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Задание. Заполните пропуски одним из четырех слов или выражений, приведенных после каждого предложения.
1. I’d______ to stay at home this weekend.
A) wantB) wishC) likeD) wait

2. Just a ______, please.
A) momentB) mailC) offerD) coffee

3. See you _____ Wednesday.
A) inB) atC) onD) to

4. Oh, I’m very busy on Monday. How _____ Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock?
A) underB) aboutC) above D) near

5. Could you help me? – Yes, _____ .
A) rightB) here it isC) indeedD) certainly

6. ____ are you? – Fine, thanks.
A) WhatB) WhoC) HowD) Which

7. Will you give me your contract form?
____ you are, Mr. Brown.
A) ThereB) HereC) WhereD) That

8. Our telephone ___ is of high quality.
A) cupB) equipmentC) machineD) detail
9. Model BC ____ our requirements.
A) givesB) takesC) doesD) meets

10. I’m ____ I can’t make an appointment with you for Monday. I’m very busy.
A) sorryB) excuseC) gladD) happy

Задание. Заполните пропуски одним из четырех слов или выражений, приведенных после каждого предложения.
1. Do you drink much coffee?
-No, I drink _____________ coffee every day.
A) fewB) littleC) manyD) much

2. Have you got ______________ business matters to discuss today?
-Yes, I have got some.
A) someB) noC) anyD) much

3. Give me the letter, please. It’s on the table.
-But there _____________ no letter on the table.
A) areB) haveC) beD) is

4. Why haven’t you begun the talks __________?
A) alreadyB) yetC) everD) never

5. Let __________ write letters to some foreign companies.
A) hisB) weC) usD) she

6. We are interested in ____________ business with GML.
A) doB) to doC) doneD) doing

7. When ____________ you receive the mail yesterday?
A) didB) doC) haveD) are

8. What goods ____________ you produce?
A) didB) areC) doesD) do

9. I’m very tired. I__________ have a rest.
A) amB) mustC) mayD) had to

10. Who will study the latest catalogues of American companies? – Our man-ager ___________ .
A) isB) doesC) hasD) will

Задание. Прочитайте следующий диалог до конца, постарайтесь по-нять его содержание. Затем заполните пропуски, вставляя только одно слово вместо каждого пропуска по смыслу диалога.
Business Talk
Hill: Good morning, Mr. Robin. I’m glad to _______1_______ you in New-York. Did you have a good ______2_______?
Robin: Oh yes. Thank you. Everything was all _______3____ .
Hill: Is it your first _____4______ to New-York?
Robin: Yes, it is.
Hill: Oh, I’m sure New-York will _____5_______ you greatly.
Robin: I’m sure, it will. And now I’d _______6_____ to discuss with you some points of the _______7_______.
Hill: Good. What is your __________8_______?
Robin: During our ______9_______ in Moscow you promised us to ___10_____ the goods in December, but our customers require the ____11_______urgently. ______12______ you deliver the goods sooner?
Hill: I’m _____13______ we cannot do it at the moment as we are _____14_____ with orders. But I think we can help you if you _____15____ to take part deliveries.
Robin: When could you deliver the first _______16_______?
Hill: Probably, in June. Will it _______17_____ you?
Robin: Yes, ____18____you, Mr. Hill. It was _____19______ to have seen you. Good-bye for _____20_______ .
Hill: Good-bye, Mr. Robin.

1. A) knowB) haveC) seeD) let
2. A) tripB) placeC) speechD) house
3. A) sureB) evenC) rightD) so
4. A) bookB) tooC) ideaD) visit
5. A) impressB) haveC) writeD) see
6. A) wantB) wishC) likeD) call
7. A) contractB) pleasureC) hotelD) payment
8. A) marketB) problemC) functionD) news
9. A) workB) jobC) talksD) trip
10. A) giveB) receiveC) haveD) deliver
11. A) goodsB) priceC) letterD)

Дополнительная информация

12. A) CouldB) MustC) ShouldD) Would
13. A) alsoB) sureC) expectD) as
14. A) heavyB) completeC) difficultD) over
15. A) payB) agreeC) receiveD) deliver
16. A) shipmentB) termC) lotD) business
17. A) sellB) buyC) payD) suit
18. A) goodB) thankC) niceD) fine
19. A) beautifulB) longC) niceD) terrible
20. A) nowB) thenC) onD) all

VOCABULARY (по аналогии с тестом 1, 2)
1. Many customers come to the office to discuss business ___ with the engineers of the company.
A) casesB) goodsC) mattersD) orders

2. We receive foreign ______ every day.
A) problemsB) talkC) businessmen D) lots

3. They have made an ______ with Mr Black for Monday.
A) contractB) hotelC) paymentD) appointment

4. The new model of G & S is not of high ______.
A) qualityB) quantityC) demandD) order

5. They have studied the catalogues ________.
A) oftenB) muchC) closelyD) few

6. There are some ______ catalogues on her desk.
A) anotherB) anyC) otherD) quite

7. Belov __ him a cup of coffee.
A) offeredB) wentC) sawD) signed

8. Voronin _______ the terms of delivery of D & D.
A) madeB) acceptedC) agreedD) did

9. There is a _______ demand for the machines of the new model as they are of very high quality.
A) longB) tallC) heavyD) much

10. The Buyer agreed to the discount and the companies _______ the con-tract.
A) soldB) boughtC) deliveredD) signed

GRAMMAR (по аналогии с тестом 1, 2, 4)
1. This week Soyuzexport ________ an enquiry for these machines from Brown & Sons.
A) receivedB) receivingC) has receivedD) receive

2. A young Englishman stayed in New York with his friend and __________ very many interesting places in and outside the city.
A) seeB) sawC) seesD) has seen

3. One day Williams ______ a telephone for his car.
A) buyB) have boughtC) boughtD) are bought

4. People usually ___________ reservations for flights in advance.
A) makeB) has madeC) makingD) will make

5. Passengers _______ come to the airport an hour before the take-off time.
A) canB) mayC) mustD) is to

6. The talks were difficult and they ___ for many hours.
A) lastB) lastsC) lastingD) lasted

7. This flat is ________ than Ann’s flat.
A) largeB) largerC) largestD) more large

8. Broadway is one of the _______ streets of the world.
A) interestingB) interestedC) more interestingD) most interesting

9. Some districts of the city are not so _______ as the center.
A) more beautifulB) most beautifulC) beautifulD) much beautiful
10. The Hermitage _____ one of the world’s greatest art galleries.
A) areB) isC) to beD) be


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