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Time Ramesside (Gift) + Скидки

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Описание товара

Time Ramesside (Gift) + Скидки

Об этой игре

Time Ramesside is an Early Access title that is not finished product but is a development in progress. There are going to be bugs and technical hiccups and not representations of the game as a Final Product. We are listening to opinions and critiques and value all communication from our fans. Thank you to our old fans and our potential new ones in helping us create an original project for us all to enjoy and appreciate.


1st Place Winner for Best Indie Game at Whitewater MAGD Awards (2013) and starring in the Provocative Adult Drama "STARLET," Time Ramesside is an Action-Horror FPS utilizing the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver an unparalleled zombie experience that must be seen to be believed! Play with Innovative Mechanics such as Blood Projections to Mystically decimate foes. But be warned for the Magic System is based around Aggressive play-styles and over-use will cost for health instead! Take dismembered zombified limbs to modify your Guns and Melee Weapons, adding another element to item customization! Featuring an Original Story, Time Ramesside will distinguish itself from the traditional Zombie Stories and their mythos. Come face the Atrocities and Nightmares that only can only see their need to feed!

Mark Faraoh, an amnesiac prisoner, awakens as zombie manifestations break into his cell to devour him. After killing them, Mark is eerily guided out of the prison by a glowing mist believing the two are kin. Escaping the prison reveals a fate worse than solitary confinement as the land is devoid of human life while the never-ending undead mercilessly consume everything in their place from rubble to their own flesh! Unsure if this is a Hellish Reality or a Horrific Nightmare, Mark seeks answers that will stretch from the cells of death to the stars (that are views unto themselves) as the world rots anew.

Forewarning: there are rogue zombies known as Archdead with minds, memories and experiences coupled with their own Blood Projections to troll and try to eat the player. With every encounter with the clouds of zombies, they will devour all things imaginable until they attain the colossal and primal-driven nature of the Death Giants! Fortunately, or perhaps not, the virus can´t spread by bites or scratches with these paranormal zombies manifesting in and out of reality! There are no safe zones with "Time" against the player!

Current Early Access Features

Balanced Gameplay - Continuing to Balance and Adjust gameplay from fan critiques and support! Voice your opinions to help continue make this game an amazing project!

Updated Prison Level - Extended and Improved Level Design. Voice your opinions to help us make a better game!

Original Blood Magic System - Generate Magic by playing Aggressively whether shooting, running and even casting spells. Some spells Actually have a 0 point cost and generate magic with the Magic Meter having the ability to Overcharge. Casting spells with no Magic will result in your Health being used as a Resource Pool instead.

More Weapons - More weapons have been added such as the Grenade Launcher and Assault Rifle

Soon to be Implemented with Time and Funding

Obelisk Totems - By exchanging Experience Points as Currency, Players can obtain: More Spells and Level them, Control Undead Spawning Rate and Gain Special Area of Effect Bonuses

Leveling System and RPG Mechanics - Experience Points obtained to increase Stats and Power of player. Experience Points are not only used to Level but used as a Currency for Obelisk Totems.

Magic System - Nodes to Customize how Spells behave and Health Penalty for casting Spells that require Magic Points when none are present to use.

3D Modeling & Animation - More Models, Updating Current Models and Assets while giving original Animation.

Original Story - When the Gameplay systems have been Balanced and Polished the Original Story will have it´s time to be put into the game.

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