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Контрольная №2 по англ (My plans for future)

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Описание товара

Контрольная работа № 2
1.Прочитайте текст и письменно переведите 2, 4 абзацы.
My plans for future
I would like to talk about my plans for future, because it`s significant to start planning your career beforehand. I study at the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship so when I graduate and get my diploma I will be able to find a job in the sphere of business.
What kind of knowledge and what traits of character should I have to succeed? These are the questions that people often ask themselves. Nowadays employers demand perfect knowledge, work experience, a range of transferable skills and such qualities as efficiency, punctuality, practicality, creativity and many others. If you want to get a good job, you must convince your employer that you are the best candidate for it. Choosing your future job you should take into consideration your interests, abilities and opportunities. Besides, you should know your employer´s requirements.
If you want to become a good specialist, to keep your job and to get a promotion, you should be competent. It is a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour, the ability to perform a specific role. Today executives and managers don´t only speak of skills and qualifications of their employees, ....
The ability to make the right decision is crucial in the world of business. A well considered decision will lead your team to success; a poor decision can result into failure. A good employee should demonstrate problem-solving capability and think about what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. Many companies need people who can work effectively in different countries and cultures. Therefore it is important to know at least one foreign language. A person must remember that the traditions and customs that he or she is used to may be inadmissible in another country. That is why one should be aware of intercultural differences.

2.Найдите в тексте и письменно переведите на русский язык следующие выражения.
Efficiency, employer´s requirements, qualifications, make the right decision, result into failure, inadmissible, to succeed, practicality, executives.

3.Соотнесите выражения в левой колонке с их английскими эквивалентами в правой.
Планировать карьеру заранее
Профессиональная подготовка
Получить повышение
Принимать во внимание
Способность решать проблемы
Соответствие данной работе
Хорошо обдуманное решениеproblem-solving capability
get a promotion
appropriateness for a particular job
take into consideration
well considered decision
plan your career beforehand

4.Письменно ответьте на вопросы по тексту.
1.What do employers demand from potential employees?
2.What should you take into consideration apart from your interests and abilities?
3.Why is it important to be competent?
4.Competence grows through experience, doesn`t it?
5.Why is it crucial to make the right decision in the world of business?
6.Is it necessary for a future businessman to know foreign languages? Why?

5.Поставьте слова в нужном порядке, чтобы получились утвердительные или вопросительные предложения.
1.family/ the/am/my/in/I/oldest
6.difficult/isn’t/English/as/ Japanese/as

6.Задайте вопросы к следующим предложениям, начиная со слов, данных в скобках.
1.Anna is tired. (How…?)
2.Sue is watching television. (What…?)
3.They will go home after they do the work. (When…?)
4.They are going on holiday. (When…?)
5.I was at home last Sunday. (Where…?)
6.This is my cup. (Which…?)
7.Fifty people were invited to Helen`s wedding. (How many…?)

Дополнительная информация

8.Sue doesn`t go to work by car. (Why…?)
9.Nicola went on holiday with Joanne. (Who….?)
10.She has taught French for many years. (How long…?)

7.Задайте все типы вопросов к предложениям.
1.They are working in the garden.
2.We will go to New York next year.
3.You have just read this book.
4.They were in many countries.
5.They like playing tennis.

8.Откройте скобки, используя глагол в Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, will or be going to.
My cousin`s name (be) Sylvie Dupont. She (live) in Paris and (work) in a café in the centre of the city. At the moment her best friend from England (stay) with her. She (enjoy) her holiday very much. They (visit) museums together. Next week they (see) a film and then they (have) dinner at an expensive restaurant. Last Tuesday they (go) to a disco with some friends of theirs. They (not/ come) home until very late. Sylvie (be) so tired at work that she (spill) some coffee all over a customer. She doesn`t think she (see) him at the café again! In future she (not/ stay) out so late and she (be) more careful while she is serving customers.

9.Прочитайте текст об авторе книг о Гарри Поттере Дж. Роулинг. Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант ответа из предложенных ниже, чтобы заполнить пропуски.
She (1) ____ born on 31 July 1965. She (2)_____ 7 Harry Potter books and although she says she won´t write any more, lots of her fans hope her seventh one won´t be her last. She (3) ____ as an English Language teacher in Portugal for a short time in the early 90s. Her books about Harry Potter (4)____ incredibly successful and so far she (5)______ more than £500 million from them. She (6)_____ married twice and has two children – one from each marriage.

Варианты ответов:
(1) has been / was / is
(2) writes / has wrote / has written
(3) has worked / worked / is worked
(4) have / have been / has been
(5) has made / has make / makes
(6) has / has been / was


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