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Описание товара

1.Complete the letter of application. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple or continuous, or past simple.
Dear Sir/Madam
I (1) ……… (write) to apply for the post of Trainee Marketing Assistant as advertised in the September edition of Marketing Now. I (2) ……… (believe) that I (3) ……… (have) the potential to provide your company with the skills it (4) ……….. (need) in the future.
Currently, I (5) ………. (complete) my exams at University. I (6) ………. (study) for three years leading to a BA in Business Studies. In particular, I (7) ……….. (find) the marketing component of my course the most rewarding and this is why I (8) ………. (decide) to pursue marketing as a career.
As you will see from my CV, I (9) ……. (do) a work placement in Germany last year. This placement (10) ………. (give) me the opportunity to put some theory on my course into practice. I also (11) ……….. (acquire) a good working knowledge of German. Since January of this year, I (12) ………. (work) at a local restaurant to supplement my grant and this work (13) ………… (develop) my communications skills with the public.
My examinations (14) ………. (finish) in ten days time and I would be available for an interview any time after that. I (15) ………. (look) forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
2. Read and translate the article.

In business, planning and writing reports, making summaries and taking notes are important skills, which may be expected of everyone. We tend only to write reports when we are asked to, usually by our boss or superior. Many people are afraid of writing reports. There is no good reason for this. It’s often simply a question of stopping and thinking about what it is you have to do and then doing it. And it is a question of practice.
It is important to remember that there are several types of report. They can be long, short, formal or informal and they can be spoken or written as:
d.special forms
e.separate documents of several pages
Reports can serve various purposes. There are reports, which inform, reports, which provide background information to help someone make up their mind about something and there are reports which in themselves make recommendations or indicate a course of action.
There are many things you should do before you even think about ‘writing’ or drafting the report. You should first prepare or assemble your material and then plan how you are going to write the report. The preparation and writing of a report falls into four stages:
1 Assembling the material
1Planning the report
2Drafting the report
3Ending the reports
Any report – on the page – has three main ‘parts’, which must include four (sometimes five even six) essential elements:
Parts Elements
Terms of reference or objective
Introduction Procedure
Body of the report Findings
Final section Conclusions
(Recommendations if asked for)
This structure should be evident in every report. In some cases you may need to have elements such as appendices, etc. at the end.

3. Use the words below to complete the letter. Use each item once only.
However - grateful – mentioned – current issue – eligible for – package holidays – additional charge – look forward to – send me information – under what circumstances – particularly interested – With reference to
Dear Sir / Madam
(1) ………….. your advertisement in the (2) ………… of “Summer Holiday” magazine. Could you please (3) ………….. about the holidays you offer in the United States? I am (4) ……….. in

Дополнительная информация

4. In each of the following sentences, choose the correct answer.
1)I asked Martha ……. the conference had gone well.
2)The manager asked me ……. of the new proposal.
a.what did I think
b.if I thought
c.that I did think
d.what I thought
3)At the meeting the shareholders asked how the company ……… in the previous year.
b.had done
c.have done
d.has done
4)I couldn’t find Mile Arnoux, so I asked her secretary ……. .
a.was she there
b.where was she
c.where she was
d.where she was being
5)He rang to ask …….. we were still interested in the site or not.
6)I didn’t receive the ticket, so I rang the travel agent to ask if they …… it.
b.had sent
c.have sent
7)My boss was very supportive and …….. me to apply for the promotion.
8)He apologized ………. at the meeting late.
a.to arrive
b.that he arrived
c.of arriving
d.for arriving
9)It’s a nice car but I wonder ……….. .
a.what it costs
b.what does it cost
c.how much does it costs
d.if it costs
10)I rang to ask when they …….. , but in fact they had already relocated.
a.are moving
b.will move
c.shall move
d.were moving


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