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вариант 3,текст How to Make the Most of a Job Interview

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Описание товара

Вариант 3.
I. Прочитайте и устно переведите на русский язык весь текст. Переведите письменно первый абзац. (ПЕРЕВЕДЕН ВЕСЬ ТЕКСТ, А НЕ ТОЛЬКО ПЕРВЫЙ АБЗАЦ))
How to Make the Most of a Job Interview
If you’ve done your paperwork right, managed to arouse an employer’s interest and landed a job interview, your real work is just beginning. It’s one thing to impress somebody on paper or over the telephone, but it’s another thing to impress in the flesh. A job interview is a business appointment in which everything counts in conveying a good impression. Experts will tell you that advance preparation is the key to interview success. Before you go to a job interview, find out all you can about the company. Depending on the results of your research, you are supposed to prepare an interview outfit that will make you look your very best. In most places you are not expected to wear a Chanel suit, but even if you are fresh from school don’t think that your favorite blue jeans, an oversized sweater and a T-shirt will be right for projecting a businesslike image.
Many personnel managers will confess that they often turn candidates down for poor appearance; however, your looks alone will not help you get a job unless you are well prepared for the interview. It makes perfect sense to go through your resume once again and make sure you know the dates of important events. Another thing you can do is go through your personal achievements to make up your mind what you might want to present to an interviewer as an impressive argument in your favor. Before the interview, give yourself a good rest, budget your time well, prepare everything you need in advance, so as not to panic and get lost at last minute!
Every organization has its own culture and traditions, but there are some things to consider that may help everyone.
You know that in many positions your lack of experience is a big disadvantage. You can also compensate for your lack of experience with your qualifications, enthusiasm, ability to learn quickly, and most of all your sense of responsibility.
It’s natural therefore that if you really want to get this job you must show yourself as a mature individual who is not acting on impulse, but is quite serious about his/her choices. Fight for your place in life: change negative into positive: you are young but you are strong and can learn fast.

Дополнительная информация

II. Определите , являются ли утверждения:
а) истинными
b) ложными
c) в тексте нет информации
1. This is an interview for candidates who have done their paperwork successfully.
2. Many personnel managers often turn candidates down only for lack of experience.
3. Things like jeans and T-shirts are not suitable for a business office.

III. Найдите лексические эквиваленты к выражениям из текста. Переведите слова и выражения из первого столбика на русский язык. Внесите Ваши ответы в таблицу.
1. to arouse an employer’s interesta) to get an invitation for a job
2. to land a job interviewb) the way to succeed at an interview
3. to interview successc) to reject a candidate
4. to turn a candidate downd) not feeling confident or relaxed
5. to impress in the fleshe) to examine smth very carefully
6. to convey a good impressionf) to be like an adult person
7. to make up one’s mindg) to impress in person
8. to get losth) to draw the interest of the employer
9. to go throughi) to make a good impression
10. a mature individualj) to decide

IV. Определите основную идею текста.
What counts in conveying a good impression during a job interview?
1. Advance preparation is the key to success.
2. Appearance does count.
3. Everything counts.

V. Расположите фразы диалога в правильной последовательности (соедините цифры и букв). Внесите Ваши ответы в таблицу. Перепишите диалог в правильном порядке.
a) Right. Good-bye.
b) Good morning. AIC Computing.
c) No, thank you. I’ll call later.
d) Sorry, sir. Mr. Roberts is not a


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