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The United States has many large cities throughout the country. New York is the. largest of all. It is the financial centre of the country, the headquarter of the clothing industry and the publishing business. It has many schools and libraries and some fine art galleries and museums. The tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building is in New York. New York was founded by the Dutch in the 17th century. Legend says that Peter Minuit bought the whole island of Manhattan for 24 dollars. Beginning with a little Dutch settlement at the southern part of the island the city has grown, and the little colony of Dutch settlers is now a city, of over 8 million people. Two hundred miles south of New York is the city of Washington, the capital of the United States of America. There is a law against building structures more than 90 feet high in this city so it presents a different appearance from New York with its skyscrapers. The low buildings and many trees make Washington a pleasant city. Many government buildings are grouped on the land between the Capitol where Congress holds its meetings and the White House where the President lives and has his offices. There are many places of interest for the tourists: art galleries, museums, and monuments. Many people come to Washing- .ton from all over the country to see these places and to visit Mount Vernon, George Washington´s home, which is not far away, (it presents a different appearance — по внешнему виду он отличается; skyscrapers — небоскребы; holds its meetings — проводит заседания) Washington was chosen as the national capital when George Washington was the President. There was no city on the bank of the Potomac at this spot, although there were little ports nearby at Georgetown and Alexandria. The city was planned by a French engineer and today Washington still shows evidence of the original plan. The unpaved muddy roads .of the early capital have given way to broad asphalt avenues lined with trees, the horse-drawn vehicles have given way to the cars. Still today everywhere you meet remains of the past, (nearby — поблизости; evidence — признаки; unpaved muddy — немощеные, грязные; have given way— уступили; lined — засаженные; the horse-drawn vehicles — кареты, которые везут лошади; remains — остатки) Chicago is the second largest city in the United States. It is built on the shore of Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes and is. a busy inland port. Chicago is the center of the meat industry. The city is famous for its stores, the Art Institute, and museums. Built on the site of an Indian village Chicago had grown to a big port and rail center, when in 1871 it was destroyed by fire. (famous for its — знаменит своими; rail center — ж. д. центр) San Francisco, on the Pacific Coast in California is considered by many the most beautiful city in the USA. It has a fine natural harbour and the trade it carries on ´with other countries has given the city a cosmopolitan air. The city is built on hills which circle the harbour and face the famous Golden Gate. This city too has suffered a disaster, this time in the form of an earthquake. In 1906 an earthquake set off a fire that raged four days. Today San Francisco is a 20th century city, but the charm of early California can be felt in its narrow winding streets, its steep hills overlooking the bay.11 Every American citizen as every citizen of other countries has his favourite city, the one where he grew up, the one he lives in, the one he wants to live in. (is considered — считается; circle — окружают; face — выходит на; suffered a disaster — претерпел катастрофу; earthquake — землетрясение; rage — свирепствовать; charm — очарование; bay — залив; citizen — горожанин) Т

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IV. Подчеркните причастие в предложении, определите его форму (Participle I or II). Переведите предложения. 1. The running dog barked furiously. 2. The shot bird fell near the hunter’s feet. 3. The article being written now will be published in the next issue of the journal. 4. Writing a telegram we must use as few words as possible. 5. Having been forbidden by the doctor to go out, I stayed at home. 6. Being pressed for time, I could not even have breakfast.

V. Выберите нужную форму причастия, переведите предложения на русский язык. 1. (Making, being made) by a professional tailor, the suit looked very nice. 2. Not (knowing, known, be known) what to do we decided to wait. 3. Not (having being received, receiving, having received) a letter from Mike, we sent him an urgent telegram. 4. (Having thought, having been thought, thinking) he was asleep I switched off the radio. 5. She sat silent (having looked, looking, be looked) at his angry face. 6. (Having heard, be heard) the news she burst into tears


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