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Current accounts
• What is a current account?
The current account is an account for everyone. It is an account for receiving money from other people: wage-earners can have their wages paid into the account and businessmen can receive money from their customers.
The current account is an account for paying your bills rent, subscriptions and other expenses. It’s the account with our cheque service. If you want to pay money to someone you just write a cheque or send us a credit transfer.
The current account is an account for keeping your money safe. If you keep money in your current account you can go shopping without having to carry cash around with you. When you want to make a payment you simply fill in the amount on a cheque and hand it, together with your cheque card, to the cashier in the shop.
• How do you know what’s in your account?
We’ll send you regular statements telling you exactly what has been debited or credited to your account.
• What are the other advantages?
As a current account holder you can make use of all our other banking services. You can send money abroad, buy and sell stock and shares place standing orders or authorise direct debits. You will be welcome to apply for an overdraft or other loan facilities. We’ll always be around to help you in all money matters.
• How much does it cost?
There will be a small basic charge every entry month and an even smaller additional charge for every entry. The charges are debited once a quarter and will appear on your bank statement. We are sure you’ll soon find out that your current account saves you a lot more money that it costs.
Savings accounts
• What is a saving account?
The savings account is an account for money that you do not need for day-today
expenses. You can open a savings account with as little as 5.00 DM. Whenever you want to save a sum of money you just go to the bank and pay it in.
Every private customer should have a savings account as a basis for major investments or to cope with unexpected expenses. Many parents open savings accounts for their children.
If you need money you can withdraw up to 2,000 DM in any 30 days without having to give notice. If you need more than 2,000 DM you have to give three month’s notice or you will lose interest.
• How do you know what’s in your account?
When you open your savings account you receive a passbook or savings book. Every deposit and withdrawal is entered in it. So you always have a complete written record of everything that happens to your account. The interest that your money earns is also recorded.
• What are the advantages?
Any money put into your savings account begins earning interest from the day we receive it. The interest rate may vary from time to time according to the long-term money market rate, but we aim to keep it as high and as constant as possible.
You can pay money into your savings account at any branch of the national Bank throughout the country. And you can withdraw up to 2,000 DM on demand at any National Bank branch, as long as you bring your passbook.
• How much does it cost?

Savings accounts are free of charge. We think this makes them even more profitable for you.
• Anything else to think about?
You can earn a higher rate of interest if you arrange for special periods of notice, e.g. one, two or four years.
As a current account holder you can place a standing order with us for regular transfers to your savings account. You can even tell us to transfer on a certain day of each month all the money that is left in your current account on that day.


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