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1. The founder of the science of labor organization shall be considered:

1. DK Sovetkin
2. FW Taylor
3. VR Polyakov
4. FB Gilberg
5. G. Ford
2. Start of development refers to the MUSIC:

1. beginning of the XIX century.
2. The middle of the XIX century.
3. The end of the XIX century.
4. The beginning of the twentieth century.
5. The mid-twentieth century.
3. The first demonstrated the possibility of the rational organization of any scale:

1. FW Taylor
2. FB Gilbert
3. G. Emerson
4. E. Mayo
5. G. Ford
4. Father of scientific management called:

1. FB Gilbert
2. A. Fayol
3. G. Emerson
4. H. Ford
5. FW Taylor
5. The author of the theory of "human relations" is:

1. FB Gilbert
2. G. Emerson
3. E. Mayo
4. A. Fayolle
5. AK Gustav


1. What is more important in the multi-manager

1.Podderzhanie discipline
2.Operativnoe management
3.Kontrol staff
4.Vospitanie staff
5.Podbor staff
6. Organization of the personnel

2. In what the most significant drawback of the classical school of management

1.Delenie production process operations
2.Uvolnenie lagging
3.Intensifikatsiya labor
4.Otnoshenie personnel

3.Ukazhite factor that more fully meets the concept of factor-motivator

2.Usloviya labor
3. Payment of labor
4.Otnosheniya a team
5.Interesnaya work

4.Enter the most important reason for the creation of the International Labour Organization

1. Social Protection
2.Bezopasnost labor
3.Sotsialnoe Partnership
4.Pravovaya base work
5.Trudovye conflicts

5. What tripartiynost

1.Vzaimodeystvie three branches of government
2. Social partnership controlled by the State
3.Variant multiparty
4.Forma management organization
5.Sposob resolution of the conflict between labor and capital


1. What monopsony

1.This is a monopoly in the labor market
2. This phenomenon is the opposite of monopoly
3. This is due to staff turnover
4. This cause of unemployment
5. This phenomenon of a market economy

2. How to calculate the payroll number of employees of the professional and qualification groups (T-labor input, F-time fund)

1.T / F- calendar
2.T / F- rated
3.T / F - valid
4.T / F- Group
5.T / F - individual

3. How to calculate the number of employees of the recruiting skill-group

1.T / F -kalendarny
2.T / F- rated
3.T / F- Group
4.T / F- valid
5.T / F- individual

4. What method of adjusting vocational structure of the frame is most effective

1.Perepodgotovka staff
2.Uvolnenie and the recruitment of young professionals
3.Uvolnenie and recruiting specialists
4.Sistematicheskoe completion
5.Using employment centers

5. What factor has the greatest influence on the vocational structure of frames

1.Obemy production
2.Slozhnost products and technologies
3.Rynok workforce
4.Nomenklatura products
5.Konkurentosposobnost products and services


1. For the production team the average age of workers is desirable to maintain at the level of

1.27 years
2.30 years
3.34 years
4.40 years
4.46 years

2.Specify which feature team has the greatest value for the head in his daily work

2. Social
5.Funktsii staff for the head do not matter

3.Ukazhite most serious drawback of autocratic leadership style

1.Izlishnyaya confidence
3.Nedootsenka professional knowledge
4.Nedootsenka subordinates
5.Kontsentratsiya power

4.Enter the most important advantage of the democratic leadership style

1. High competence
2.Uchet human factor in the management of
3.Stremlenie to collegiality in management

5. What sta

Additional information

Task 5

1. Which of the following categories of the population is included in the concept of "human resources", but is not included in the concept of "economically active population"?
1. Employed persons with disabilities;
2. Working pensioners;
3. adolescent workers;
4. Unemployed;
5. Students with a separation from manufacture of working age.

2. Which of the following does not apply to categories of employed population?

1. Entrepreneurs;
2. Employed;
3. Students;
4. freelancers.

3. Economically active population - is:

1. Employment in the public sector;
2. employed and unemployed;
3. The population of working age.

4. Which statement is not true? The right to work as one of the fundamental rights of the person found:

1. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation;
2. Declaration of Human Rights;
3. in the Labour Code;
4. The Constitution of the Russian Federation.

5. Work provides income to the owner in the form of:

1. Wages;
2. Interest;
3. Annuities;
4. Gains.


1. What of the following activities are labor as a factor of production?

1. The activities of a wholesaler in sales of goods to retailers;
2. Cooking food at home;
3. Night duty doctor at the hospital, when patients do not have;
4. Services of banks and insurance companies;
5. The game player-layman.

2. What statement is true? The labor market - is:

1. The set of acts of sale and purchase of labor;
2. Scope of the treatment of labor;
3. Based on the relationship of the exchange mechanism to ensure the needs of society in the labor factor;
4. The system of social and labor relations between employers and employees;
5. All statements are true.

3.Pravomerno to conclude that the industry the labor market - a market of workers in a profession?

1. Yes;
2. No.

4.Subekty labor market - is:

1. Employees;
2. State;
3. Unions.

5. As of the following legislation governs the labor market?

1. The Law on Employment in the Russian Federation;
2. Regulation on the Employment Fund;
3. Civil Code;
4. Customs Code.


1. What of the following institutions are not related to the infrastructure of the labor market?

1. Job;
2. recruiting agency;
3. Pension Fund;
4. Research Institute of the labor market;
5. The newspaper "Work and wages."

2. Which of the following does not affect the demand for labor?

1. The demand for the end products;
2. Technology of production;
3. Changes in nominal wages due to inflation.

3. Lack of aggregate demand leads to:

1. To increase frictional unemployment;
2. The increase in structural unemployment;
3. To increase cyclical unemployment;
4. Do not lead to an increase in unemployment.

4. Dzh.M.Keyns thought to reduce unemployment:
5. The unemployment rate - is the percentage ratio of the number of unemployed to:

1. Social partnership - is:
2. Do you agree that the current stage of development of state regulation of the labor market is characterized by a focus on active measures for employment?
3. The effectiveness of labor is characterized by:

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