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1. Analytical index - is:
1) Absolute value, characterizing the phenomenon
2) The relative value determined by calculation
3) The index determined by calculation as a derivative of accounting estimates made
4) The indicator on the structure and dynamics of the phenomena

2.Tretim stage of statistical research is:
1) dividing the aggregate into homogeneous groups
2) monitor and collect data on the study population
3) group and a summary of observations
4) analysis of the results summary and analysis in order to obtain conclusions

3.Chemu equal to the value of the interval, if the collection is divided into four equal intervals on the basis of having a range of variation from 28 to 128 conv. u?
1) 14 conv
2) 25 conv
3) 7 conv
4) 32 conv

4. The subject of statistical science is:
1) collection, processing and analysis of data as a kind of practical activity
2) the study of the quantitative aspect of mass phenomena in close connection with their qualitative side in the particular circumstances of time and place
3) development of theoretical assumptions and methods used statistical practice
4) a set of statistical data presented in the financial statements of enterprises and published in collections, reference books, periodical press

5. Can the use of complex mathematical apparatus stati¬stiku turn to mathematics?
1) Yes
2) No
3) probably
4) Unknown

6.Statisticheskoe observation is:
1) monitoring the social and ekono¬micheskimi processes and phenomena
2) examination of the quantitative aspects of socio-economic phenomena and processes
3) a scientifically based data collection or data on the socio-economic processes and phenomena
4) study of all phenomena in their relationship, moving and changing with vydeleni¬em their various types and forms

7. As the number of groups in the multidimensional obrazuet¬sya group simultaneously on three criteria, each of which has two values?
1) 8
2) 27
3) 6
4) 12

8. The statistical reporting is a
1) indicators characterizing the operation of the company
2) The report card statements
3) an official document containing statistical information on the work of the enterprise podot¬chetnogo
4) a list of approved reporting forms that the company must be in statistics and higher authorities

9. The second stage of statistical research is
10.Suschnost law of large numbers is:
11.Statisticheskaya table - it
12. If the subject of the table contains a grouping edi¬nits odnovre¬menno combination of two or more features, this table is
13.Otraslyu economic statistics is stati¬stika
14.Otraslyu social statistics is stati¬stiki
15.Sistematicheskie nepredna¬merennye error statisti¬cheskogo observation vozni¬kayut
16.Formula used to determine the in¬tervala groups has the form (i - value of the interval and the maximum and minimum numeric zna¬cheniya characteristic, respectively; n-number of groups)
17.Dlya ras¬cheta indicative number of groups used gruppirov¬ki
18. Which character has koli¬chestvenny sign - the amount of cash?
19. Intervals are
20. What are the perechne¬vye, chronological and ter-territorial table?
Is a sign of 21.Statistichesky
22. Which of the characteristics in manufacturing process is effective?

1.Statistichesky indicator - it
2. A system of statistical indicators used to
3. The absolute indicator is obtained by
4. Relative values \u200b\u200bof the dynamics characterize
5. Distinguish average
6. Secondary variables called
7. The formula of the harmonic mean
8. Structural average include
9. The median - this
10.Moda - it
11.Algebraichvskyaya sum of the deviations of characteristic values \u200b\u200bfrom the arithmetic mean
12. Statistical number of distribution - it

Additional information

13. What is the trait can have a number of distribution variatsion¬ny people together for growth
1) a high growth
2) an increase in the average
3) the growth of 182 cm
4) Low growth

14. Option - it
1) the variation of the studied trait in sovo¬kupnosti
2) case, facts, fixed in the observation
3) The value of the flag, which receives unit is not included in the investigated so¬vokupnost
4) a single value varying symptoms that it takes in a series of ras¬predeleniya

15.Svyaz between frequencies and varying distributions in feature lies in the fact that
1) with increasing values \u200b\u200bof feature frequency increases, then remains constant
2) to increase the frequency characteristic values, it increases to a certain value and then decreases to zero
3) with increasing frequency po¬stoyanno characteristic value is reduced to zero
4) characteristic value with increasing frequency decreases to a certain value and then remains constant

16.Graficheskoe image interval variation series can be produced with the help of
1) ECG
2) Monogram
3) Histogram
4) cryptogram

17.Statistichesky schedule is
1) a visual representation of statistical data by means of geometric lines, shapes, charts, icons, etc.
2) the type of engraving depicting statistics
3) a set of lines, representing the rows and columns
4) a set of points connected by lines prya¬mymi

18.Pod understand variation in statistics
1) change, variability, the difference
2) change of a feature within a heterogeneous population, due to the influence of various fak¬torov
3) quantitative change feature within a homogeneous population, which are due to the influence of various factors
4) The measure of the extent of ko¬leblemosti individual characteristic values \u200b\u200bwithin the target population
19.K absolute terms the variation concerns
1) The ratio of the oscillation
2) The coefficient of variation
3) The coefficient of linear deviation
4) the average linear deviation

20.K relative performance variation relates
21.Srednyaya intragroup variances equal
22.Koeffitsient determina¬tsii determined through

1.Ryadom speakers called
2.Intervalnye rows display
3.Uroven number of speakers is
4. If all the levels of a number of speakers compared to the same level, called indicators
5. If comparing adjacent levels of a number of speakers called indicators
6.Absolyutny gain is calculated as
7. The growth rate is calculated as
8. Average level is defined as the number of inter¬valnogo
9.Temp growth can op¬redelit through the growth rate as a percentage according to the formula
10. What factors determine the development trend?
11.Sezonnye vibrations are uniformly repeated changes of a number of speakers
12.Dlya used to identify trends
13.Mozhno examine whether vzaimo¬svyazi ekono¬micheskih and social phenomena according to time series
14. The method of analytic vy¬ravnivaniya is that
15.Metod least squares is that
16. For uniformly accelerated (ravnozamedlennogo) changing levels of inherent series
17. The index in the statistics is called
18.Kakie indices are in scope of the studied complex phenomenon?
19.Obschie indices characterize
20.Obschie indexes are built in the forms
21.Obschy price index with weights current period nazyva¬etsya index
22.Vybor form depends on the total in¬deksa
23.Indeks variable composition characterized by price


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