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Dow Chemical will assist Mitsubishi in acrylic resin production. Mitsubishi Chemical contracted with Dow Chemical to built new industrial complex producing acrylic resin in the USA. New enterprise will be situated in Freeport, Texas, near the world’s biggest production of ethylene, belonging to Dow.
Mitsubishi plans to spend about 50-60 billion yen for plant’s creation with the capacity of 250 million tons of products per year, what will make it one of the biggest in the world. Ethylene, delivering by Dow would be used as feedstock.

BASF expands the production of polyamide-6.
BASF has increased the production of polyamide-6 up to 21 thousand tons per year at its enterprise in Ludwigshafen, Germany. According to Herman Altof, the head of polyamide and its transitional products subdivision, the reason for this was high demand for special polymers, particularly in the field of flexible packaging.

The investment project SIBUR was discussed in the view of ecological safety.
SIBUR company initiated public discussions of materials, assessing the impact on environment (OBOS) of project, building integrated complex for conversion of hydrocarbon raw materials ZabSibNeftehim.

Orphans twice
Patients don’t receive drugs in regions.
There passed information according to some sources of mass-media, that authorities, supplying with drugs patients with severe and rare diseases "7 nosologies" will be transferred to the regions’ administrations as from April. This has aroused real panic among patients, which receive expensive drugs. However, Roszdravnadzor reported that it was a mistake, the authorities’ transfer, according to the law would start as from January 2014, and there were no reasons to be anxious.
New Bayer company’s radiopharmaceutical drug for prostate cancer treatment has received the status of the priority consideration.
FDA gave the status of the priority consideration to application for registration of the new medicine by Bayer pharmaceutical company. The medicine is destined for treatment of patients, suffering castrate-resistant prostate cancer with bone metastases. Company has applied for drug registration in December 2012.

Burden, not liberation.
Already for several years pills’ sales amount has been decreasing in Switzerland. Young women prefer to refuse hormonal contraception. Nowadays 65% of Swiss are on the pills. But not all of them are happy about it, reports NZZ am Sonntag newspaper. “I have refused the pills, because I was thrown off balance. I was irritated and sad all the time” – 25 old woman explained. In Switzerland since 1990 four women’s deaths, which can be connected with the use of pills, were verified. In 2009 the most popular type of hormonal pills Yasmin by pharmaceutical concern Bayer was named the cause of at least two fatal cases. But none of the pills was confiscated from Switzerland’s market. Pills nowadays are more often considered as burden, but not as liberation, says Johannes Bitzer, the chief doctor of the Women´s clinic at the University’s hospital of Basel.


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