t like this book. Could you show me ( другую) one.

Задание 9. Translate the following sentences:
1.Как только ты закончишь работу, мы пойдем в кино.
2.Анна не ляжет спать, пока дети не вернутся из кинотеатра.
3.Мы свяжемся с фирмой, после того как тщательно изучим ее предложение.
4.Если не будет дождя, мы пойдем осматривать достопримечательности города.
5.Я закажу номер в гостинице, прежде чем поеду в командировку.

Задание 10. Read the text with a dictionary and translate.
a)Sam Walton is a very rich person. He has 13.3 billion dollars. He owns American supermarkets “Wall – Mart.”
He was born in 1918 in a family which was not rich. He studied economy and wanted to have his own business. So, he took a risk and opened shops in small American towns which sold cheap products. Now there are 1,300 “Wall – Mart” shops in 26 states.
Walton is rich, but he lives in a small town, drives an old car and works very much.
He seldom has a holiday. When he last had a holiday, he went to South America and studied the system of trade there.

b)Answer the questions:
1.What kind of business did Sam Walton do?
2.Did he do good business?
3.What kind of family was he born into and when?
4.Why did he study economy?
5.How did he start his business?
6.How many “Wal – Mart” shops are there in the USA now?
7.Where does he live?
8.Does he have a new car?
9.Why does he work very much?
10.Does he often or seldom have a holiday?
11.How did he spend his last holiday?


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