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Sdes presented spurs in Physics (with charts and diagrams), typed columns, the accordion.

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1. Monohromatizm and temporal coherence of-light. Interference of light. Pro-spatial coherence. Interferon-Renz. picture from two sources (the mirror and the Fresnel biprism).
2. interferometer. in thin films. Terms max and min. Newton's rings. Enlightened Nye optics.
3. interferometer. many waves. Output conditions max and min using the method of vector dia-grams. Interferometer.
4. The principle of Huygens - Fresnel.
5. Fraunhofer diffraction at the slit. Diff. Grille. Terms max and min-diffraction of.
6. Diffraction on spatial structures. Conditions Bragg - Wolf. Go-cillograph.
7. The linear and circular polarization. The degree of polarization. Law of Malus.
8. The polarization of light reflection and refraction. Brewster's law.
9. Interference of polarized light is artificial optical anisotropy. Kerr effect.
10. The normal and anomalous dispersion. Classical electron theory of dispersion, these light. Refractive index. Radiation-chenie Vavilov - Cherenkov radiation.
11. Thermal radiation. The spectral density of irradiance. Co-absorption coefficient. Absolute chёr-ing body. Kirchhoff's law.
12. Stefan - Boltzmann law. Formula wines. Wien's displacement law. Formula Re-Leu - Jeans.
13. Planck quantum hypothesis. Planck's formula and the consequences of it.
14. Laws and the quantum theory of photoemission. Einstein's equation.
15. The mass and momentum of the photon. Light pressure. The Compton effect.
16. de Broglie hypothesis. Formula de Broglie. Tests confirming the hypothetical-zu de Broglie.
17. The wave function and its statistical significance-sky. The conditions imposed by the wave function-ing. Uncertainty relation of Heisenberg,.
18. The basic principles of quantum mechanics-nicks. Operators corresponding wasps mainly physical quantities.
19. The basic equation of relativistic quantum mechanics-Nere. The principle of causality, while in quantum mechanics. Stutz-Narnia Schrödinger equation. The movement of free particles.
20. A particle in a potential box. The quantization of energy and momentum of a particle.
21. The quantization of the angular momentum of electron-throne. Quantum model of the hydrogen atom. The principal quantum number and the orbital quantum number.
22. Spatial quantization. Mag-netic quantum number. Stern-Gerlach experiment, Einstein and De SPLA. The spin quantum number.
23. The identity of the uncertainty principle-governmental particles. The Pauli principle. The distribution division-electron energy levels of the atom. Periodic Table of Elements.

25. degenerate quantum states of particles described by quantum Article sticks. Options degeneration. Evaluation degeneracy temperature (electron gas in metals and semiconductors).
26. The Fermi-Dirac distribution for you, born of the electron gas in metals at T = 0, T ≠ 0.
27. The calculation of the Fermi energy at T = 0. Avg-average energy of an electron in the conduction me-tall.
28. The heat capacity of the electron gas. Tep-loёmkost metal and electrical fishing. The phenomenon of superconductivity. Meyonera effect and Josephson.

31. Debye model. Heat capacity of solids in the Debye model. Debye temperature. Law cubes.


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