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Описание товара

1. Read and translate the letter of enquiry.
Pet Products Ltd.
180 London Road
Exeter ЕХ4 4JY
1st March, 2012
Dear Sirs,
We read your advertisement in the «Pet Magazine» of 25th February and we are very interested in buying your equipment for producing pet food. Would you kindly send us more information about this equipment:
- price ( please quote CIF Odessa price)
- dates of delivery
- terms of payment
- guarantees
- if the price includes the cost of equipment installation and our staff training.
Our company specializes in distributing pet products in the Ukraine. We have more than 50 dealers and representatives in different regions and would like to start producing pet food in the Ukraine. If your equipment meets our requirements, and we receive a favourable offer, we will be able to place a large order for your equipment.
Your prompt reply would be appreciated.
Yours faithfully, D. Smirnov
D. Smirnov
Export — Import Manager

2. Find the answers to the following questions in the letter.
1. Who is D. Smirnov?
D. Smirnov is an export-import manager.
2. In which magazine did he read the advertisement?
He read the advertisement in «Pet Magazine».
3. What is his company interested in?
His company is very interested in buying their equipment for producing pet food.
4. What does Smirnov’s company specialize in?
Smirnov’s company specializes in distributing pet products in the Ukraine.
5. What exactly does he ask the company to send?
He asks them to send more information about this equipment.

3. All the parts are mixed up in this letter. Rewrite the letter in the correct order. Translate it into Russian.
12 March 2011
Telefax: (056) 043- 075
Yours sincerely
Our Ref: DA/ st
СС J.C. Hammond
Farmers Fruit Products
45 Leadenhall Strееt
London Е.С. 3
Attention: Мr N. Наrреr
Your Ref:
Dear Mr N. Наrреr
Rе: Offer № 387/ 5117
Thank you for your letter of 9 March 2011.
I have pleasure in sending yоu our brochure with details of our new models. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
D. Ashen
Теlex: 4254 АGН
Telephone: 05270- 3985

Дополнительная информация

4. Look at the envelope. Match the figures with the information they mean.
(1) New Jersey Power Company
5695 South 23rd Road
Ridgefield, (2) NJ 08976
(3) Мr. Frederick Wolf
(4) Director of Marketing
Smith Printing Company
673 (5) Sixth Avenue
Milwaukee, (6) WI 53136
а) the street name in the mailing address
b) the addressee’s position
с) the sender’s Company name
d) the ZIP Соdе in the mailing address
е) the addressee’s name
f) the ZIP Соdе in the return address

5. Define the type оf the business letters. Translate them into Russian.
Letter А
I am writing to inform you that the goods we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly. This caused us considerable inconvenience.
I am writing to аsk you to please make up the shortfall immediately and to ensure that such errors do not happen again. Otherwise, we may have to look elsewhere for our supplies. I look forward to hearing from you by return.
Letter B
The quality of our products remain the same — only the finest chemicals are used. The new prices are for the minimum orders of $ 2,000 and are effective as from 1 January. Immediate dispatch is guaranteed, and we hold ample stocks.
Letter C
As you all know, Christmas is our busiest season of the year. Every year it is a struggle for management and supervisors to find the time and energy to organize a staff Christmas party. This year, we have decided to postpone the Christmas party until after our busy season.

6. Complete this memo with the words given below. Translate it into Russian.
1) : Mark Willow, Purchase Manager
From : Michael Simpson, (2) :
Date : October 24, 2012
Subject : Chip sets and drives purchasing
I received the production schedule from the factory that assembles our computers. Yesterday I talked to Ms. Chen, (4), and told her that our stock date has to be 10 days before our assembly start dates. She said she’ll waive shipping costs and give us a 10 % discount.
Please make up a purchase order for the chip sets and drives and order today.
a) production supervisor
b) Mark
c) our supplier
d) To

7. Write your own resume according to the plan:
• full name, address, phone / fax numbers, email address;
• particular position, company (job objective);
• experience (achievements, skills);
• education and additional courses, specific company training programs, language courses;
• personal interests.


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