Passed "Economic-mathematical methods and models"

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Passed "Economic-mathematical methods and models"

CONTROL TEST QUESTIONS tests in the Course «Economic-mathematical methods and models"

1. Set the correct order of some of the existing steps to solve the problem:
a) the test solution; find a solution; create favorable treatment;
b) to find a solution; test solution; create favorable treatment; 9
c) create favorable treatment; find a solution; test solution.

2. What is the idea of the method of simple interest?
a) that interest is charged on the initial debt if the debt is calculated only in whole years.
b) that the interest is calculated on the initial debt. 12
c) The fact that interest is calculated not only on the initial amount, but also on the interest already accrued on it during the previous term.

3. You put in Sberbank 20 000 rub. at 5.5% per annum (the contribution of "Jubilee"). How much money will you have on deposit at the end of the year?
a) 21 100 rubles.
b) 21 000 rubles.
c) 22 000 rubles.

4. Which of the proposed formulas is a formula of compound interest?
a) Sn = P (1 + i) n 13
b) Sn = P (1 + i n)
a) Sn = P n (1 + i)

5. Determine the amount due as interest on the loan, if the loan amount is 200 000 rubles., Loan term - six months at the rate of simple interest of 12% per annum:
a) 11 200 rub .;
b) 11 000 rub .;
c) 12 000 rubles.

6. P is a simple interest formula S = P (1 + rt)?
a) the initial amount. 12
b) the time of payment.
c) the annual interest rate.

7. What amount will be on the contribution at the end of term of the deposit, if the investor has made the bank 100 000 rubles. for a period of 2 years at a rate of compound interest of 10% per annum?
a) 122 200 rubles.
b) 121 000 rubles.
c) 120 000 rubles.

8. Which of the formula specifies the index of profitability?
a) P.I. = (Q * - 1)% / 100
b) P.I. = 100 * (q * - 1) 19%
a) P.I. = 100% + (q * - 1)%

9. In which case an attachment is considered to be beneficial?
a) If the profitability index of at least 10%.
b) If the index of profitability at least 5%.
c) If the index of profitability at least 15%. 20

10. The total cost of some batches of goods, including storage, organizational costs, the price of goods and demand are given by the type C (q) = 1000 + 200 / q + 2q. Determine the optimal size of the delivery.
a) q = 10;
b) q = 20;
a) q = 50.

Additional information

18. What is called "the law of the random variable"?
a) rules establishing the link between the possible values of a random variable and their probabilities. 52
b) rules establishing the link between the possible values of a random variable and their frequencies.
c) rules establishing the link between the possible values of a random variable and their standard deviations.

19. On average, 100 customers are served by 70 branch of the Savings Bank teller, and the first 30 - second. The likelihood that the customer will be served without the help of the head, but by the teller, is 0.9 and 0.7 respectively for the first and second tellers. Find the probability of a second teller customer service without the help of the head:
a) 3/7
b) 1/4
c) 1/3

20. The distribution of a random variable X given distribution
x i 4 7 9 12
p i 0,3 0,2 0,4 0,1
What is the probability that a random variable X takes the value xi = 9?
a) 0.4.
b) 1/4
c) 0.3.

21. What is called "the expectation of the random variable"?
a) The highest possible value of the random variable;
b) The most frequent value of a random variable;
c) the expected average value taken by a random variable on a large series of tests. 55

22. The lottery is played out 10,000 tickets with a probability of winning of 0.0005. What is the average winning tickets in the lottery?
a) 10.
b) 8.
at 5.

23. Find the average value of a random variable, if the law of its distribution is as follows:
x i 2 4 5
p i 0,7 0,2 0,1
a) 2.7; 56
b) 3.2;
c) 3.7.

24. What kind of a random variable is called the standard?
a) The value at which the expectation and variance equal to 1.
b) The value at which the mean and the variance is 0.
c) The value at which the expectation is 0 and variance is 1. 59

25. In some cases, resorting to stochastic modeling techniques?
a) In cases where several factors are uncertain, random. 59
b) In cases where the quantitative description of the known laws of the processes necessary to develop the forecast process.
c) In cases where it is necessary to develop a forecast based on a variety of consumer surveys.

26. How is the variance, if some random variable X has the binomial character?
a) D (X) = 1 - p / n * p
b) D (X) = n * p * (1 - p) 58
a) D (X) = n * p / 1 - p
27. As referred to stakeholders involved in the game?
a) The participants of the game.
b) partners;
c) Players. 60

28. What is the matrix for two players called the "payment"?
a) matrix in which the rows are written strategy of the first player, and the columns of the second player´s strategy. 63
b) matrix in which the rows are written strategy of the second player, and the columns of the first player´s strategy.
c) matrix whose strategies of the players written in any order, but they have lower indices corresponding to the number of the player.

29. What does the positive element of the payoff matrix?
a) draw the game.
b) winning player. 62
c) On losing player.

30. What determines the rate maxmin in matrix game?
a) The player´s choice of such a strategy in which its minimum gain maximum. 64
b) The player´s choice of such a strategy in which its maximum gain is minimal.
c) the player´s choice of such a strategy, which will lead to the equilibrium situation.


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