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Test 2 (Units 4-6) по английскому

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Test 2 (Units 4-6)
1 Write in the words below in sentences 1-7.
image / investment / house / campaign / budget / market / labels
1We need to define our target ___________________
2Brand ____________ is the opinion people have about a brand.
3Their new advertising ______________ uses a famous actor.
4Haute couture is the fashion _______________’s loss leader.
5I only wear designer _______________ from Italy.
6What do you think the return on our ________________ will be?
7We’re on a very tight _______________ so don’t spend too much.
2 Match the two halves of the sentences. Write your answers here:
8____ 9____ 10____ 11____ 12____ 13____ 14____ 15____
8 He set
9 The European Space Agency launched
10 I’d like to borrow
11 We’ll have to
12 We didn’t make
13 You always take
14 The bank won’t lend
15 I think this new product can beata its second satellite to Venus last night.
b money to start a new business.
c raise the money somehow.
d me the money.
e up the company in 1981.
f the competition.
g a profit for the second month in a row.
h risks in business.

3 Change the word in brackets (if necessary) to complete the sentences.
16The most _______________ (success) brand in the world is Coca-cola.
17Paris has the ______________ (big) number of talented designers.
18It’s ______________ (easy) to use the lift than the stairs.
19Flying is _______________ (cheap) than it was twenty years ago.
20Money isn’t as ______________ (important) as happiness.
21After having moved to Los Angeles, I ______________ (rent) an apartment in the centre.
22In 2003 she ____________ (sell) over three thousand units.
23The warehouse said they ______________ (not, have) any in stock.
24When _____________ (you, arrive) in Barcelona? Was it yesterday or the day before?
25Ted Foster hopes that he might ________________ (be) the first person to send tourists to the moon.
26Most people ______________ (not, will) be interested because it’s too expensive.

4 These sentences are missing from these tips for new businesses. Decide where they best fit.
aAnd not just for one day
bDon’t give up – learn from them.
cTry your local bank, for example.
dUse their expertise.
eIt can’t only be about profit.
fBut most of all have fun
gWho are they?
A good idea
A good business begins with a good idea. (27)_____. When you wake up the next morning, it must still be a great idea!
If you don’t have the money to start up your great idea or you don’t want to sell your house, there are a number of places to start. (28)______.
See anything and anyone as an opportunity. Talk to friends and family about your idea. Talk to your potential suppliers. (29)______.
The competition
(30)_____ What do they do well? What can you do differently? Find out everything about them.
All businesses have problems and they don’t disappear as you get bigger. (31)___ Find out why they happened and deal with them better next time.
For a successful business you need to care about the idea. (32)_______.
As one entrepreneur says. ‘Feel passionate about what you’re doing. (33)______.’

Дополнительная информация

5 Someone at work is talking about a new office desk. Complete their description with the phrases in the box.
After checking / To begin / lots of / my opinion / Then see / ideal for / made of / use it
In (34)_____ it’s quite stylish because it’s (35)_____ good quality wood. And it’s (36)______ this office because it’s small. You can (37)_______ for your PC or laptop and it’s got (38)_____ space for books and papers. You assemble it yourself. (39)_____ with, read the instructions. (40)_____ if you have all the parts. (41)_____, you can put it up.

6 Write a memo to the senior management of VW about this car:
- Project name: K2
- Large, stylish executive car.
- For business people and also for families.
- Excellent technology with lots of electronic devices
- Price range: 60,000-105,000 euros
- Target age group: People over forty
7 Recommend this product for development and say why. Complete the memo below.
(42)To: Senior_______________
(44)We think that this car __________________.
(45)Firstly, it is suitable for ______________.
(46)Secondly, it’s also ideal for __________.
(47)It looks ___________________________
(48)and contains __________________________.
(49)We think it will sell for _____________________.
(50)It may also be attractive to people_______

9 Prepare a description about a company you are familiar with.
Describe the following areas:
– what it produces/provides
– where it is based
– the company history
– its strengths and weaknesses
– its future prospects


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