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Англ, вариант 2 (How funds flow through a business)

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Вариант 2
I. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Вставьте нужный артикль: a) a; b) an; c) the; d) -.
1. … second largest stock exchange in … USA is American Stock Exchange.
2. … iron is bread of … industry; nickel is … meat.
3. It gave me … intense satisfaction that all enjoyed my article.
4. He was … bachelor with … small income.

II. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Заполните пропуски неопределенными местоимениями или их произ-водными: a) some; b) any; c) no; d) их производные.
1. Is there … money in your savings account? – No, there isn’t … .
2. It meant real hardship to my mother unless I earned … money at once.
3. This is my business and … else’s.
4. I can’t fetch you because I ... longer have my car. I am selling it tomorrow.

III. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Заполните пропуски следующими словами: a) much; b) many;
c) (a) little; d) (a) few
1. It takes one … money to join a credit union.
2. I suggested that he should get … grapes and … bread.
3. I’ll come at 7 tomorrow. – No, you needn’t come that early, we start … later.
4. … big firms obtain funds by selling commercial paper.

IV. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Выберите форму глагола.
1. At present we … a new sales director.
2. In recent years the government … financial assistance towards the costs of developments in micro-electronics, office automation,
3.I … all this typing by 5 p.m.
4. The classical economists … money as more than a medium of exchange.

V. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Выберите правильную форму глагола в пассивном залоге.
1. At this stage the raw materials ... into this container.
a) was loaded b) were loaded
c) is loaded d) are loaded
2. The management knew what prices ... for the commodity in every part of the market.
a) was being asked b) were being asked
c) is being asked d)are being asked
3. You may come at five o’clock; the accounts ....
a) is checked b) are checked
c) would checked d) will be checked
4. This question ... at the last meeting and no conclusion was reached them.
a) was raised b) were raised
c) is raised d) are raised

VII. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Употребите сложное дополнение.
1. If the price of butter fell, the demand for margarine probably ...
a) will fall b) would fall
c) fall d) fell
2. If you hire anyone, you will, of course, need to pay a salary, and if you ... your business to expand, you will need capital for research, growth, and expansion.
a) want b) wants
c) wanted d) to want
3. If demand .... inelastic, the movement of the supply curve would lead to a relatively large fall in price and a relatively small increase in the quantity demanded.
a) was b) were
c) be d) will be
4. If I ... that I wouldn’t have said anything.

Дополнительная информация

VII. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Употребите сложное дополнение.
1. He made his bookkeeper ... a lawyer.
a) consult b) consults
c) consulted d) will consult
2. I know advertising to turn a poor product or service into a good one.
a) turn b) turned
c) to turn d) to be turn
3. I must have these shoes ....
a) mend b) mends
c) mended d) will mend
4. I’d like them ... a single room with private bathroom for three nights.
a) book b) books
c) to book d) booked

VIII. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Употребите сложное подлежащее.
1. The new rocket is reported to be gone into operation next year.
Сообщают, что новую ракету запустят в эксплуатацию в следующем году.
a) go b) goes
c) to go d) to be gone
2. He is said to be a good translator.
Говорят, что он хороший переводчик.
a) am b) is
c) are d) to be
3. The weather in Europe was reported to have been hot last summer.
Сообщалось, что погода в Европе была жаркой прошлым летом.
a) to have been b) has been
c) have been d) had been
4. They appeared to have lost the way.
Оказалось, что они заблудились.
a) has lost b) have lost
c) to have lost d) had lost

IX. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами или их эквивалентами.
1. You ... have got this book from our library if you had gone there yesterday.
2. We ... not carry the bookcase upstairs ourselves: the workers will come and do it.
3. You ... laugh at him when he picks up bad words.
4. I am sure he ... translate that article tomorrow.

X. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения с русского языка на английский язык.
1. Акционеры более заинтересованы в увеличении размеров дивидендов, чем самой прибыли.
2. Маловероятно, чтобы сегодня компании существовали с одной единственной целью – получить как можно больше прибыли.
3. Задачи, стоящие перед менеджером, в высшей степени сложны и взаимосвязаны.
4. Выживание – без сомнения, доминирующая задача любой организации.

XI. Прочтите текст. Письменно переведите 1 и 4 абзацы
How funds flow through a business
1. Basically, money or funds go into purchasing assets, paying operating expenses and producing income. The operating expenses include the cost of materials and supplies. The manufacturer also must pay employee wages, rent or mortgage, insurance premiums and utility bills.
2. Some very small firms operate on a cash basis. They neither obtain credit nor borrow money. Other firms extend their resources through the use of credit. The owner of the firm invests some of his own money and has a lot more of other people’s.
3. The business use money to buy assets like land, buildings and furnishings, and tools, machines, and equipment. The manufacturer sometimes buys them with mortgage loans which he secures by the building or the equipment itself. In other words, the bank or insurance company really owns the property until the manufacturer has paid the mortgage in full. The use or debt, or credit, increases both the assets and the income of the purchaser. The use of borrowed money to make more money is called leverage.
4. If the manufacturer is sure that cash will be available at any time, he will need no cash reserve. But this rarely happens. Instead he always needs a reserve supply of cash on hand. And this poses a problem for management. Idle cash earns no profit and declines in value because of inflation. Cash is used to produce income. If a manager has some idle cash, he will put it into financial institutions to draw interest....


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