MEI Organization theory Practical work 10 tasks

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Exercise 1.
Here is the functional structure of the organization:
Features of the functional structure: centralization, small number of personnel, poor product range, concentration in one place.
The task:
Based on the material you studied in the course “Organization Theory”, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme.
Task 2.
Here is the line-staff structure of the organization:
Features of the line-staff structure: usually this structure is inherent in branches of large firms: there is a need for specialist managers.
The task:
Based on the material you studied in the course “Organization Theory”, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme.
Task 3.
Before you the matrix structure of the organization:
Features of the double subordination of industrial enterprises (each enterprise has a head in the assistive group and a head in the regional group). This structure can have both large and medium-sized companies.

The task:
Based on the material you studied in the course “Organization Theory”, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme.
Task 4.
Verbal associations.
Here are the names of actual commercial organizations.
1. JSC "Gulliver"
2. Mosbusinessbank
3. Concern "Svetlana"
4. Concern "October"
5. Agency "Behemoth"
6. JSC "Techmash"
Think carefully about each title and complete the following tasks:
1. What activities does each organization do?
2. What impression do you have about the name of each organization (pleasant - unpleasant)? Why?
3. Name any organization known to you and evaluate its name.

Task 5.
Values ​​of the organization.
Here is a list of the values ​​of the organization. The left column is the classic values, the right column is the values ​​of the new ty-pa:
discipline is enough
servility participation in management
hierarchy collectivism
task orientation
career disclosure
power recognition
centralization creative initiative
success decentralization
dedication ability to make compromises
The task:
1. Relax. Think carefully about the content of the names of organizations from the previous situation and determine what values ​​are characteristic of the organizations listed in the list.
2. For Mosbiznesbank, determine which five values ​​are characteristic of this organization.

Additional information

Task 6.
Your friend is the head of a small computer company. At present, things at the firm have begun to go worse, profits have fallen, many competing organizations have appeared.
All his attempts to improve the situation of positive results do not give.
The task:
What can be recommended to him as a manager considering the analysis of the external environment of the organization.

Task 7.
Here is a series of phrases that were spoken by employees of your organization when talking with your customers. If you think that the phrase makes a positive impression on the client, mark it with the letter “P” and, if negative, with the letter “O”.
 1. Good morning. This is a commercial bank "Rus". On the phone Nikitin Alexey. How can I help you?
 2. Sorry, this is not in my competence. You need to call the credit department.
 3. Good morning, Bank Rus.
 4. The head went out. Should she give something to her?
 5. Thank you for calling. Call more often!
 6. Sorry, I do not work in this department, so I can not help you with anything.
 7. Good morning, supply department.
 8. It’s hard for me to say why our employee didn´t call you. You did not try to call him again?
 9. Sorry to keep you waiting. How can I help you?
 10. I understand you. It seems to me that one of the staff made a mistake. I will try to check everything. How else can I help you?
 11. So who are you waiting for?
 12. Mikhail Ivanovich, please excuse the delay in the documents. I will try to send them with an occasion.
 13. Thank you. I will call you on occasion.
 14. Do you doubt our capabilities? I understand. Waiting for your call. Thank you for calling.
 15. Tell us how it happened.
 16. Glad your call. How are you doing?
 17. Yes, it´s me. I want to tell you the unpleasant information.
 18. Sorry, please. I receive a country telephone message. Can I call you back in 10 minutes?
 19. Unfortunately, Yuri Mikhailovich is still having lunch.
 20. Thank you for calling. A person like you, we are always ready to listen.
 21. Sorry for the delay. We are all busy, so no one picks up the phone.
 22. Yuri Mikhailovich went to the doctor. Must go back to the end of the day.
 23. Hello, Bank Rus, on the phone is the duty forwarder Sergeev. I´m listening.
 24. You are wrong. However, what can you say about the shares of our bank?
 25. Sorry. Unfortunately, I have to go. Let´s contact tomorrow at ten in the morning. I will call you. Thank you for calling.

Word processing.
Count the number of mismatches.
1-P 8-O 14-P 20-O
2-O 9-P 15-O 21-O
3-P 10-P 16-P 22-O
4-P 11-O 17-O 23-P
5-O 12-O 18-P 24-O
6-О 13-О 19-О 25-П
If more than 3 discrepancies are identified, this means that with the art of conducting telephone conversations, this person’s business is not entirely satisfactory. Before admitting him to the phone, he must pass a special training.

Task 8.

1. A clear idea of ​​the prospects of the enterprise
2. The inexhaustible optimism of managers
3. The feeling of a family atmosphere in the enterprise
4. Increasing the share of the enterprise in the market
5. Care for the quality of goods
6. Attention to customer service.
7. The presence of a key direction in the development of the enterprise
8. Care for talented employees
9. Flexibility of management and organization of production
10. Consent between management and staff on premiums and privileges
11. Creating an attractive working environment for all workers.
12. Caring for links with local people. Severely Weak

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
7 6 5 4


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