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Test №2
Task №1
Match all the given here in the table English and Russian words and word combinations
1 above A as well as further
2 arbitrary B criterion measure
3 as well as C above
4 criteria / criterion D arbitrary, random
5 deal with E deal with
6 constantly decrease F
7 permanently J decline, decrease, decrease;
8 postpone H quality
9 quality I make a decision
10 resolve J postpone, delay

Task №2
Give English equivalents to these Russian words and word combinations
1) the subject of the tourism economy
2) sector of the economy
3) attempts to solve
4) main field of study
5) The increase in production
6) resources and technology
7) decline
8) output
9) the development of the country
10) in the tourist market

Task №3
Translate into Russian
1. The object of the tourism economy will be understood better when the study of tourism is developed as a branch of economics.
2. It is necessary to define the general study areas of tourism economics.
3. Which tourist goods and services and in what quantities, qualities and varieties will be produced at a certain period?
4. How will the economic activity develop and evolve in time?
5. There is an increase in the production of certain tourist goods and services.
6. It can be said that there is a decrease for others and still others are temporarily or permanently postponed.
7. The question that arises is who decides for all this and how the decision is made?
8. Is it also possible for a product or service to be produced at the same time by two or even more different ways?
9. Each country that receives tourists has its way of solving the problems of distribution of the tourist goods and services.
10. The problem of tourist development is without doubt one of the most important problems that tourism economies have to deal with.

Task №4
Open the brackets with the appropriate form of the verbs
1. Economic relationships (not to develop) during the consumption process of tourist products.
2. The production of tourist goods (to require) to satisfy tourist needs?
3. This research (to concern) with tourism economy.
4. It (to know) well that individuals have many needs and desires?
5. In general it can (to say) that tourism economy deals with various problems.
6. How the decision (to make)?
7. In what quantities the tourist goods and services (to produce)?
8. (to use) the certain method for the production of tourist goods and services?
9. The problem of distribution of the tourist services and products can (not to solve) in the same way.
10. How tourist goods and services (to distribute) among tourists?

Setting №5
Translate into English
1. Is the diversity of the problems of tourism economy is not discussed?
2. The object of the tourism economy is better understood when discussing problems.
3. Is this area of \u200b\u200bthe economy is not growing?
4. Nature and natural phenomena are analyzed, is not it?
5. The object is determined.
6. Methods are not investigated, is not it?
7. tourist goods and services produced over a given period.
8. Determination of the tourist products offered TourCenter.
9. Some items were temporarily delayed in production, is not it?
10. The needs and the needs of tourists are met.

Additional information

Task №6
Translate into Russian
1. Economic relationships are developed during the production and use of tourist products.
2. Tourist goods and services are predestined for satisfying tourist needs and desires.
3. It is well known that people have the need for tourism.
4. This research is concerned with the various problems of the tourism economy.
5. Tourist goods and services are distributed among native and foreign tourists.
6. With what mechanisms and with what criteria are tourist goods and services defined?
7. How is the decision made?
8. The tourism economy can be said to research and to analyze the ways by which an organized social system makes decisions relative to tourist goods and services.
9. Some tourist goods and services are temporarily postponed.
10. The problem of distribution of the tourist goods and services can not be solved choosing some arbitrary criterion.

Task №7
Open the brackets with the appropriate form of the verbs
1. Today many changes (to occur) in the form and contest of tourism.
2. Economic activity (to study) production and consumption processes.
3. Tourist goods and services (to satisfy) tourist needs and desires.
4. An individual in a developed society (to have) a need for tourism.
5. For many countries tourism (to be) still at the development stage.
6. How (to produce) tourist goods and services?
7. How (to evolve) the economic activity in time?
8. Other tourist goods and services (to postpone) temporally or permanently.
9. (to appear) a new tourist service from time to time on the tourist market?
10. With what mechanisms the tourist goods (to define)?

Setting №8
Give English equivalents to these Russian words and word combinations
1) in general
2) relating to the following issues
3) is designed to
4) permanently
5) no doubt;
6) delayed for a long time
7) from time to time
8) at the same time
9) for a certain period


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