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Контрольная работа 3 по английскому

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Контрольная работа 3
I. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в Past Perfect или в Past Continuous:
1)I called my secretary on my mobile because the meeting (not to finish) yet.
2)When I saw George at the seminar I knew I (to see) him before.
3)They (not to examine) the new model of chemical equipment at 2 yesterday.
4)…..you (to decide) what to do before he called you?
5)The Sales Manager (to study) the catalogues and quotations from 2 till 4 yesterday.
6)Our partners arrived at 6 but we (not to discuss) all the terms of the contract by that time.
7)What …… you (to do) at this time yesterday?
8)While I (to negote) the contract, my boss phoned me to say he wanted completely different conditions.
9)Mr. Green (not to look) through the mail at 4 yesterday, he (to receive) the British businessmen.
10)…… the manager (to clarify) the customer’s requirements all day long yesterday?

II. Переведите следующие предложения в косвенную речь:
1)Mr. Belov said: “I will take our customers’ delegation to Suzdal tomorrow morning”.
2)Mr. Brown stressed: “We produce pumps of high quality”.
3)Mr. Green said: “We will ship the goods in May”.
4)Mr. Larin remarked: “It is necessary to reserve hotel accommodation in advance”.
5)Mr. Bell noted: “Your terms are not quite suitable and we cannot accept them”.
6)Mr. Blake said: “We have always delivered the goods on cif terms”.
7)Mr. Bond explained: “You can expect repeat orders from our company if we are satisfied with this transaction”.
8)Mr. Stanley said: “You are to open a Letter of Credit next week”.
9)Mr. Borisov remarked: “We are looking forward to establishing business relations with your company”.
10)Mr. Zotov said: “We improved this model last month”.

III. Откройте скобки, употребив правильную форму страдательного залога:
1)A lot of enquiries (to receive) at your office every week.
2)An important contract (to sign) by your firm yesterday.
3)New prices (to discuss) at the talks tomorrow.
4)Will the new equipment (to deliver) by the end of this year?
5)Our engineers will (to send) abroad next year.
6)Some consumer goods (to buy) by our company from Great Britain on a regular basis.
7)Unfortunately, the goods (not to deliver) on time last month.
8)…….specialized exhibitions of this sort (to hold) very often in your city?
9)……. the terms of shipment (to settle) the other day?
10)I am sorry to say, the Letter of Credit (no to open) with this bank as yet.

IV. Выберите форму глагола в придаточных времени и условия, переписав предложения в правильном виде:
1)When they (to come) to the office, they will call their customers.
2)We’ll get in touch with our sellers as soon as the goods (to be delivered).
3)If the contract is ready, the talks (to be finalized) very soon.
4)As soon as the manufacturers (to launch) the new model, they will increase their prices.
5)He will look through the quotations as soon as he (to be free).
6)If the prices are competitive, we (to place) a big order with your company.

V. Перепишите предложения, выбрав правильный эквивалент модальных глаголов: have to, be able to, be to.
1)Passengers …… to check in for their flight an hour in advance.
2)I was very busy, as I …… to reserve accommodation for our foreign partners.
3)Mr. Garin is going to be late for work today. He ……. to go to the plant.
4)Mr. Smirnov went to Italy last month because he …… to establish business contacts with our future partners.
5)When will your Director ……. to receive me?
6)I know you are short of time, and won’t …… to discuss new contracts today.

VI. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в нужной форме: Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Continuous, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Perfect:
1)Mary is ill, but she is (to get) better now.
2)We (not to come) to the office before 9.

Дополнительная информация

3)I’m afraid, Mr. Bell can’t speak to you now. He is (to have) talks with our regular customer.
4)Sony (to produce) a wide range of consumer goods.
5)Some years ago the Greens (to live) in Liverpool.
6)We (not to look) look through the mail the day before yesterday.
7)you (to ship) the goods last month?
8)He (to receive) the British businessmen at 12 yesterday.
9)The Sales Manager (to study) an offer from Smith & Sons when the customers arrived.
10)I (to be interested) in computers for ages.
11)They ( not to place) a trial order with our company yet.
12)By 2000, this company (to sell) over 2 thousand units.
13)When I got to the office my secretary said that somebody (to phone) me several times.
14) I think next year our plant (to manufacture) a few new models.
15)I (to get in touch) with you as soon as I (to find out) the prices.

VII. Перепишите предложения, употребив правильные предлоги (with, off, for, on, with, to, with, by, on, in):
1)If you order the next week, we’ll give you a 3% discount … the price.
2)We have to spend a lot of money ……. a promotion campaign.
3)This company always provides their customers ……. good guarantee service.
4)I look forward …… establishing good business relations with your firm.
5)Can you increase that discount …… 2%?
6)How many firms will take part in the exhibition which will be held ……. 5 May in Moscow?
7)The equipment of this plant is more reliable ……. operation as compared with the goods of other manufacturers.
8)Our partners were to open a Letter of Credit ……. the NovoBank after they receive our Notification of Readiness of the goods for Shipment.
9)Mr. Sedov got instructions to contact the British partners and to place an order …… 50 machines with them.
10)Machinoexport was heavy …… orders, that’s why they could offer their goods in 4 lots within a year at regular intervals.

VIII. Письменно переведите следующий диалог:
Mr. Bell: Mr. Lavrov, you have studied our offer and our samples. What do you think of them?
Mr. Lavrov: Your samples 3 and 4 suit us. Their quality is excellent and we think the goods will become very popular on our market if the prices are reasonable.
Mr. Bell: You are right. We have already sold a lot of goods and very successfully. Sample 4 is our latest model which was modified not long ago. Are you going to place a big order?
Mr. Lavrov: Yes, 50 units for prompt delivery and 100 units for delivery in 5 equal lots of 20 per month within 5 months after signing the contract.
Mr. Bell: We are quite able to meet these requirements. Do you prefer CIF terms?
Mr. Lavrov: Yes, certainly. And do you remember I said if the prices were competitive? We would like to get a discount of 5%.
Mr. Bell: That’s too much. As a special concession to a new customer we can give you a 3% discount. And payment by a Letter of Credit which you are to open after the contract is signed.
Mr. Lavrov: Good. That suits me all right. We’ll be able to sign the contract this week.

IX. Найдите в диалоге и выпишите эквиваленты следующих английских выражений:
1)наши образцы
2)разумные цены
3)разместить большой заказ
4)пятью равными партиями
5)выполнить требования
6)конкурентоспособные цены
7)специальная уступка
8)платеж аккредитивом
9)подписать контракт

X. Задайте специальные вопросы к подчеркнутым словам в приведенном выше диалоге.


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