The logic test with answers Part 3

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1. Choose the correct answer to the question, and note the card answers.

Question 1. What judgment are obscheutverditelnym
1. Some libraries are academic institutions.
2. Judgments - is thinking.
3. Russian citizens are equal before the law.
4. Some birds swim.
5. Neither the author of this story is not printed.

Question 2: Which of these statements are vydelyayuschimi
1.Vsyakoe society, except for the primitive, is class.
2. Vladimir Mayakovsky - a poet.
3. All students except Sidorova know logic.
4. All the even numbers, and only they, are divided into two.
5. All citizens have the legal capacity and legal capacity, except as required by law.

Question 3. What judgment do not apply to isklyuchayuschim
1. All students except Ivanov passed tests.
2. All people, not just people, mortal.
3. Some journalists, and not only they do not have a special higher education.
4. The entire group, except Petrov leaves the practice.
5. The correct answer is no.

Question 4. What statements represent judgments with alethic modality.
1. Hippos are found in Africa.
2. All of the processes and phenomena in nature, society and thinking caused or conditioned by other processes and phenomena, that is, more or less definite reasons.
3. In table 4 feet.
4. allowed passage of vehicles during a green traffic light.
5. The correct answer is no.

Question 5. Which of the judgments are judgments with epistemic modality.
1. According to the scientists, some continents are separated as a result of the drift.
2. In the summer I probably will rest in Sochi.
3. There is an assumption that some chapters of the novel were written by N. others.
4. household chemicals, fire hazard, advises stored in closed cans away from heat sources.
5. The correct answer is no.

1. Choose the correct answer to the question and the responses noted in the card

Question 1. Which of these issues is a mere refinement voprosy
1. You want the moon?
2. Would you like coffee or tea?
3. You go to the theater or not?
4. We will go to the country?
5. If the "Dynamo" won "Zenith", the command "Dynamo" will be released in the final drawing?

Question 2. What are the proposals contained fills voprosy
1. Where is Peru?
2. Is it true in Moscow and more residents than in Paris?
3. When the temple was built?
4. How heavy this hammer 
5. All men are mortal?

Question 3. Are there any errors in the formulation of the following questions?
1. How good is the proverb "in for a penny, in for a pound"?
2. Is the adage "in for a penny, in for a pound"?
3. How many boys born February 31, 1960?
4. Is it possible to build a pyramid, in which all sides and all edges of the side faces are inclined to the plane of the base at the same angle?
5. What is the modality?

Question 4: What are the expressions are not tavtologiyami
1. Butter oil.
2. Number - a characteristic of the object to its quantitative aspect.
3. Leo - the king of beasts.
4. Negligence is that a person neglects his duties.
5. The law is the law.

Question 5. Which of the following issues do not have the character provokatsionnyh
1. How to build a "perpetual motion machine"?
2. Do you like classical music?
3. Is it true that yesterday was caught under the bridge grandmother with a tail?
4. Have you ceased beating your father?
5. In what year R. Amundsen first reached the North Pole?

1. Choose the correct answer to the question, and note the card answers.

Question 1. Is the second judgment in pairs judgments listed
below, a logical consequence of the first?

Additional information

Question 2: Is the transformation produced?
1. I went on the boat. - I did not go on the boat.
2. This conversion right. - This transformation is not a wrong.
3. You are not quite right. - You're not right.
4. I do not read the newspaper. - I do not read the newspaper.
5. I can go to the moon. - I can not go to the moon.

Question 3. In which offers conversion made nepravilno
1.Vsyakoe conjunctive proposition can be decomposed into a set of simple. - None of conjunctive judgment does not apply to such judgments, which can not be decomposed into a set of simple.
2. None of the wintering is not cold. - All winterers were healthy.
3. None of the noun does not change over time. - All words are nouns that do not change over time.
4. I can not go to college - I'll try to go to college.
5. All peoples want peace. - There are no such people, who would like the war.

Question 4. To direct conclusions include:
1. Conversion.
2. Appeal.
3. Opposing predicate.
4. Inference in the logical square.
5. All of the above.

Question 5: Is made an appeal judgment?
1. Not all students - students. - All students - students.
2. All students - students. - All students are students.
3. The molecules are composed of atoms. - What is composed of atoms is a molecule.
4. Some words are nouns. - Some nouns are words.
5. A man does not live on the moon. - One of the living on the moon is not a man.

JOB 10.
1. Choose the correct answer to the question, and note the card answers.

Question 1. Are the following conclusions appeals complex judgments, considered as simple?
1. Only the adults have the right to vote. All those eligible to vote - adult
2. In the opinion it was good, but green. By that look good, but green, and it refers.
3. Once a person has a fever, it can not be healthy.
4. Hare, if it beat match can ignite. Among those who can light a match, if it beat the hare concerns.
5. Once the swan, cancer yes pike carry baggage with WHO has taken.

Question 2. Are produced following treatment judgments relationship?
1. The angle ABC equal to the angle ACB - ACB angle equal to the angle ABC.
2. Tsar Nicholas reigned before Peter 1 - 1 Peter reigned later than Czar Nicholas.
3. Romeo loves Juliet - Juliet loves Romeo.
4. Ivan Petrovich - the father of Koli - Kohl's - son of Ivan Petrovich.
5. Ivan - Elena's brother - Peter - brother Ivan.

Question 3. Is the second of the following pairs of judgment result of the first one?
1. Triangle - geometric shapes. Right triangle - rectangular geometric shapes.
2. The plane - a means of communication. Fast airplane - fast means of communication.
3. All players - athletes. All of strong players - strong athletes.
4. All verbs - words. All long verbs - long words.
5. The correct answer is no.

Question 4: What are the arguments of the wrong - the presence in them contradictory?
Question5. Is the following conclusions?

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