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43. a. His aim is to study French this year.
b. I am going to miss this lesson.
c. He is sure to miss the train.

44. a. My wish is to spend my holidays in the south.
b. This place is likely to have been built many centuries ago.
c. Their team is certain to win.

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45. a. We have paid for movies and banking services.
b. Movies and banking services have to be paid for.
c. Movies and banking services have been paid for.

46. a. The goal of macroeconomics is to look at overall economic trends.
b. A country has to keep track of its inflow and outflow of goods.
c. One way of translating salaries is to compare the value of the currencies of the countries in question.

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47. a. To know everything is to know nothing.
b. He would be the man to talk to.
c. I told him to be careful about driving on the highway.

48. a. It is the best play to be staged this season.
b. The policeman will come later to get the necessary information.
c. I stepped aside for the lady to pass.

49. a. She decided not to take any steps for some days yet.
b. He was too young at that time to understand the circumstances.
c. She is always the last to arrive.

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50. a. Against his father’s will he left England to study painting in France.
b. Against his father’s will he had to study painting in France.
c. Against his father’s will he used to study painting in France.

51. a. To be effective, the movements for a Green Planet cannot work in isolation.
b. To see him gave her not the anguish she had feared not more than a dull heartache.
c. Here are the books to be read.

52. a. The only thing is to go away.
b. To contrast with this Julia had chosen a dress of an agreeable yellow.
c. To solve problems of environmental degradation requires fundamental changes in public policy.

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53. a. Normally punctual by nature, Diana has been known to stand for hours in front of her mirrors discarding outfit after outfit because some detail was wrong.
b. Michael had wished him to go into the army, but this time he was strictly against it.
c. I so wanted you to have a good time.

54. a. When Michael went away to the was Dolly pressed her to come and live in her house in Montagu Square.
b. They don’t seem able to write good lines any more.
c. He can hardly expect me to ask him to come and sleep in here, Julia said to herself.

55. a. I had not expected her face to be uncovered.
b. Gold fever is irrational, but gold has always held its value and it is likely to continue to do so.
c. My sister’s door was unlocked and I saw her appear.

56. a. I was expected to talk much about the money.
b. They expected me to talk much about the money.
c. I expected to talk much about the money.

57. a. He was to start the conversation.
b. He was certain to start the conversation.
c. We wanted him to start the conversation.

58. a. He appeared to be an ideal home man.
b. He pretended to be an ideal home man.
c. He can’t but be an ideal home man.

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59. a. If we want them to do what is right, we must make them do what is right.
b. The main reasons are not at all what they are generally believed to be.
c. Three very large pyramids in Egypt are known to be very popular all over the world.

60. a. He seems to know his job.
b. He told me he never expected a theatre to be run on such business-like lines.
c. You see at my time of life I can’t very well play young lovers, and authors don’t seem to write the parts they used to write when I was a young fellow.

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61. a. I’m wondering how we got into this strange situation where we don’t seem to be able to afford our educational system.
b. The quantity of phosphate in the U.S. rivers is reported to have increased in very recent years.
c. I’ve heard other doctors say that he is a good physician.

62. a. The town clock was heard to strike 12.
b. The town clock was likely to strike 12 soon.
c. He heard the town clock strike 12.

63. a. At any moment he was expecting Erik to pull a gun.
b. Erik was expected to pull a gun at any moment.
c. Erick could pull a gun at any moment.

64. a. It is no good for him to be so long alone.
b. I don’t like him to be so long alone.
c. To be so long was bad for him.


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