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1. Factions / Gangs / Families:

1) Police
2) The FBI
3) Army
4) Doctors
5) Vercetti
6) Yakuza
7) The Mayor
8) Hitman
9) Reporters
10) licensors (By default, they removed a comment, you can return)
11) Groove
12) Ballas
13) Vagos
14) The Aztecs
15) San Fierro Rifa.

2. respawn:

Novozareganye players arrive at the airport PM.
After the death of player respawn near the hospital closest to him.
After the release / departure Player of the game retains its weapons, place position.

3. Business:
1) Restaurant.
2) Police Munitions.
3) Bank (PM, SF, LOS).
5) Car rental PM.
6) Car rental SF.
7) Telephone Company.
8) Oil company.
9) Electric Factory.
10) home delivery service car home.
11) Home Improvement Service.
12) Car.
13) 24/7.
14) Pinball.
15) Karting.
16) Bink. (Clothing store).
17) Underground. (Clothing store).
18) The pro-circles. (Clothing store).
19) Didier Sachs. (Clothing store).
20) CGIL. (Clothing store).
21) spare parts. (Clothing store).
22-25) Ammunition 4 pieces

4. Houses:

33 In fashion house (I would add)

5. Work:

1) Detective.
2) Counsel.
3) The prostitute.
4) A drug trafficker. (Change, details below)
5) Theft of cars.
6) Assistant reporter.
7) Mechanics. (Change, details below)
8) security guard.
9) Gunslinger. (Change, details below)
10) The registrar of transport.
11) Boxer.
12) The driver of the bus.
13) newsboy.
14) Firefighter. (The new work, details below)
15) taxi driver. (Instead of fractions)

6. Description of changed and new works:
Drug dealer:

Now you can get the money, even if no one on the server, but you do not have! To come to this hangout (PM), stand next to a pay phone and press F (or the button on which you sit in the car). After that will come out dialogue menu and tell you there is an order or not. If the order is, the chat will write to the customer need to gallop grams of drugs on the map and a red checkpoint where you want to take. You take the drugs as usual (/ get drugs) and takes tudp where shown (During the course). If you have time, you will be charged the amount of money, if not, it remains in the hands of narco and you do not win. For each drove + skill. Time for next order accidentally, so often need to enter the hangout: D


Added the ability to pick up cars. If the car is broken, you can take the base to the mechanics (which is near the site LAN) and get paid for it. To pick up the car does not need any team, you just drive up to it and press the LMB. Just put the protection of cheating skill when you repaired / refueled the vehicle to the same player, and so pumped lvl pros. Now it is impossible to repair / refill the same player for 2 minutes.


1st skill:
Flowers Pistalet with a silencer, Deagle.
2nd skill:
MP5, 9mm pistalet.
3rd skill:
AK-47, M4, Shotgun.
4th skill:
Rifle, combat shotgun.
5th skill:


From the title of the work leads to the conclusion that you need to put out fires. You have to sit in the car firefighter, press "2" and you begin the mission firefighter (as single). You appear on the map places where a fire, and you go and cook with the fire engine. For each extinguished the fire is accrued amount of money. As the fire can not burn forever, so you set aside a certain time.
7. Other ::

In fashion there are 260 gang-zones, which are located in the PM, SF, LP. The zones are cut from file info.zon (which is in the folder with GTA), of all the areas selected areas related to SF, LP, LS, repainted and used as gang-zone. Thanks to this between the zones do not have any gaps. Capture zones carried out two types: 1) If a player kills another player from the opposing gang on its territory, the seizure begins, which se

Additional information

Gymnasium Gunton:

The drug has a sports hall Gunton, there is the bar, an exercise bike and a treadmill, they all work. To begin the exercise, it is enough to approach the simulator and press F.
Key action on the machine:
Button Run - do the exercise
Button out of the vehicle - to finish the exercise.

Clothing Stores:

In each of the chain stores (Bink, About circles, Subway, etc.) you can buy skin in each of the networks different skins, for both men and women. Shops have been made in the likeness of a single, ie You stanovitel on checkpoint, the player enters the menu and there climbs.

Robbery eateries:

The mod can be plundered snack. There are no teams. You only need to firearms. To rob a need to approach the seller in the diner and take aim at his head. IMPORTANT! Aim need it in the face when aiming at his head, nothing happens. Everything is animated.


To open the gate, do not need to write any commands enough to go, push a button and they will open.
But not everyone has the gate key. For example the gateway to the airports are closed and that they opened, you need to approach it (you must have a license for the flights) and they will open.


Such training is often seen that take a very long time. I did a short training and how quickly it will pass you, it depends on you. Since All learning dialog boxes and reading the text, you click "Next" or "Previous".


At the beginning of the game, the skill level of all weapons 0. To prime weapon to shoot at targets in a shooting gallery. You take the right to drive the weapon stanovitel one of the booths, which is in gear and start shooting. Shoot them have not enough to raise the level of (was made to the level of skill on the server appreciated, not so that each skill to the maximum).


Removed standard command / buy. When you enter the checkpoint there 24/7, you stanovitel on it and there is a dialogue with the menu item.
I want to see, you can buy a cigarette. Lots of cigarettes - 5 pieces. To use, you need to register / smoke. After the release of the game, cigarettes remain. After writing the command / smoke in your hand will be a cigarette, but it is not eternal as any cigarette, it should smolder smoldering cigarette at the time - 3 minutes.


The drugs are payphones, go to them and write / pcall [number] to call another player. Thus you will be completely anonymous.

Banks / ATMs:

The drugs, worth SF ATMs. To interact with it, you need to press Alt, and then come out dialogue-box, which shows the operations of the bank is to put money into the account, withdraw money from the account to check your balance.
The same menu and the bank, the entrance to the bank is carried out without a team / enter. In front of the bank is a white arrow, stanovitel with her and you at the bank. Just added to the bank SF, LP (Inputs took out file Kye).


All licenses except fishing you can get on their own without an instructor.
For a license to drive, you need to pass a test with 10 questions, then you have to ride on the checkpoint.
For the license for the weapon, you have to pass a test in one lane.
There's something like a mission single, when you are shooting with bigsmoukom bottles. The exam consists in that you were shooting at bottles. At the end of shooting the bottles, you have a shot at the tank of the car, after which he will blow up and you have a license for weapons.
The license for the water transport, water is in school. There you just have to pass on the time of the checkpoints on the water.
Licence to transport flight passed in an abandoned aero (where in a single Flight school). There's a flight at checkpoints. After the fly you have a license.

Disguises for fractions:

Each faction / family / band to spawn located pick-up in a blue shirt, you come to him, press


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Seller will give you a gift certificate in the amount of 99,65 RUB for a positive review of the product purchased..
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