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Test on the discipline Mesi Latin answers. Handed over in 2012. Result 100%.

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List of Questions (part): (total you are offered answers to the 128 questions of the Test on the discipline)
1. "Dialect granularity" of the ancient languages \u200b\u200bof the American linguist Sapir to determine
2. "Father of History" The ancient Greeks believed:
3. The author of "Notes on the Gallic War" was:
4. Aryan peoples living in the territory
5. In the VII-VI centuries. BC. Etruscans were enjoying a period
6. In Gamkarelidze and Ivanov contend that a single Indo-European proto-language was formed in
7. In the history of the Latin language are the following periods
8. In what part of the world was the empire of Alexander the Great?
9. In medieval Europe, the study of ancient languages \u200b\u200band cultures involved:
10. What is the historical significance of the Roman Republic?
11. The slave rebellion led by Spartacus evidence
12. Where is the ancestral home of the Indo-Europeans first researchers of this problem
13. Where is the ancestral home of the Indo-Europeans in Gamkrelidze and Ivanov in
14. Where is presumed to be the ancestral home of the Celts?
15. Where did you live the ancient Etruscans?
16. Where are now living descendants of the ancient peoples of the Western Black Sea Region
17. Glottochronology studies
18. Ancient Hittite kingdom was on the territory of
19. The most ancient monuments in Latin known
20. Druids played a role in Celtic society
21. The origin of the modern human species has occurred:
22. The famous book "Ancient Society" wrote:
23. Emperor Claudius destroy religion of the Druids
24. As referred to in the Bible, ancient people of Asia Minor?
25. What are the Germanic tribes settled along the coast of the North Sea?
26. What historical events are reflected in the famous poems of Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey"
27. What events I millennium BC. put an end to the Mycenaean civilization?
28. What events are reflected in the ancient legend of the Minotaur
29. What is the sea in ancient times was called "Venetic"?
30. What is the settlement is considered the oldest city in the world
31. What is the motive of Hittite mythology became the basis of Indo-European culture
32. What is the period of time the Romans called "golden age"
33. What was the basis for the plot of the empirical works of Homer's "Iliad"
34. What the Greeks built a temple on the Athenian Acropolis?
35. What role did the ancient Hittite society in the history of Europe?
36. Classification of antiquity on the basis of the main material (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, etc.) first proposed
37. When, in archaic Greece appears iron
38. When and under what circumstances arose Mycenaean civilization?
39. As in the Balkans, there are the first Indo-European tribes?
40. When the colonization of the peninsula Indo-European tribes
41. When was the fall of the Western Roman Empire
42. Who in Celtic Britain was called "Knights of the Round Table"?
43. Who Homer called the "Demiurge"
44. Who the ancient Romans called the "philosopher on the throne"
45. Who was called "aristocrats" in Arhaicheskogoy Greece
46. \u200b\u200bWho was called "bards" ancient Celts?
47. Colonate is
48. Who in Rome demanded "bread and circuses"?
49. Who was first deciphered the Hittite cuneiform script and proved its Indo-European origin?
50. Who was in class patricians?
51. Who was in class plebeians?
52. Who deposed the last Roman emperor in 476 AD?
53. Who was the first drew attention to the Celts?
54. Who has subdued the Thracians in the IV. BC.?
55. Who is right by Rome in the royal period of its history
56. Who was the first emperor of Rome
57. Where did venety after the establishment of Roman rule?
58. Latin refers to the group:


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Seller will give you a gift certificate in the amount of 12,5 RUB for a positive review of the product purchased..
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